The rise of the electric car

For those of you who still have their doubts whether or not the combustion engine is going to be replaced by electric vehicles here is an interesting chart that illustrates the exponential growth the electric car is experiencing.

sorry Torsten, but your diagram is based on assumptions only. Do you think oil and gas companies do allow such a development? Considerring the current situation I am a bit sceptical.

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Michael, I’m sure you have heard about VW’s reconstruction of its Zwickau plant? Here is a quote: “The start of production of the ID in a good 12 months’ time will herald a new era for Volkswagen – comparable with the first Beetle or the first Golf,” says Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen Brand Board Member responsible for E-Mobility. “We intend to take e-mobility out of its niche and to make the electric car affordable for millions of people. Efficient, modern production facilities will be the key. This is why we are bundling electric car production across the Group’s brands at Zwickau."


Wow, Torsten, what makes you this positive?

Sorry for being sceptical and reminding you of another statement of yours. Doesn´t seem the statement of Thomas Ulrich a bit like a lip service? Also considerring statements of Automotive chairmen and the german minister of transportation.
As much as it might be desirable. Call me a grudge but I have a doubt.


The transition from combustion engine technology to electric vehicles is happening on a global level and it is inevitable. What role Germany is playing in this process remains to be seen. We are already several years behind in comparison with international competitors so if you want to educate yourself about this subject you need to use English language sources than German ones.