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Important Characteristic of a co-worker

Today, I would like to write about my ideal coworker’s characteristic that I prefer on my future work. As you know, a co-worker is your colleague who works with you in the office, or anywhere you work.
In my opinion, a coworker’s most important quality has to be supportive, and fair with her colleagues, rather than been bossy, and rule over her colleague, it is important to be friendly, and have mutual understanding between her colleagues.
Organizations main objective is to achieve its target with the help of the human capital. So the people, who are working in an organization, has to be cooperative and highly committed to the work. It’s obvious that the coworker has to be well educated and eager to share her knowledge, and give advice to her colleague.
There are times that a colleague’s get envious, for professional matters, like promotions and other opportunities. During this difficult time the professionalism is an important thing which matter most. Rather than influencing or spreading rumors among the work force, it’s important to encourage others to find methods to solve problems and minimize dissatisfaction, and reduce negativity using law and ethics.
Furthermore, I would like to note that, engagement, and positive attitudes are important quality of a co-worker. It will accelerate the organizational aims and objectives, toward success. Being accountable to the colleagues is also important for day today activities.
In Addition, I would like to note that my ideal coworker has to be efficient, effective, for the work, and follow the rules and regulation conducted by the office.


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Hi Mr. Toresten.
Thank you for your email.I did two grammar tests , and I had two mistakes in the second test.
Dear Toresten I’m studying english for participating in ILEST exam and I like to be an english teacher. I hope you can help me.


Sure we can help you, Parvaneh.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Giving directions to a co-worker who is on her way to a factory[YSaerTTEW443543]


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HI my name is nasrin i am from iran i am superviser in medical lab . i am going to get visa H1B then continue education in usa. i need a lot to improvr my english. i think this site can help me for improving english. but i am worried about speaking .


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I’m coming here to say hi everyone… I’m new to this forum…



I’m new to this forum… my name is Geetha… I want to improve my communication in English… so if anyone interested for conversation in English contact me.



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My name is Geetha, I’m new to this forum… I’m from India… currently staying in United states. I want to improve my communication in english.


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My real name is Sasha (Alexandra), I’m from Minsk (the Republic of Belarus).
This site was recommended by our teacher of the English language. After having done some teset I’ve decided to join you all.

Thanks to every person who helps people like me not only to practice in grammatics, but also “feel” the language.


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My name Sameeha and I am from UAE. i am currently live in Abu Dhbai which a capital of UAE. i am married and have one bady. she is two years and eight months. we will celebarte her birthday on April 29th.

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I am interested too! indeed I would like to imrpove my communication skills and have a direct contact with somebody to help me to improve my English writing skills. what do you thing?

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We too ! i am glad that we are going to contact each others and have a reguler conversation in different subject.

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Welcome to the group, we have same objective to improve our English wirting skills.




Hi friends, im zazi from Algeria i’m realy eager to learn english so fast and enjoy it with every one here :smiley: a big hug to all friend here
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I’m Cindy. I’m new here. Sorry, a few “Hi” posted, testing how it works… This is my first time using the forum.

I want to improve my writing skills. I have been learning grammar and tense from another website. Now I want to practice my writing skills.

I came across the forum title “How to improve writing skills”, someone suggest about posting their writings on the forum and someone read it can corrected it. This caught my eyes and it is exactly what I was looking for.

Hope I can write more in the future and improve my written English.