Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


Hi Akshath, how are you , as your indian i just wanna ask you what’s the easy way to improve my English writing and speaking both ?
please help me


hi good job anyway thanks


some one help me to improve my English knowledge


Hello Allan,
Thank you for the message,I like it.




I’m studying for Toefl but i’m a little bit confused.i’m terrified for the result.I’m studying hard but i need your help too…

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Hi, arbiter of english-test .net I m sayem from Bangladesh. I am preparing myself for TOEFL ,though i have started it before few days. I am from Computer science and engineering and also looking for Computer science (ms/phd ) in US university. Plz suggest me , how many times i need to improve my speaking and how i can do it after listening my speech.
thank u .


Hi Everyone, I gave gre and scored 800 in Quant but Verval score is not so well .I Wanna improve my Speaking and i will give maximum effort for that, so suggest me after listening my speech what is my actual position and What i need to improve my speaking…
Advance thanks for suggest me.


In my opinion, for an excellent performance in TOEFL exam it is very crucial to go through the format of the exam - … tion/toefl


Topic: Why go to university


 It is believed that universities are where students can acquire knowledge and 

learn what they need after they graduate from universities. Actually, this

statement is true for most students, and there are three reasons why people need

to go to college: preparing for their future career professional studies, making

more friends as their social network, gaining possibility of socializing with those

who go further in professional zones which they are interested in.

 First, students have no option but to attend in college education system for 

their future jobs preparation. For instance, most workers who own jobs which is

related to their majors admit that they have a basic knowledge and information

because they have accomplished their university education. Though not everyone

who graduates from high level education schools will face environments which is

related to what he has been taught in colleges, no one will dislike that he has

several or more professional skills because he can solve more situations than


 Second, universities is useful for students to ameliorate their social skills. For 

example, students can take part in exchanging meetings, dancing parties, and

various clubs. In majority of activities, students are able to meet people who

share the same habits and hobbies. Then, they can exchange opinions and

experience in different converstions. This will have their social network level up,

and also gives an aid to their future development in their careers.

 Last but not least, colleges will increase the chance that students can learn 

from skillful professors and researchers. For instance, not noly do colleges hire

some famous scientists to teach their students, but also provide them

opportunities to get access to foreign universities and by doing so, their students

can broaden their horizons and enrich their lives. Consequently, students will get

enough information about world and this will give them far-sighted view of society.
Nevertheless, some may disagree with statements which colleges are vitally

important for students because there are so many negative examples which serve

as lessons, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They did not finish their college

studies and finally founded well-known international business.Futhermore, people

who do not prefer university education will use this excuse as their method to

avoid going to college so that they can save their time to get engaged in some

entertaining activities. However, in my opinion, only they have specific goals, and

they can pursue their opportunities and realize their dreams. For example, Bill

Gates found out the trend of developing softwares and he abandoned his studies,

and also Steve Jobs considered that he is capable of accomplishing learning

academic materials by himself; therefore, he can probably save a lot of money to

decrease his burden. All of them have a specific target of lives, but others do not

possess such definite objectives, and that is why they have no alternative but to

accept college education. Additionally, they may find out what they are interested

in and they can take chances to explore professional areas in universities to

share same habit with others.

 To sum up, universities provide students to prepare for their future career 

professional studies, making more friends as their social network, gaining

possibility of socializing with those who go further in professional zones which

they are interested in. Colleges are the only places for students to improve their

lives and increase their abilities in professions. Maybe we will not need to go to

colleges in the future, but we have no choice but to accept education in colleges

right now.


the medium of instruction in my schools My educational background being


Hi everybody! I’m Samira from Azerbaijan.
I’m new here I need your help. I have to take Toefl exam for studying abroad, please help me. I’m new here and it seems difficult to me finding relevant forums and materials and starting.




hi i m kailash im new here i want to help my english improving


Hi, Jason;

Thanks for the post. It’s a good idea to combine both writting and speaking. I hope this will improve our TOEFL score. But I am wondering, how can we make best use of this forum? Are there any teachers to correct our speaking or writting?



I am wondering the same thing too. I have posted 2 essays and I can’t find a native speaker to correct them. I am trying to correct others’ essays but I am not sure if I am able to find all the mistakes. However, a native speaker would help a lot. Where are all the native speakers? C’mon guys…


My name is azza, PHD nursing, I want to register for the toefl exam, I want to send an essay to correct it, thank you tom


Hi everyone!
i am Anita and my first language is french. for now i will just like to introduce myself.
I am in my third course of medicine and i want to present the ENGLISH TEST TOEFL to be able to continue my studies in the USA.

i find the recording messages really nice and will like to come up with some essays topics for us to discuss about it in the written and voice messages.

what do you think ;))

thanks you everyone!


To have the possibility to record your own little notes is a great tool! It will help out people to overcome their shyness.


Hi Aida,

Why confused? If you try hard and stay on the track there wont be anything to worry about. Use good sources, books and websites, also try a tutor if you can. With the high intelligence of Iranian students I am pretty sure that you can make it.

Good Luck!