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Hello everbody… I would appreciate if anyone comment and rate my essay.

A job should mean a job for life. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I disagree with the given statement “a job should mean a job for life”. In the current competitive world with well developed technologies, a person cannot achieve their ambition or goal if he stagnates at one particular job for the whole life. In my view, a job should allow one to update their knowledge from every single experience he gain, which is not possible working for a same firm and for the same job throughout entire life.

To begin with, the life style of the current people has changed a lot when compared to olden days. In our past generation, people worked for the same job till their retirement. But one cannot follow the same strategy in this fast changing world. To illustrate, a friend of mine by name Mr. Joe joined an organization and worked for few years by giving his best. With the gained experience, he shifted to another firm the following year and also he always engaged himself on learning new things from every new place. As a result, he could able to reach his goal in his career within a short time and he is very successful right now. Therefore, it is good for a person to have a diverse professional experience because every company has its own systems and procedures and in every place one can learn new things which helps to broaden their professional knowledge.

However, many people choose to stay in the same job even when they are stagnating
and doing the same thing over years and years in the context of a secure job for life. Personally, I can’t able to bear doing same thing for over years just for the sake of job security. Most of the government employees, for instance people in railway reservation counters, working nearly like a machine. Moreover, they are reaching the depressed condition at their early age due to the daily grind. Therefore, people nowadays have to think more professionally about their career.

In short, a job should mean a job for life will not suit for the current generation. So it is worth to think about how to face the challenging situation effectively in different work environment and can help professionals to reach success in their life.


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A job should mean a job for life. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

My response:
Fifty seats vacant in Microsoft , JAWA skilled employees with 5 years work ex. are required , pay scale 1200000-1400000 with accommodation facility . Wow! .I read this article while browsing through a newspaper today . Now , won’t a talented professional with the prerequisite of experience be tempted by this offer? Personally speaking ,i feel that working on a job for lifetime obstructs the prosperity while switching over in different companies bestowes you prosperity and harness skills and enriches self-confidence .

In the dynamic economy of today’s , seldom are the professionals that stick only to one company for life time. working in different company’s fetches you a good money and workplace and hence adds prosperity . For example , i had been working in software professional from past 4 years , and i had changed two companies since then . i started with small local software developing company . That comapany provided me a good profile but very less money . Eventually after one year work ex. i got several offers from good software company’s that not only doubled my pay but provided me a better work culture . After working for 1 year and a half i got an opportunity from world’s leading software giant with a designation of Project manager , they had provided me a car , a flat and my pay is almost four times from my starting package .Now the prosperity i had earned is evident by this .

Moreover , changing company leads to a change in your work profile with changing technology .
so there is lot to learn . i reckon my technical knowledge had increase exponentially by changing jobs
previously i would just do coding for software development , but as i changed companies , at present i can work in technical support , manage a project , beside being able to do coding for software . All the credit goes to the company’s that i have worked with . If i would have been in same company i would not have been able to harness and develop technical skills to such an extent .

Besides this , working in same company till retirement would not build self confidence as you are engaged in monotonous work among same people . Changing jobs provides you to interact and work in different environment as per company’s demand this can embellish your confidence .Like ,i had learned to give presentations on different technologies to different bussiness delegates in different company’s this has presentation skills and improved my communication skills . This has made me fell worth of myself and increased self confidence.

In nut shell , i would conclude that working in same company throughout your life hampers your prosperity , devoids you of skills , latest trends and leads to latent confidence .
“Go and search a job where you have a lot to learn and earn.”


I like your voice so much. At first I thought you were a radiobroadcaster or sth.



Dear Imu77,

I’m a teacher of writing essays and composition. Really, you have written a good writing but there are some weak points. First, and especially when writing an essay, you should be objective and never to be subjective. You must not say “according to my opinion” or “as I see” but to use instead “people think” or “someone says”,

Second, in this paragraph: First of all, learning a foreign
language is important in country it is spoken, because I think learning
strategies is different than from learning that language in your
country. Obviously, a teacher would play more important role in students life, so here also; the teacher will play an important role. I think they will teach ones students with new ideas every time all the time. But, [b However[/b], in the language they are teaching one when teachers teach the foreign language, they should understand that language first. According to me, if one should have has a preliminary knowledge about that language then one, he/she will definitely be able to understand and learn the that language easily in country it is spoken. For example, one wants to learn the German language, he/she has already completed his/her preliminary courses in that language then I don’t think { so one will have to face more problems, if one learns German in Germany. You have committed many mistakes}{ I don’t know what did you mean here? } .

Concerning this paragraph: Secondly, I feel that, learning a foreign language is important in country it is spoken, because, [u]one will spend daily routine in that language[/u],{ What did you mean here? } even though one may have to face certain problems{ you have to mention these problems} . So, this will definitely improve his/ her language skills {what are the things that might improve his/her skills?}. I think, one will get exposed to new words, proverbs and also to different idioms which I don’t think so, one? will learn in their home country. One will also get the opportunity, to interact to all new people, and to interact with them in that language. After living in that environment, I feel that one will definitely improve his/her language skills.

Concerning this paragraph: Thirdly, I feel that living in a new country,
for learning language in order to learn that country’s language, and same language spoken in that country, it would be of great help great opportunity. I don’t think so; one has to face { why using this sense of obligation} lot of problems while learning that particular language. Daily interaction definitely boost up ones language learning ability. But I must say one should have at least some knowledge about that language. Learning foreign language in country where it is spoken, it carries more advantages over learning language in your country; hence I would like to support learning language in foreign country where it is spoken.


I correct the mistakes according to my experiences. I tend to bold the

correct things and I put a line under the words or expressions that they

should be omitted.

Best wishes



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Oh Sorry my name is “JENNYMANU”.


I disagree, Hadeer. It is perfectly appropriate in the TOEFL independent essay task to choose a position and present arguments as your own opinions. So long as they are supported with realistic examples which demonstrate the logic behind those opinions, and are balanced here and there with some concession statements or clauses to acknowledge other potential viewpoints, they are not only acceptable - they are desirable.



Hello every one, I have ibt exam within 3 weeks, and I really want some one correct my essays and also give me score.
Here is the first one:
Topic: leaders lik John F.Kennedy and Martin Luther king have made important contributions to the poeple of US. Name another world leader you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

A good leader absolutely has an important impact in a society and even in a revolution.
For more than 2000 years kings were the leaders of iranians. Many groaps in iran do efforts to change the situation and increase the standard of living in all the society.On that times “Khomeini” has a key role as a leadership to guide groaps for achiving their goals.

As the majority of people in Iran were muslem, they wanted to have an Islumic Republic country.
“Khomeini” was a clergy, has enough penetration among muslems, and knew the Islam laws good.
With his leadership and the efforts of iranians, the king of iran went from the country and the revolution of Iranians has been done on the year of 1358.
That was the biggest win that we catch during the years, and all of them are beacuse the leader of “khomeini”.
As he promised, he allowed people to choose their own president by selection, and change the base laws of counry.

After the revolution, an 8 years war was started by Iraq in Iran. During those days that all the people tried to
defence from their country, life was so difficult in Iran. Even all the universities were closed. All the people from young age through old age
went to the southern part of Iran. We can not win that war without the leadership of Khomeini.

An efforts will be done and a war will be susceed if a good leader manage that. And also a good manager will help that work do rapidly.
In my view Khomeini is a man who made an important contribution to people of Iran.



You should not have put your essay here. I sent the right link for you. You should click on NewTopic in this page ( and then post your essay.

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wish to come to your country one day! ^^

Life’s beautiful! (my slogan, guy)


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Hi everyone. Im from Mongolia. I really appreciated this helpful web site. This is my first time to write a post. I will be a common user of this forum. Recently I graduated my University and got Bachelor degree as an accountant major. I need a good TOEFL score, because Im planning to study in USA as a MBA degree program. So, 3 months ago my English Language skill was too bad, then I prepared for 3 Months in order to take TOEFL test. I took a TOEFL TEST in June 2010 but I got 67. It is not enough to study as a MBA program in USA. So, I really need to some TOEFL strategy and suggestion. I strongly hope you guys can help me.

Best wishes for you.


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My name is Amina, 21 yo, I’m from Algeria and I’m studying medicine. I just wanna say that I appreciate ur website so much !!..It approaches all sides : vocabulary, grammar, essay, listening and even speaking !! … I intend to take the “TOEFL TEST” …so I hope the website will be of a great help for me :slight_smile:


Hi, Tuulai. I was in the same situation with you and my advisor suggests I should increase my English proficiency. More over, don’t practice intensively. Practice with good methods!



help me… i want to speak in English…I know i can but sometimes because of the derth of the vocabulary,i always stuck…so what is the best solution of my problem…tell me


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