A big hello to all new members!


Hello I am Adriana from Romania, I want to learn english because I want to go at master stadies in english, and I need a international certification like TOFEL or IELTS, I hope until summer to take one. I am glad to be here I hope to make friends.
I wish to all to achieve your goals.


Hello Guys,

Finally i find out this forum to learn english, which i really like very much. So many people around the world are here and look forward to making new friends and improving english.

God, it’s an amazing thing. You are welcome to add me in you contact list, my Skype account is johnsonlsz. Hopefully i would make some new friends soon.

Take care!



I miss (English test ) so much xD
I hope everything goes well.


Come on in! We miss you, too.


Thank you , Alan :slight_smile:


Why did this topic exit days ago? or i didn’t read the sentence right


Hello every one.
I am hamide,from iran.I m not very good at english.but i hope u help me improve it.wish u d best:)


Hello Hamide,
Welcome to the forums. You’ve made a really good start on your English, but to improve your written English, you need to use the correct words:
‘you’, not ‘u’;
‘the’, not ‘d’.
Also note the rules for capitalisation and apostrophe use. Your message should be written like this:

Hello everyone,
I am Hamide from Iran. I’m not very good at English, but I hope you can help me to improve it. I wish you the best.


Hi Everyone,

I want to say "[color=darkred]B[color=green]I[color=blue]G[color=indigo]G[color=violet]E[color=green]S[color=olive]T HELLO AND HAPPY [color=green]H[color=red]O[color=violet]L[color=indigo]I '"

[color=darkblue]SHANTHI S


Hi Beeesnees Madam,

I received a TRN from the Forum, the above said Topic Reply is not exist. May I know the reason please?. The message was received yesterday after three days of my posting, it means till then the post was exist, from yesterday it was not exist. Please explain.




I want to make correction in my above post, that TRN does not exist. The message was
received yesterday night after three days of my posting. It means that post did exist till
yesterday night, from that time it did not exist. What do you mean, I don’t understand your system.

Thanking you



Hello S. Shanthi,

Sometimes in very long threads, where people have deleted and edited their posts, the software adds an extra blank page to the end of a thread. If you go straight to that blank page, then you get a message that the topic doesn’t exist…


When people then post enough messages to reach that blank page, everything goes back to normal…
That is why I have posted two messages in a row - so that the thread has spread onto the blank page, and it is no longer blank.

I’m sorry that the software error made you think the topic was missing.


Thank you for your reply Madam.


Hi Beeeneees Madam,
Since I have receiving the same TRN, the topic post does not exist, I have to fill up the blank space by typing more messages.

I would like to all new members to say[color=green]“H [color=blue] E[color=red] L [color=darkblue]L[/colo[color=violet]r] O”" and how they find ETN for English Learning? How best ETN is good with them? what way they get benefited after joining forum? What is their ambition?

As for me I find the Forum is very ]informative and Eye Opener for new learners and existing learners. My English knowledge has become very good after joining this forum.
Actually it is everyday process, you cannot find a improvement in a single month or day.
You should keep practicing yourselves by attending test, writing feed back, and chatting with your friends. Regular practice is must for learning English like our daily routine. If I don’t find time to attend test, I will go through Alan’s Essays or any subject on English.

Wishing you all good Luck

Thanking you



salam every body
My name is jiji from egypt,i am a student in undergraduate studies, i like very much the english langauge…

many thanks


Hello Everybody;
My name is Edgar Cosco. I am Peruvian.
I would like to know a new people around the world.



I am back here after more than three years.


hello everyone~~
I am Little Ting. I am Chinese.


Hi everyone! I am Xuan and I love this web so much!