Fuel cell technology is coming

This is exciting news as I’m sure we will soon see a shift from diesel engine technology in trucking to fuel-cell/hydrogen and electric:

Nikola plans a nationwide network of 16 hydrogen-fueling stations to support the launch of its Nikola One heavy-duty fuel-cell truck in 2021. It plans to operate 700 hydrogen fueling stations by 2028. Its first major truck customer is beer giant Anheuser-Busch, which has ordered up to 800 of Nikola’s trucks in the largest single deal on record for heavy-duty delivery trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

“The goal is to enable interoperability so that any (fuel-cell vehicles) can fuel at our hydrogen stations and we can fill at any of theirs, just like diesel today,” said Jesse Schneider, Nikola executive vice president.

Fuel-cell vehicles can be filled with hydrogen gas in 10 minutes, the same time required to fill a diesel-powered truck, Schneider said.

Toyota is partnering with Kenworth Truck Co., a unit of Paccar Inc., to build a demonstration fleet of 10 fuel-cell trucks for testing in Southern California. Both Toyota and Hyundai are marketing hydrogen fuel-cell passenger cars in the U.S. and are looking for ways to expand fueling infrastructure.

“This sector is growing quickly as fuel cells offer scalability, range, quick refueling and both environmental and economic benefits to medium- and heavy-duty vehicles,” said Morry Markowitz, president of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association.

You can read the entire article here: Trucks.com - Marketplace for Truck, SUV and Van enthusiasts


Btw, here you are an image of the fuel cell driven boat “Hydra”:

(Brennstoffzelle – Wikipedia):+1::+1:


Wow, that’s very interesting. I did do a boat tour in Leipzig last summer but it was just an electric one rather than a hydrogen powered boat. I’ll check into it, thanks a lot for posting it! :+1::smiley: