The happiness

What is your opinion in the subject: whether the eternal happiness can be bored?

You have to restate the question. I can’t understand it.

If you mean it as in ‘permanent happiness’ then yes, I think it would eventually get boring. Without the downs, we wouldn’t truly be able to appreciate the ups, right?

If you are asking about eternal happiness as in the state of eternal happiness we are allegedly supposed to experience in heaven, then I don’t know – I would have to pay these guys a visit first. Most likely my answer would not change though! :wink:

Only the insane are eternally happy. As soon as eternal happiness gets boring, happiness ends . . . which means that it wasn’t eternal in the first place.

I can get bored whether I’m happy or unhappy, but I always get unhappy when I’m bored. That’s usually when I go and find someone I can get on the nerves for a while, so he or she will be unhappy, too. After all: shared happiness is double the happiness and shared unhappiness is half the unhappiness. Or something like that. And I like having my unhappiness cut in half.

There are people who are only happy when they are unhappy. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Perhaps that’s because they’d get bored if they were happy?

Being bored is a sad thing.


My dears! this topic came to my mind when Kyaw said that after death ,good people achieve ever lasting happines. I thought that I wouldn’d want such a life of eternal happiness. Alicja1

Neither would I, but I wouldn’t really know for certain since I’ve never been dead before.


Do you mean ‘bored’ or ‘bought’?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Torsten! thank you that you have your say, because, lately I couldn’t find you on this site. I was afraid that maybe you are ill. I know that I’m still doing many mistakes. There should be ’ boring’ instead of ‘bored’. If I wrote, what you suggested, it could be another quite good topic to discusion. Anyway, may partners coped very well with it, despite my mistake, because they are wise and immaginative people. I think, that from, even the most stupid proposal, we could drag sth. to talk about. Please, correct this my scribbling so that other people understand sth. of this.

I greet you heartily. Alicja

The topic about hapiness very interesting for me. If you don’t mind, I want to take part in the conversation. I desagree with previous remark, that permanent hapiness - it’s only for insane…

Eat popcorns and icecream. :slight_smile:

Hi Maria,

you are disagreeing with my remark. Unfortunately you don’t tell us why. Please participate in this conversation and elaborate on your opinion.

I’d like to explain why I made this remark. For a living being, it is not normal to be constantly of the same state of mind. This might sound a bit cliched, but there is no light without darkness. Our (and that includes warm-blooded animals) psyche is too complex to allow only one kind of feeling. In life, we are confronted with many different kinds of situations, and it is impossible to be happy about all of them. You are not going to be happy when a loved one dies, for example. If you are, you didn’t love him. If we were permanently or eternally happy, there would be no progress. You’d become completely detached. Why change anything if you’re just happy with the way everything is? The world (not Earth) would come to a halt. This might be OK if you are an ethereal being, but here in our physical world, it would be disastrous. We’d get thrown out of our equilibrium.

There is a difference between eternal happiness and inner peace. You can have inner peace and become unhappy. But it will not throw you off-balance.


Yeah, you are right, Katty2010, - everything is temporary. That’s why it’s so important to find out hapiness in simple things!!!

I think ‘popcorn’ is a mass noun that doesn’t have a plural form.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I see, hapiness - very complicated topic. And, Claudia, I don’t talk about permanent joy and gladness. These are - emotions. Right? but I speak about the Gift - our life. Yes, somedody, very loved of you, can go…But You - still alive.
And I don’t think, that the position of life like ‘‘be just happy with the way everything is’’ is great. Quite the contrary - You should seek something new and better in your life.

This is true. Everything is temporary, which is the opposite of eternal. We need to find our happiness in simple things. So our state of mind varies, it is not constant.

Yes, joy and gladness are states of happiness.

I’m alive, but I’m grieving, which is a state of unhappiness. I’m not going to think, ‘Wow, I’m so glad that he’s dead and I’m not.’

Exactly! But if you are permanently or eternally happy, you have not reason to improve on anything. There are always ups and downs in life. And if you get unhappy with something, you seek to change your situation for the better. That results in growth and progression.

We are not inert. Everything in life is temporary and that is good.


Claudia, I have the same opinion as you. I see, you are very interesting person.
Hope, we could communicate in future too.


Dear Miss Alicja

Evil people live for this life only and good ones live to the eternity of the universe.( quoted )

You’ve misunderstood my thought, I believe. It doesn’t say eternal happiness. It means good people live throughout the universe, life after life in a good way untill they are not born again in any form of mortal life.

Scope of my thought is so broad to your topic here. So I can’t come in here.
If you go into my topic " Do you believe in reincarnation? " you can catch what I mean.

Thank you.
Kind regards.

I hope so, too, Maria! Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


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& thanks for correcting me Torsten.

Dear Kyaw! I read patiently all your theory about KARMA. Of course I knew it before as a transmigration of souls. I think that it is sth. even more terrible than wandering in the universe. And all of this was invented for those who govern. So that they had the peace of mind and the people were polite and made no trouble. You must admit that there must have been sb. who first write it or proclaimed. It was always so ,that the ruiers would try to sabdue the nation in all ways. That is what I’m thinking about it. Unaware of the poor, have alvays been and will be used. People are afraid of death ,and always buy sth. what give them hope for eternal life. I’m greeting you. Alicja