The little leaf.

The brook, which in Summertime gently gurgled along, parallel to the pathway, was today in full flood, almost overflowing its small banks. The thawing snow had caused a great flood of ice-cold water to enter the small culvert and surge forward to find a source of release.

The old Oak which stood on the bank of the brook, had given up all of its leaves to the strong Autumn winds, that is, all but one.
This last leaf had been sturdy, and its hold on the branch of the Oak had been strong and vigorous, but now, now in its old age and lacking its former companions, it finally surrendered its hold on the branch.

Gently it floated downward contenting itself in the knowledge that in its decaying it would feed the mighty Oak that had once been its parent.
Who knew, it may be again reborn, reborn to deck the limbs of its parent once more.
A sudden flurry of wind altered the course of its descent, and it landed instead on the surface of the dark swirling water.

It was pulled violently beneath the surface and pounded against the sides of the bank.
On and on it sped, sometimes beneath the surface and sometimes atop.
“This isn’t suppose to happen to me,” the leaf thought to itself. "I’m supposed to nestle at the feet of my parent until I decay, and in my decaying I would provide sustenance for my parent.

But all of its thoughts and hopes were in vain, for the water carried it far, far away, to the stormy turbulent sea, where it was pulverised into tiny fragments and eaten by the fishes who dwell there.

First of all let me congratulate you for new avatar :slight_smile:

I was away the last period as I was in Italy so I couldn’t catch up with the new topics on the forum .

Starting from now I’ll be here daily and cope up with your new .

I’d really appreciate it if you could supply us with more topics and stories .

And don’t forget to evaluate my recording .

Many thanks


hiPlease listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

hiPlease listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Babo, your pronunciation is perfect, but your recitation is hurried, seemingly little pause being given for the commas.

If you were to record it once more, paying attention to what I have said, then I am sure it would be perfect.

I am going to like that red record button!
Thank you, Kitos.

I learned these followings word:

thanks Kitos, I 'll keep in mind.

Good morning Pasban. You did that really well. I’m happy to hear that you have found some new words to add to your vocabulary. This was always my hope when I started to write my whimsical pieces; to entertain and to help expand the vocabulary of the readers.

Now that was really much better Babo … just a little more slower still and you will make a wonderful storyteller. You have a very nice voice which helps my stories sound so much better than they are. Thank you.

Good morning Borislav. That too was a very good reading. Your voice is improving my friend. I read all of your postings, but I don’t always have the time to respond to your words.

Hi Kitos,
Thank you very much for your reply. When you can I’m glad to see your responses.

I’ve just made time to record this Boris. Hope you find something useful in the way of pronunciation from it.

Thank you Kitos. And thank you to record your voice.

Please let me ask you a question. When I am facing with a new word, it is hard to find out how to pronounce it. Do you have any idea for this matter?

And please let me know, how can I extend my eyes’ span? While I am following the words to read them, it becomes pain to find the next word. although, I do have some problems when I am reading something not printed!

Hi Pasban,

Most words are pronounced in online dictionaries. Learners’ Dictionaries and similar sites. … betically/

I have already installed Babylon with its pronunciation tools, and I am already aware of the above sites. But when I have no dictionary in hand, what will I do then?

Bill, Bee, what do you think about p.s. question? That one about eye span…?

By the way, how do you do, Bee?