Writing task 2 essay - I wonder your feedback and estimated Band Score according to current rating system. Also, I believe that this essay will help other people who prepare for IELTS exam

Phew, that took a while! I think three months is plenty of time, but you definitely have to study more. It’s not just about writing the essay, because I think you know the basics there. It’s more about learning the basics. When I’m correcting your essays, I notice many different types of mistakes. A good way to study would be to go back to more basic concepts and ask in the forum whatever you want to know. That way, we can focus on everything you want explained. But when you post an essay, I can’t go into depth about everything.

One thing that always helped me learn a foreign language was watching movies with subtitles in the same language (we learned Turkish in high school that way!) Try putting on a movie you’ve always wanted to see with English subtitles. You can follow the conversation both by listening and by reading. Many rules of the language become easier to remember because you get a better feeling of what sounds correct and what sounds wrong.

Also, definitely keep working. Don’t let our corrections discourage you. It’s better that we show you where your mistakes lie, so you can work on correcting them, than to lead you to believe that everything is okay. Every journey begins with a single step :slight_smile: