Word in your ear (hand)


I’ve just started a new series under the heading: A Word in your Ear. This is the first one about the noun 'hand:

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Dear Alan,
That would be wonderful if you talk about the word in your audio file. Well, I can understand if you do not have that much time to do so.
Anyway, I quite like this series of building our vocabulary!

Hello Alan, The vocabulary building essays you post are excellent. I am really thrilled about them.

Dear Alan,
Thank you so much for your way of teaching us by creating an interesting environment. Please keep it up. Thank you so much once again.


Dear Alan,
I’m really thankful and happy for your new innovation in teaching. That was quite awesome. Keep it up…


thanks a lot it is so helpful…also i want to add an expresion about hand…u h r a good hand in doing that…bye

thanks alot mr alan

hello Alan ,
Thank you for you reaching "hand " you are a helpful hand to us and it is really interesting info . We use it in our mother tongue “wash your hand of sth”
i was afraid to use it until you have just told me .But don’t you think that a "handful " means a lot ?
One more thing , we say " the upper hand is better than the lower hand " to mean that the one who gives is praised than the one who begs !!!
What do you think ?

Dear Alan, my question is that, when a word attach with UNDER, what does that mean? for example, UNDERmine, UNDERneath, UNDERcurrent and so on.

Hi Omario,

That’s a difficult question to answer in the sense of how ‘under’ is used in general. It tends to refer to something that suggests ‘lower than’ the main part of the word or the verb. If you take ‘undermine’, this means you are going deeper than ‘mine’ and from that you get the idea that this is a hidden activity and therefore slightly deceitful. Similarly ‘undercurrent’ is a feeling or a trend that is not in the open.


Hello dear Alan!

Your essays are very handy!

I’m delighted of you.

You are doing your job very well!


Hi there,
Nice feedback. Keep on coming on this forum. Alan is my inspiration. Thanks.


Hi Alan!
As you told me to send at least five voice messages so I’ll try to do that. You know I really need toefl test package. To install java in the computer needs a lot of time so it’s not possible for me to record my voice today. May be you can lend me a hand in preparing toefl test with high score.Thanks!

Hi there,
Just curious, which country are you from?
Thanks a lot to you for your response.

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In case I am talking with a foreigner in English but I can’t find a correct word to express my idea .What word can you help me for that situation? Can I use the word:GIVE UP or BE AT A LOSS? thank you

You could use those, but how about making it plain and simple?
“I don’t know the right word.”

It’s good but you could have provided a better and more useful in both the vocabulary and much more informative sense. Providing vocabulary skills is just don’t only mean that providing meanings but also giving some information which is unknown to most. Thank you for your “A word in your ear” go ahead with more work…

Dear Alan,
I have been following your every essays for a long time. So nicely written and so to the point. Thank you very much.

Hi I8268,
How did you come here? Link after link or by some sort of an accident…