A big hello to all new members!


This is just to say a big hello to all new members!

If you like, you can tell us a bit more about yourselves. It’s always interesting to know the person behind the writing, especially their language and which corner of the world they are in.

Learn, share and enjoy!



I’m new member in here.
My name is Stephanie A Surya from Indonesia
I’m 22 years old and interested to know more friends in ESL. Is there ESL members in Jakarta Indonesia?

Thank you very much in advance


This is FangFang from China,just say hello to all people here.
I have been learning english over ten years(really such a long time),in my viewpoint,we have spent much time on those grammars,new words,phrases ,expressions as well .On one hand,that can help us learn to speak english out,but,on the other hand,english has its own way of expressions,which is so different from my mother languae(chinese).During my study i find i can’t understand much inside english,for example,when and how can i use an appropriate word to express myself well rather other the other,that is the problem about similarity among words.
Meanwhile,i believe ,there are some emotional things into words and expressions,but ,they are still beyond my ability,that is to say,i can’t use english as the same way i speak in Chinese,Being lack of feelings and cultural understandings,it is really a problem.
Anyway,to study a foreign language is amazing,which can broaden my mind and get a better understanding about its culture and history.
I 'd like to communicate with all friends here,and i am glad to share english study experiences with friends here,too.Thanks!


Hey All,

I am Sudershan from India 24 years old and very much in love with English language :slight_smile:



Hello friends I am Preetu… I came across this forum while searching for some good English forum sites and I am pleased to be a part of this community as lot of information is stretched all over this place I am sure I’ll be able to learn a lot here…

:roll: :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :lol:


Hi Conchita and all the forum members!!!

Just a few words to say “Hi” and to thank for this website.

C u


Hi, I’m from Mongolia and my name is Purevsuren but, every body calls me Puje. I think it’s much easier to call my name. I’m 20 years old I just graduated from a highschool in Mongolia about two years ago. I grew up in the capital city of Mongolia called Ulaanbaatar with a small family includes mom whom I love very much, and my sister who is 5 year older than me. For now, I study english. For purpose of studying english is go to a university in a foriegn country which has law program or very good engineering program.


Hello Puje and welcome to our forum. What is life like in Ulaanbaatar? How and where are you going to spend your summer holiday?

Talk to you soon,

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Oh, Ulaanbaatar is a big city for Mongolia although, not as big as New Yourk, Chicago and LA. Ulaanbaatar’s population is almost 800 million and it’s not very crowded. Ulaanbaatar has a lot of musiem, and a lot of sight seeing places. People would love if they go there.

About me, I’m studying English for my freetime. I’ve been studying English over 3 years straight. For summer, I’m working for a company which help people move.
Interested in visiting Mongolia? Just curios. :smiley:


Hi again Puje,

So you are now working for a moving company? What exactly are your responsibilities and how did you get that job? Are you sure that the population of Ulaanbaatar is 800 million ;-)? How and where have you been studying English? You say, you are learning English for your freetime. What do you do in your freetime that you need English?

Yes, please tell me more about Mongolia and maybe you can post some photos?

Talk to you soon,

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Hi, Tatar!
Could you tell us what is the national language in Mongolia?
In my childhood I had a cherished dream to go there. But it’s still my cherished dream :smiley:


hello. .
my name’s sheri. . I’m a college dean…mainly handling English subjects. .I’m from the Philippines. .I’ve been looking for a group like this for the longest time now… . I know I will enjoy being here… thanks for taking me in. .


Hello, sheri. What are your aims for joining our community - communication and improving English skills? Give a detailed information, please. I assure you’ll really enjoy being there!


Hello Torsten,

Hey thanks for asking, Yeah Mongolian population isn’t 800, million, it’s approximatelly 800 thousand. he he he. My bad. I’m sorry for wrong information.

Pamela; In Mongolia the national language is Mongolian. he he he. Thanks for such interested in Mongolia. Mongolia is the greatest place. I love Mongolia, the nature, geography, people and tradition. Yes, you should go travel whole over the world and compare with other countries with Mongolia. You’ll be amazed. I wish you to visit Mongolia.


Hi, Tatar!

I’m aware that Mongolian is :lol:
I wanted to know if there are other languages that are almost national.
In my country there is my national language and the other one that is spoken by my population :smiley:


Thanks a lot. I heard much about the fantastic beauty of Mongolia :smiley:


In work my responsibilities are to make phone calls, go see objects, and make agreements, once we get the agreements we do the movement when we start we just carry out things, load the truck, drive and unload very simple business hun? he he he. I like my job but, I won’t do it for my life. It’s just temporary job. My goals in the future are get education and have an own business.

When I get freetime I do things like capming, hanging out with friends, reading books, watching movies, and studying English.


Hi again Puje,

So how did you find your current job? What is the current employment situation in Mongolia? How difficult is it to get a job like the one you are doing now? Also, how often do you communicate in English at your present job?

Could you also tell us more about your clients, please? Who are they and where do they move to? I used to work in a forwarding company which did a lot of relocations and it was very interesting to see how people behave in such an extreme situation.

Also, what type of business are you going to set up in the future?

Speak to you soon,

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hello Pamela,
This is exactly one of my reasons for joining, having people communicate with me. . people who are equally passionate - as I do with the English language. Another, I believe English is a dynamic language. And in its dynamism always comes new ways to learn, to use, to teach. I’m here to learn and to share.


Hi there!

I found my job on the advertisement of the board. I made phone call and I had an interview. The interview went okay and they gave me a call and I got the job. I think, if people try little bit hard on looking for job in Mongolia it’s no problem at all and just needs little bit look for.

I meet a lot of people with any kind of behave. Some people very nice call me by my name and ask me what should they do and wjere ought to place the things etc. In contrast, some people don’t call your name and don’t even ask your name and tell you what I have to do and give us too much to do and they don’t even leave tips also, treat us like pigs. Although, it’s okay with me. Even though, people shouldn’t treat with others like that.

What I’m going to do in the future is I’d like to get education for Master if I could Phd and set up little company. My company will build bridges, make plans for roads, and graphy of buildings. I’d like to build things and see what I’ve done. Afterwards, you’d think “oh I’ve done so much.”

It’s my plan for the future.

Talk to you soon Puje.