Waymo to start building own self driving cars


Google’s subsidiary Waymo has announced that it will start manufacturing their own level 4 autonomous vehicles in Michigan. The Waymo plant will be the world’s first factory producing fully autonomous cars without a physical steering wheel. What do you think about autonomous vehicles in general and self-driving cars in particular? Would you buy one?


Not in the nearest future. I believe it’s great to have some time for yourself while driving instead of watching the road, but in terms of safety, it’s better to drive by yourself. At least while there are lots of cars on the road which aren’t self-driven. This question about self-driven cars made me think about our future, I’ve read some crazy predictions at https://au.edubirdie.com/assignment-help I’m curious about new technologies that awaits us in future.


As far as I understand Waymo is going to remove the so called safety driver from their autonomous taxis within the next two years. So far, the only mistakes made by the Waymo cars were caused by the human drivers so apparently the technology is already much more reliable than human drivers under certain conditions.