What do you think of a young girl marrys a millionaire?

Hi everyone,

To be honest, this is not a new topic. And a young girl marrys a millionaire doesn’t only one time, and definitely it’ll happen forever for human beings whatever the people’s countries, such as Chinese, American, German etc.

However, I still want to know what you think of it. Do you think if a young girl marrys to a millionaire is because of his enormous properties or not? If not, how come she wants to marry to a guy who is much older than her?

Thanks a lot.


Most of the time, but not all, Maggie. In my country, we always hear a young pretty celebrity marrying a Dato’ (politician or very successful businessman), even though the man is already married.

I cannot understand why any woman could ever do this to another woman. And why she cannot see that if the guy can do this to his first wife he could also, for sure do the same to her. I guess she is just not looking for a real man and real happiness. And that they are just looking for the easiest way to be rich.

I always tell my girl friends that as God is my witness, I will never do this to another woman. And some of them think that I can only understand them if I was in their situation. True, you cannot control who you fall in love with, but you certainly can control your actions. Unlike all those pretty faces, some of us women have principle.

Well, I could never fall in love with a swine who could hurt woman. I think they are just too ugly. I don’t even make them friends.

Hi Nina and everyone,

The situation is the same that we also can see that a girl marrys a rich man, and possibly the man has many wives. And I think not every females would do that indeed. I would say only a few of the women would like to do that. Because I’m not kind of person, I’m pretty curious what they think. How come the females can put up with these kinds of men who is rich but his age doesn’t match the female definitely. I’m wondering how they can live in this world. Anyway, everybody has different ideas. Maybe, to them, it’s not a problem.

This year, the richest person in Taiwan, who is a sucessful entrepreneur, married with a young girl. Their age are totally different. The range is around 20 years. I can’t believe it. Yesterday, I read an online news, and I’ve seen the similar news that happened in USA. So I think this kind of matter happens in most countries probably.


As long as they want to be together, age is not really an issue for me. It is better to be married to an older person than a younger person if the older person is the better man, right?

I only find it disgusting when a man divorces his wife and neglects his children to be with a younger woman.

Well, personally, I can’t accept age difference is too big , such as 30 years and more. If I marry with a guy who’s age is 30 years older than me, I can’t accept. However, I think because I’m a conservative girl. Also, I think it’s not easy to get along with a guy who’s age is similar than my Dad. In my opinion, I think my idea is hard to connect with a guy who’s 30 years older than me. We might think many different things and our values might pretty different. And I think I’ll be very alone when the guy ages much faster than me. Even I should live alone when I age,too. I think it’s romance that a guy and I get older TOGETHER. For you, age is not an issue. But for me, probably it’s also an issue. Anyway, I’d rarely thought that 30 years age difference is not an issue. Now I understand but just can’t accept it suits to myself now, so far.

[color=indigo]I’m absolutely agree with Nina that abandoned family with kids is the worst things that can happen especially when kids really need father. As to the subject about young girls marrying old and rich men - it’s quite a usual thing nowadays. A good example I can provide based upon Ukrainian 26 year-old girl Alexandra Nikolaenko who’s a President of Miss Ukraine Universe and have married Donald Trump’s 72 year-old friend billionaire Phil Raffin. Do you think she’s in love with a man (if it’s possible to call him a MAN) that can be her grandfather? I don’t think she is. Money and only money is the main aim she’s eager to reach after his death (though such people like Raffin don’t die early :))


Well, I don’t think it’s conservative, Maggie. I think it is just you having a clear picture of what you want in your life. I think you are not alone, many people out there cannot accept this too.

As for me, I am easily attracted to a man who is kind and intelligent, and more importantly who have principle, perhaps even religious/pious. Not surprisingly not many of them are young. :smiley:

What can I say, I choose brain over brawn. :wink:

I’m wondersing why not just choose a younger guy who’s brain,too. Or only a guy’s age is old enough, then he’ll more intelligent than he’s younger? What if you meet two guys, one is brain and younger as well. Another is brain and older. I suppose other of their conditions are similar. Which one would you choose? I’ve this question because I’ve met a guy who is young and brain as well.


If I am already in a relationship with the older guy, and totally in love with him, I won’t budge. I won’t even look at other man, no matter how “Orlando Bloomiest” he is. :lol:

I don’t think love is that convenient that you can change how you feel whenever you want.

Yes. I got it. Thanks for sharing this.

Actually, originally, I want to know a female marrying a millionare and she wants his money only, how come she can do that. I know we can see many examples. I simply can’t believe it. I mean I can’t imagine to live with a guy who I don’t love.

Perhaps she was very desperate for money. Desperation can be a good motivation.

Probaby, it can be many complicated reasons.

The thread you have started has really intrigued me. I am a business student and now-a-days we are doing a course in Business Law. Just for fun, our teacher asked us to present any topic related to Law in the class. A couple of my class fellows made a prsentation on the child marraige custom in our country.
Will you believe that even in today’s progressive world, there are people who, if the males of their family commit a crime, give away their female child to the offended party? the girl is always less than 15 years of age. She is forced to marry men sometimes as old as her grandfather. Shocking, isn’t it?

[color=indigo]Dear Maggie, there are so many things in the world difficult for understanding and we can never be sure how each of us would behave in one or another situation. Today we can affirm that we’ll never cross the line of something we once sweared not to, when tomorrow comes and brings circumstances that made us behave in an unacceptable manner. Therefore, those girls who marry rich and old men they don’t love - do this because of some reasons like poverty, avarice and other we can only guess about.

[color=indigo]Zarghuna, I wonder if the family doesn’t have girls how do its members compensate guiltiness of their relative? And what country’s custom were you describing here?



It’s always interesting to point out to such a girl that, after she marries the man, she will be the wife of a man who has already shown he will leave his wife.

Many of the girls don’t know how to respond to a remark like that, and others just think their situation is “special”.

In English we say they marry the man because “he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.”

What do you think of girls who marry older men who aren’t rich?

For example, a lot of women who survived Stalin’s gulag camps married old men because they had been raped and abused so much by camp guards that they felt more comfortable married to old men than to young ones.

There are some younger women who were sexually abused by younger men when they were children, and so they don’t trust men their own age as marriage partners. I’ve met a few of those.

I have also met young women whose fathers either died or left them when they were young, and they want to marry older men because it’s the way they think they can get an older man’s influence in their personal lives.

One problem in the West is that the men mature emotionally very late, so a younger woman might not have a lot of good choices among men her own age when she wants to marry, so she may decided to choose a man who’s older than she is.

What is your government/people doing to solve this problem?

I’ve heard this one time too many. I wonder why.

Maryann wrote:

If there are no girls in the family, there are sure to be some girls in the brother’s or sister’s family. This tradition is followed in some parts of Pakistan but the rate of such incidents has declined in the past few years. In our country we have very closely knit family ties. The whole clan or tribe is considered one family not just the immediate relatives.[/list]

This is obviously illegal in my country but still it is practiced in far flung areas. Whenever any such case is reported, strict action is taken against the family of the victim but the dilemma is that these cases are very seldom reported. However with an increase in awareness about women rights, there has been a significant decrease in these cases.