A big hello to all new members!


Hi,I’m Sabrina…


I’v studied toefl for several days and accumulate some experience.Love to talk to you all;)


I think the best way to get a high score in toefl test is to practice,talking more, reading more and writing more.Do you guys agree with me ?


Sure. In addition you should try to change your habits.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hiii everyone… i’m new member also here. I’m from Indonesia… hope, by join this forum, i can get many friends who have same interesting for improving our english, in writing, vocab, speaking, or ect. Guide me for do the best here…

Thank you before…


Hi and welcome to the forums.

#Thank you before,’ is a common mistake made by learners. It does not make sense as the listener is left wondering ‘before what?’. You should say, ‘Thank you in advance’.
Why have you used rows of dots? That is not a standard form of punctuation in English writing.


hi noshin
i am ramin from iran and looking for one who can speak english and we can practice together.
if you agree we can continue.
would you tell me your idea.


hi tostern,
i am new here but i have been using this site since 2 years.
please introduce some one who want to help me improving my english speaking and i want to chat with them online


Hello Mobinar,
I don"t think people here can chat with each other or I haven"t found it on this website.
best Wishes,


Well, if you want to text chat with me in real time we can do that via Google Talk/Gmail.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Ramin
I’m sorry. I don’t have enough time for chatting these days. maybe later


Hello everyone!! :smiley:

I’m Gabriella, I’m from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco,Mexico!
I’m a college student of Tourism. I’m 22 years old.
I work in a Hotel called Grand Velas and I’m Receptionist of the Business Center :).
I am a member since last year! so I love this page 'cause Since I found it I’ve improved my reading and my fluency speaking English!!! and that’s AWESOME!

Thanks to Torsten, Alan, and all the people who works on this page!! my best regards for you guys!! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Wells, from china, I’m so glad to be a member of yours, so far, I have been preparing to pass TOEIC, I think I will be better develop my Business English abilities and get plenty of useful information from this.

Thanks & Best wishes.


hi guys
I’m a twenty_six-years old guy. I’m from Ahwaz ( a big city in south of Iran).
I’m so glad taht I’m here.
I’m a tall slim handsome boy.lol


HI everyone,

I am Ngappy from Hanoi Vietnam, I am into learning English and I was recommended by my friend about this fascinating forum. I hope that I can acquire more new interesting things about English with your support. So nice finally to become a member here.


Hi every body
How are things with you today?My name is Elham.I’m from Iran and I’m a new member here.I hope I can improve my English via this forum and it’s not possible unless you help me.


Hello, I am anand from south India.I am belongs to vengipalayam village at Tamil Nadu.I am around 27years old. I studied in native language that’s what i have been very poor in English.I believe that i will be a good English speaker.

Thank you,


i am bouziane from algeria .now i am in france just for certain time
wher is the big family of english test to warm up our comming
i hope to see members telling us what and how much they find the forum useful in their career and in daily life as well
i hope to spend with you seet and inforgettable moments
some times for me it is a question of destiny and fate secrets
we have subscribed in many forums
we stay active with some and we forget others
i hope this one will help us to make our english getting up again


Hello Dear Torsten,

I am Valentina from Bulgaria.I shall to arrive on 1st March in London
I look for a job and accomodation.



Hi all, I’m a new member here and I’m glad to find this web site.I’m parvaneh , I’m from Iran. I’m 24 years old. I’m a student in univercity and my major is chimistry, and beside I’m studying english and eager to learn english more.