Verb 'Be' (Unit 2)

Unit 2 - BE-Verb

Now that you know the personal pronouns you can make your first sentences in English. All you need is the BE-Verb in the correct form:
I [color=blue]am

you [color=blue]are

she [color=blue]is
he [color=blue]is
it [color=blue]is

we [color=blue]are
you [color=blue]are
they [color=blue]are

English is a compact language. Many words have short forms. Below you’ll see the short forms of the be-verb.




Are you ready for more? Here comes the negative:

I am [color=red]not

you are [color=red]not

she is [color=red]not
he is [color=red]not
it is [color=red]not

we are [color=red]not
you are [color=red]not
they are [color=red]not

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now, the short forms of the be-verb negative:

I’[color=red]m not

you’[color=red]re not

she’[color=red]s not
he’[color=red]s not
it’[color=red]s not

we’[color=red]re not
you’[color=red]re not
they’[color=red]re not

We’ll we aren’t through yet. There are two short forms of the be-verb negative. Here’s the second one:

I’m not (same as the first one)

you [color=red]aren’t

she [color=red]isn’t
he [color=red]isn’t
it [color=red]isn’t

we [color=red]aren’t
you [color=red]aren’t
they [color=red]aren’t
A lot of grammar, isn’t it? No worries, in Unit 3 you will already be able to create your personal profile…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I want to learn who can I use the correct form’s of the tens … such as the verb - Be
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Hello Everybody I want to ask about this phrase Torsten wrote into this topic.

------We’ll we aren’t through yet------

I understand it means – We aren´t done here, or We haven´t finished yet, but I paid special attention to the word “through”.

I could write I made many things through my young life, or i was walking through de park.

Hope you get the idea about my question and please post an answer.
Thanks, and someone ask for a mp3, I thing that would be great.

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I’m not good in English, so I joined this website two years ago (is it right, I don’t remember :-). But I’m so lazy to take tests due to dates and field site trips. I can not overcome myself. With your new model, with English language coach, hope my English skills be better.

I can’t type fast and speak fluently, because I know few vocabulary. so I’m not confident in writing and speaking, especially in speaking.this cause i missed many career opportunities. i practise to think in English before talking and writing but always in Vietnamese first, i don’t know how to do this best. can you guide me?

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I’am very happy to receive your message again , and i’am replying you with joy in my heart. I have read the lesson about be-verb and i think i’ll remember how to form with the verb to be ! and with the short form.tahnks a lot i’ll always happy to read you again!

Dear Gomez,

Thanks a lot for your positive response to our email English course. Please not that you can use either the short form of the ‘be’ verb or the long one. You can’t use both together:

I’m very happy. Or:
I am very happy.

I’m replying. Or:
I am replying.

Please don’t write [color=red]I’am since this form doesn’t exist.

Hope this helps.
Talk to you soon,

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Dear Torsten

I am very much excited in joining your group and to learn english with you. I am happy with the first lesson, i will therefore continue with the next lesson. Please keep assisting.



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