Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


Hi, I am from Iran.My exam is in 10 days. I know it is late to join this forum for enhancing my grade, but I will be happy to continue my studies until be master in english.


Hi my friend! good luck with your exam.

I had the same motivation as you when I started learning English as my second language. I am sure that you can improve in English if you want. Just choose the right institute and you should know that the main key is having perseverance.


I need your help to get final TOEFL Test for Scholarship purpose


I want to prepare for TOEFL as self study ,and I do not know how I can start.Can you advice me ?




Hi, Tom and everybody
You are doing nice job here. I am also going to appear for toefl test and it is a wonderful tool to record your message and improve your confidence of speaking in Englisg .


I need help I’m studing for the TKT is my headache What should I do ?I’m in lat few months of grade 12 and i’m planning to do my TOELF exams.


Hello everyone,
My name is Luz, I am from Colombia, I am preparing myself to take the TOEFL test. Although I have lived in the US for three years, I haven’t be able to speak fluent. Some vowel sounds are very difficult for me, I have the tendency to say the same vowel sounds in Spanish.
Thank your help,


I need to improve my spoken English and someone who can converse in English. Can someone talk on skype?


how do you upload your voice files?


You cannot upload voice files direct to this forum.


no, you can see I did it! I just clicked on ‘voice recording’ tab!


Hi, Suspension, why are you going to take toefl ibt exam? when you don’t know exactly about it.


That is recording a voice file direct to the forum, not uploading a (pre-prepared) voice file to the forum.


hahaha,recording or uploading a file doesn’t relate to the TOEFL exam!!! Also, I am a new member, so it’s better you don’t interfere and get calm, please.


Hello, thank you very much.I made a mistake.sorry


Thanks very much for you advice and you really help me a lot. but now i have a question about my essay that i cann’t know exactly about how my essay is. so would you please help me correct my erros in the essay?
Thank you very much!



sorry to forget to put up my essay. here it is:

Do you agree or disagree with the statement that when people succeed, it’s because of hard work. luck has nothing to do with success.
When it comes to success, there are varieties of explanations. But the universal belief is that hard work leads to success. However, I have to acclaim that, besides hard work, other factors, like good luck, also play an important role for one to succeed.
To be successful we have to obtain help from different kinds of people, such as our teachers who may guide us to the right direction when we get lost, or our friends who encourage us when we are desperate. But the question is how we could meet these people? Although we certainly meet lots of people during our life, only a few of them can give us the most critical support. We all know the great woman Hellen Kelle- the great writer- who had been deaf, blind and mute since 3 years old. Inarguably , Hellen Kelle was very successful , which can’t be separate from her own hard work. However, we have to admit that if Hellen hadn’t met the great teacher Sullivan , she might even not have been able to read or write, without mention being a writter. So Hellen was so lucky that she met miss Sullivan as she said in her books. Otherwise, even if she had worked twice harder, she might have been just a disabled girl. Therefore we have to admit that luck is also important when we prepare everything well for success.
Besides the crucial people in our lives, the opportunity which is necessity of success also requires good luck. It’s widely understood that no one could choose when or where his or her is given birth to, which sometimes has great influence on the possible success when they grow up. For example, there were lots of young people who were sent to villages far from cities when they were at the age of studying. Because they lived in the special period of great proletarian cultural revolution when there was no school all over China. We have to admit that many young people who lived at that time were very smart and also worked hard, however there was no chance for them to learn something they really need. Therefore a number of people got married and gave birth to their posterity which was the most common thing happening around them but also resulted the higher divorce rate of the generation. Meanwhile most of the generation couldn’t feel happy in their work because of their tedious jobs they did which was basically resulted from the special period they lived.
Of course success requires a variety of conditions, including crucial people , good environment for study and work which mostly depend of luck, we have to work hard which is the prerequisite of success. As an old saying goes: opportunity comes when you’re prepared. We have to work hard to insure that we are well prepared for the precious opportunity that good luck sends to us!



Hello everybody,

This website and its fabulous forum topics are quite fascinating. Honestly, I have been looking for this for a long time. And I really thank all whom have been supportive of this website.