A big hello to all new members!


Hello Everybody,

My name is Mohammad, 23 years old. I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’m senior college student, studying Applied Electrical Engineering. I am currently applying my co-operative training at JUBAIL UNITED Petrochemical Co.

I joined this forum because I find it very difficult to communicate in English with other colleagues and employees especially in speaking and listening.

I hope I get along with you all and improve my skills with all your help.


Hello I would like to introduce myself, I’m Hazel or you can call me Lynzel, from Philippines. I am a graduate of Physical Therapist and planning to go in Florida, USA. I’m currently reviewing for my Toefl Ibt and planning to take this month of May. Actually, I like the lecture here the listening lectures 50 and listening conversations 50. I greatly enhanced my english comprehension through listening it. I currently working on my integrated writing, sometimes I’m lacking on my time and I got problem in distinguishing the topic whether it supports or refutes. Some tips on writing…:wink: About my speaking, it’s quite ok. Just to continue to practice in my listening skills. Speaking 6 is quite difficult, and I’m running out of time sometimes. Everyone give me some tips in speaking 6. Thanks!


Hi students, companions of studies of English. I send you a greetings and I hope that you have success learning English.



Hello friends, my name is dicklee, i am very happy to be part of this community and i must say that its very interesting and educative.


Hello and welcome Dicklee! Hope you will enjoy ESL.


Hi Pedro, where are you from?


Hello everyone. I hope I have fun here. I heard that it’s an interesting site for all want to improve their english skills. So, I’ll give a try to myself. A chance of learn a foreign language. As every portuguese (brazilian) speaker, my knowledge in English is very bad. I’m not worried about it, it’s temporary.


Hi everybody, I’m writting from Mexico, I hope you are very well and you are learning English in your countries.

Kind regards



Hello Everybody,

I am Bakabon, 27 years old. I’m from Viet Nam and i am a civil Engineering. I want to join this forum and improve my english skill.
Wellcome to my hometown and hope to see you all on one day.


Hi, everybody there!!!
I’m June. I’m 23 and single :wink:
I’m from Myanmar and very interested in studying languages including English.
I can speak Japanese a little. Very glad to find out this forum and want to be one of your friends.


Hi Dear June
I hope you are well. I have a question about conflict in Myanmar between Muslims and Buddhists. why Buddhists killing Muslims? when we will see this violence finished?

Thank you


Hi Asg!

Yeah, conflicts between Myanmar and Muslim are quite often here these days.
But basically such violence always started from very small personal matters. Then bigger than bigger because of some agitators. Actually Buddhists are not allowed to kill other persons according to Buddha’s teaching. When they kill others, they will be killed or happened similar like what they’ve made to others, it may be within this life or next next life.
So, nobody who believes in Buddha wants to make hurt to others. For sure is now we are on the way to democracy and it is natural to be difficult to start first step to a new world.
I hope my country will be peaceful soon, either !!!


Hello everyone, my name is Igor but for friends Igoryok, I am 28 y.o., I am from Russia, I have been lerning english for (a) second year. I am very glad that I find that site. That’s realy drowning(or falling) into language environment, I hope I said it correctly and I am sure that I’ll be able to improve my english here.


Hello everyone, my name is Joe Mayo and I live in the uk. Iam interested to improve my English, especially in writing.when am writing I normal make mistakes in grammar. I believe you found this site interesting to do some excises. Hopefully I will get assistance from you guys to achieve my goals. Looking for forward to have new friends as well. Please advise me about the challenges I might face here. If chances allows me I might be starting college soon. Am under pressure to gain or to improve my English knowledge.


Hellow everyone:
it’s so excited to be a new member here. I am sara coming from China and now i am living in Beijing. I am glad to make friends here and also i want to improve my English.
welcome to my hometown and i’ll glad to be your guid in China!


This is my first message on such types of forum, this is only because of my interest to learn English Language & motivation level which developed by the English-test.net team.

I am glad & feeling some confidence that I will learn English after completing all exercises provided by the team.

I am an graduate engineer & working in a power plant.

Best regards,

Gentleman 123


Hi to all the democracy people,
My simplest massage to you all come with us hand in hand to:
From the the enemies of democracy " THE EGYPTIAN [/b]ARMED FORCES"


Hello Torsten,

First of all I would like to thank you for helping out retrieving my password… By the way , my name is Amber and I am from Cebu City , Philippines. I am a call center agent but I did not finish my college degree for I chose to work for living and I’m searching this kind of a group that will provide free service to learn English language… to be honest, I am so conscious with my English but I can see a lot of improvement of my English through your help… Thank you so much for taking me in… I know in this journey I have lot to learn.


hi everyone
im mehrdad from iran
im engineer of mechanic
i like to chat english with yahoo masenger
my id is sportexcontrol
maybe we can make a long ferindship from now or
find a way for international bissines


hello, every one. I am here to learn english. I think this website is wonderful to learn english!