A big hello to all new members!


hello mehrdad.
how are you?
i am Iranian from karaj
i hope you success in this site


Hi everyone! I’m new to this site. I am from the Philippines. They say Filipinos are good in English, but I feel like I’m not one of them. I need to learn more so I decided to join this forum. Hopefully, I can boost my confidence in English as well.


Hi everyone…I’m new to this Site,I want to improve my English.


Hi everyone,
My name is Diep, meaning a leaf in my mother tongue, Vietnamese. I’m very excited when finding out this useful website. I want to say hello to all of you, my friends here and especially want to express my gratitude towards the founders and contributors of the web, who are trying to help the people speaking English as the second language like me.
Thank you for accepting me into.


A big hello to everyone, specially Mr Torsten. I’m very interested in learning your internet English class. Many thanks for your giving. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thuy. I’m a fourth year student of Da Nang university of technology in Viet Nam. I want to make friend with all of you. :)). Wishing all have an improvement in English.


Hello all
My name is Richa and i am new here.
I am from India and preparing for TOEFL.
English is a secondary language in my country but people know it quite well :slight_smile:
Best wishes and regards :slight_smile:


Hi ,
This is Shivam from India.


Dear Conchita ,
I am feeling comfortable with people around you to help me in learning English .I was wondering that where can i ask questions ?
Thank you


Hello everyone, I’m Vietnamese. I’m 22 years old. I learn Maritime Economic at my University. as all you guys know, English is very important with my major as well as my future. so, i want to talk with all you guys to improve my skill a lot. We can talk about our country, our job, our dream or anything that we have interested in. I’d like to have more foreigner friends. ^^. let’s have a good time together.


Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie, I’m from Russia. I’ve been using your wonderful forum for quite a while - it’s so useful in clearing some confusing points of English grammar! And today I’ve finally registered here and hope to be an active and helpful participant :slight_smile:


hello everyone
i’m ngoc from vietnam. I am a senior student and i really want to improve my english. and make friends with all of you! ^^ nice to meet you!


hi it’s nice to meet you :slight_smile: greetings from Poland,
br Arleta


Thanks a lot …

I am a new student here and I hope if I find an amazing welcome :slight_smile: .

See you then .


I am Leonor and I am learning English with all the member of this course. I can tell you that I improved my English since I have suscribed in. To have partners allows us to correct ours mistakes, of course, I make a lot becouse I don’t speak neither write English every day. Is my dream to do it. When I travelled and I could leastening people speaking en English, I think, I would like to speak and to understand as them. Thanks to met you by the forum. Best regard. Leonor


Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you all! My name is Raddy and I’m Bulgarian and I want to study in Denmark next year so I need a lot of English practise :slight_smile:


Hi everyone
I’m new member here
My name is Phong,I come from VietNam :smiley:
I’m 21 years old
I’m very glad to become a member of ESL forum


Hi every one I’m marino from spain



I’m just a new member here…


As I wrote in another thread, I’m very happy to be here. I like the lessons and the newsletters to brush off my English (I’m Brazilian living in Israel) and maybe using some of the materials with my students.

I am a tutor at home, after teaching for many years I’ve decided to teach the language in a different way, with a different population (I teach elementary school kids, junior high, high school, I also prepare students for the Bagrut examination and among my pupils there are some adults, too).

Besides teaching English, I love computers, graphics and music.

I really appreciate this site. :slight_smile:


Hello everybody. I want to share something with you.The most difficult things for me is write in english but I want to take the advise that Torsten gave us by email and I´ll try to do it frecuently. I need to think too much before to write and it make me feel bad. Thanks for the opportunity. This is a great web page