Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


Hi Meghagan
My case is same yours. I am living in US, and I am preparing to take the TOEFL, but I am not ready, because my English so bad. I try my best, but not success. Can you share all information with me to help me out.


hi …
do you want any help ? <~ don’t real
just I Play my keyboard :slight_smile:


hi mestr ,i want to get ibt exam i hope you help me in writing and speaking section,thisis my third time ,the two befor are too bad ,i got just 33 scor and 27 scor ,iam unfortunetly.Please help me , my exam bigin after one month


hmm. In my opinion, you should try to pass the exam after few months. you make a lot of mistakes.

Hi master, I want to get TOEFL ibt. I hope you can help me to improve my writing and speaking skills. This is my third try, the last ones were too bad, I got just 23 and 27 scores. I am unfortunate. Please help me, my future exam begins after one month.

I thinkthat, this above looks better.


hello Alan my name is babo .I am preparing for my toefl ibt and i just google this wonderful website .I have no practice in my writing portion .Would you please give me any topic to write. My toefl test is due in mid of April 2010.waiting for your reply.I ll really appreciate it.


I want to put my voice can anybody check it?


hi Akshath…
hav u done your Toefl exam…
hw was the exam…
hw do u feel…
is it easy r tough…
sry 2 ask these many que…i hav decided to take the test by tis month…
if possible reply me…
take care


This is a very beautiful day! I start my English.05 April 2010
I just want to welcome to every one, I hope I know where and how to start my lesson.
I’m from Cambodia. I am married with 2 children. I am working for a charity organization in Phnom Penh Cambodia.
My future wishe is to study in an English speaking country so that I can improve my skills, knowledge and English as well.

I appology for my lateness or miss communcation due to sometimes I have to conduct field visit at the rural sites. I hope I have a great support from my Teacher, Torsten Daerr and friend on the list.

I hope my teacher,Torsten Daerr, keep intouch with me for my Englsh improvement.
Thanks and regards!
Sovann NETH


hi tom it’s samy
i am from libya arabian country
i write to thanks you for your advices .
your accent is very clear to me as you now american accent iit so defficult . sometimes i got confuse with that accent
any way i am marine engineer and i try to improve my english because i traveling over the world on board ships and now adays the main language people used it is english
i hope to recieve your replay soon with exeplanation my mistaks in this messege


Hi there Guys,

I am preparing for toefl (ibt) and found speaking section little bit difficult. I need help from you. Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated by me !


My name is Afsaneh. I’m from Iran. i want to thank you for your interesting and easy lessons. I have take a TOEFL test .How can i improve my speaking for it? Can you help me?


Best Regards


hi jason please check my response to my writing topic.

What are the important qualities of a good son or daughter? Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There are certain things that never change. The qualities of a good son or daughter are same no matter which country you take into consideration. In my opinion, to be a good son or daughter, you should be respectful, affectionate and considerate to your parents.

The first and foremost thing is,to be respectful to your parents. One of the basic lessons that parents give to their children is to respect the elders. To be a good child you should not talk to your parents loudly. Do not argue with them, even if they are wrong, just be quite. Sometimes they taunt you or yell on you for something.Some disobedient children show some disrespect in this case towards their parents , but a good son or daughter should be quite and listen to them. Whatever they say is for the betterment of their child.

Second, every parent wish to see their children successful in their lives. So it is our duty to be carrier focussed and achieve a good position in society to make them proud. Our parents face a lot of hardships in their lives to give better food, clothes as well as education to their children. They sacrifice their happiness to get the happiness of their children. It is observed that some youngsters waste a lot of money of their parents in useless things and astray from the right path. Whereas good children value the sacrifices of their parents, work hard in life and become successful persons. This is what makes parents happy and they feel proud when other people admire their children.

Last but not least, when your parents get older they need your attention. Someone has rightly said “Childhood comes in one’s life twice, first time when one is a child and second time when one gets old”. Parents in old age need more love and affection than before. They do not need money of their children, what they need is their attention.Some children and adults consider their parents old fashioned and do not like to spend time with them which is not good. To be a good son/daughter, he/she must give some time to his/her parents. They must remember one day they will reach the same age and they may be neglected in the same way by their children.

All in all, parents are a precious gift of God. The children are a reflection of their parents to some extent, so to be a good son or daughter, you should be respectful, loving and caring towards your parents. Be a successful person in life and make your parents feel proud.


Hello Tom and everyone else.My name is Abdel and I am 28 years old.I am from Morocco but I currently live in the USA, specifically in Virginia.I have been here for almost a year now. I am looking forward to attending college the coming semester .The main reason why I am here today is because I need your help and support to score a high grade In the TOEFL test,that would allow me to join a respectable University.I am ready to do what It takes to achieve my dream of being the best teacher I can possibly be.I intend to enroll in Education because I love to make a difference in people’s life.Why a teacher simply because I was so lucky to have so many great teachers during my school life who have positively affected me in different ways.



Good day to you all. I am Manoj Jacob, a new member. I just joined today. I am taking TOEFL on 8th May. I need some help (Actually a lot I need to develop). I need help mostly in writing and speaking.

Thank you very much.
Manoj Jacob


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.


Hello everybody there…

hi jason please check my response to my writing topic.

Many have learned foreign language in their home country and other have learned in country it is spoken, which one is better, give advantages of that, support you answer.

Learning foreign language in the country it is spoken carries more advantages than, learning that language in your own country. But prerequisite for this case one should has preliminary knowledge about that language then only one will learn foreign language in better way. I have explained as follows.

First of all, learning foreign language is important in country it is spoken, because I think learning strategies is different than learning that language in your country. Obviously, teacher would play more important role in students life, so here also, teacher will play important role. I think they will teach ones every time with new ideas. But, in the language they are teaching one should understand that language first. According to me, if one should have preliminary knowledge about that language then one will definitely understand the that language at higher level, in country it is spoken. For example, one wants to learn German language, he already completed his preliminary courses in that language then I don’t think so one will have to face more problems, if one learns German in Germany.

Secondly, I feel that, learning foreign language is important in country it is spoken, because, one will spend daily routine in that language, even though one may have to face certain problems. So, this will definitely improve his language skills. I think, one will get exposed to new words, proverbs and also to different idioms which I don’t think so, one will learn in their home country. One will also get opportunity, to interact to all new people, and to interact with them in that language. After living in that environment, I feel that one will definitely improve language skills.

Thirdly, I feel living in new country, for learning language and same language spoken in that country, it is great opportunity. I don’t think so; one has to face lot of problems while learning that particular language. Daily interaction definitely boost up ones language learning ability. But I must say one should have at least some knowledge about that language.

Learning foreign language in country where it is spoken, it carries more advantages over learning language in your country; hence I would like to support learning language in foreign country where it is spoken.

Keep it small and simple…



hi everyone

actually im new here and i just findout how usefull this site is!! so im planning spend more time here. im now getting prepared for Toefl test and i hope we can help each other for our purposes!!


Hello Afsaneh.How are you doing?This is Gurya from Pakistan.As you said that you have taken TOEFL.I would like to tell you that I’m going to take TOEFL on 26th of june.I have only one month left to be prepeared and I feel I’m not well prepeared yet.Could you please halp me to get high score in TOEFL.Would you like to share your experiance while you were taking the test?What was your score in TOEFL?Would you mind to tell me.Actualy I’m going to America for getting higher education.Could you please help me in becoming my dreams comes true.
Waiting of your reply
Best regards.


Hi afsane

im amir and im also wanna take a Toefl, it seems that we have a common problem … actually my problem is how to score my speaking??? i dont like classes and no time for that so now im wondering how to score my speaking and also writing. do you have any suggestions?

also i can not download this java software because of technical sanctions!!! so i dont know how to record my voice!!!


Hello Amir:Gurya here from Pakistan.How are you doing?I have the same task as you have.I’m also going to take TOEFL just after one month. I need to work hard for gatting high score even I’m striving but not feeling improvement.Actualy the problem is that as I considered We are non native speaker and bcz of this we are facing dificulties while speaking,writting even in listening English but we could solve our problem while contacting each other.I have a very short time to be prepeared and I’m so woried about it bcz I have to get high score. without having good score I wont be able in becoming my dreams true.
I Hope We could solve our problem by sharing each and every thing with each other.
I’m waiting of your answer.
Best regards.