TOEIC Simulator in exam mode?

Dear TOEIC candidates,

From now on you can use our TOEIC Simulator in ‘Exam Mode’. This means, there is a time counter and the score you can achieve is similar to the one in the real TOEIC test. Please let us know what you think of this new feature and good luck with your test. By the way, there is also a top 100 list that shows the best test takers:


I didn’t begin the test and appears this
Sorry, but you can listen to each audio file only once.
Go to your last question.

Click “Reset”

I loved this sugestion, can you send to me this simulated TOEIC.
Thank you very much!

I love this Very Much … Thank You for your Kindness

Dear Torsten,

Thank you for the two latest letters.

In the first letter there was the question tag. I cope with it very difficultly. This inversion at the end is very difficult to me. I know that is a very easy thing, but I succeeded doing it without mistake only at the forth attempt.Of course it needled me that’s why I made several tests on the internet at night.I say to myself:" you are a beetle head."

Apart from the fact that I wrote, I would like to put to the test. You are writing " click on the link below and find out your level." I clicked but I saw this is time-consuming.

Unfortunately I can begin only at the end of the week because I have a very important engagement now. I take care of my grandchildren.

You wrote you have to be consistency-this is no problem I deal with it every day several hours, I know to learn a language is a continuous work. I have already a intermediate French exam. I usually say to learn language is similar to gardener’s work if they negligent of their duty the flowers dyes.

Isn’t problem that I could begin only at the end of this week?

Best regard:

Kati Svaby

thanks for this TOEIC simulator… it’s great… i’ll try to answer the questions… hope i’ll be able to do that :slight_smile:

I have the same problem as jazzy Can not open the TOEIC Simulator.
Can you send it to me, please?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Torsten,

Whoo! I have done the test. I must say it wasn’t easy, but was very interesting and really challenging. Thank you so much.
My score is 761. Hope it’s not bad for a start.
I suppose this new feature is very very useful for those who want to be a winner.

Hello Torsten,
I have just finished the TOEIC test. It 's amazing, it has shown me my reel level and I have to work hard again to improve it. Thank you so much for first FREE simulated TOEIC. I really appreciated it. Excellent work.

Sorry, I cannot open the simulated Toiec test.

i can’t open toeic simulator, i don’t know why

Dear Torsten,
I can not open the TOEIC test, either.
Pls tell me how to do.
Thank you.


I din’t know what is the problem ,when i am clicking on the link it’s opening but ,at the same time it showing zero score immediately on next page.

Abhishek Joshi

Thanks .I’ll try.

I try it, and it is good. Thank you very much!

Thanks .I like this program ,and i’ll try

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for provide me all type of guide lines.

kindly give me a suggestion. My daughter age now 04 years old and i want she speaks english as soon as. So tell me what is the right prodecure for her so that she could speak.

sunit kaushik

Hello Sunit,

I suggest you take a look at the thread English for Kids where some of the suggestions might be of help.