A big hello to all new members!


Hello Little Ting and Xuan,

Welcome to the English Test forum. I think you will find it a very useful and friendly place!

Take care,


Hi, my name is Max, I’m from Kazakhstan, Almaty.
I’m here to prepare to TOEFL test.


hello everyone brothers and sisters


Hello there! Howdy? I’m Emie from Philippines. I am a student and now taking up the secondary level in College. I am here to learn the English Language for me to be able to communicate with native speakers. I guess this site will help me to develop my communication. I gotta to go now. I have a class today.
Have a great day to all…


Hi! I’m Fulya. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been preparing for TOEFL since July. I’ve just come back an exam preparation course from Malta. I’ll take an exam on 4th of October. I’m here because I want to join online Skype sessions and also getting some corrections for my writing essays. At glance, the forum looks beneficial. Good luck for everyone.


Hello everyone, my name is Elson. I from Singapore. I am here to enhance my English as I am a Chinese education person. I find this web site very helpful and also able to make some friend.


Hello curious English learners,
My name is Aiza and I am from Pakistan. I have joined this forum to refine my English speaking and writing skills. I hope it will be a good experience to learn and share our experiences with each other.


Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.


Hi all,

I am William.I am from India working for a company.Right now my ambition is to travel across the World and
learn new things in English day by day and improve my communication. I am happy to be part of the forum as i am sure i will get answers to my questions here.


Why do you still use a lowercase letter for the pronoun ‘I’ when it’s been pointed out several times this week that it is not correct?


I’m Saidu Yusuf Katsina Nigeria
i’m really happy to be back to my normal class as usual
Many thanks


Hi Francis,

Very much like to hear your message but can’t!


Hi Alan,

I made a mistake only. I didn’t want to send a voice message, actually.

Greetings, and thanks for your attention!


That is SO VERY interesting, since you’ve been doing this mistake over and over again for AT LEAST a year now!


Hi Gelu,

I must confess that I use the “voice message” tool that this platform offers, to work on my pronunciation. Apparently the system sends a message even though I do not want to do it.


Hi Francis, I understand now - you are not ready for us to listen to your voice message yet. :slight_smile:

(But you know that members receive notifications and it has to be very irritating to keep visiting a forum thread only to find out that “the topic you requested does not exist”. PERHAPS you should start a new thread where you could leave a message such as “Recording” / “Practicing” or something similar.)


I didn’t know that I was sending “fake” messages, even though I didn’t want to do it. Now I know I have to change something…

By the way, my pronunciation is excellent, but my voice is awful! That’s why I don’t want anyone listens to my voice on this forum. :wink:


Hi Francis,
If a person has subscribed to this thread they receive notification of posts made to it, and you cannot stop someone else receiving those notifications.
If you start your own thread, then people can choose to be notified about that too.

If you’re just working on your pronunciation for yourself, you don’t even have to use the forum to do it. Just use the sound recorder software on your device.


Hi Bev, all right. :slight_smile:


I m a new member. My name is Ajay Kumar, India, i am 30 years old. I join the course to improve my language.