Summer holidays?

Good morning everybody,

How are you doing today? It’s summer in our hemisphere — at least that’s what the calendar says. Where are you spending your holidays? Are you travelling abroad? What are you favourite summer activities? (apart from learning English of course)
Let’s talk…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hello torsten,

I’ve got a short-trip to paris as a present for my birthday! we’ll be off with the beginning of august. just for a week…
what are you planning for your holiday?
I don’t have other plans to travel because of my money institute unfortunately is close to close my account … nevertheless I have to work on a new project which will gobble up all I have saved.

Hi Naufragis,

So you are going to Paris — have you got any specific sight seeing plans? Is this your first trip to the French capital? How are you travelling, by car, coach or plane? What about your new project — is it your training program in Scotland? As for me, summer is a good season to spend in Leipzig, I might leave the country for a couple of days though…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hello torsten,

yes, for sure spending your summer in leipzig can be very delightful, indeed.
everyone else is abroad, just a few left and if the weather becomes more summer-like it might be relaxing.

you’re right: it’s my first visit of the french capital - I’ve never been there before. I insist of visiting the Centre d’Pompidou - you know, it’s the Museum of Modern Art there - other sightseeing is in hands of my friend - to my surprise…

And I am going to the mountains for one week!I’m going to a small mountain village called Stronie Śląskie. It is situated near the Czech Republic boarder.
I will stay at my friend’s and I’m going to have a wonderful time there… Just doing nothing and exactly nothing :smiley:

And as for me boys & girls :slight_smile: Im staying in Moscow for the rest of this summer for Im reparing my flat and my boyfriend is having his holidays soon…so, were planing to spend some time together..Well, but in general Im having a wonderful time here for Im traveling all over Moscow & sometimes I go to my friends cottage houses or something like that :))) Anyway, i`m having a good time!!!

Hi naufragis!
Thats going to be a very good present for your birthday...maybe even the best :))) By the way, when is your birthday if thats not a big secret :)))

Hi Karina!!!
Have a nice time!!! Are you going to ski, skate or what else xan one do in that place???

Hi … everybody… I’m nongsai
spending time in trang now … I would like yous come to see this place… Its will be paradise for everyone.
I’m a writer in bangkok now i’m pretty busy now and my internet goes so funny sometimes
So have to say sorry for a while that I haven’t seen your topic …

catch up later …

Hi Torsten

I am so sorry for not posting any topic on this forum as I am so busy and too lazy :roll: .

Now I will try on.

I have just has summer holidays on beach. It was very funny. All I had to do is bathing, sleeping and eating. Nothing worries me. :wink: I felt relaxed.

Now I had to be back to my work. It is a lot of work. I don’t know how to start :cry: .

Anyway, I am eager to work after happy, relaxing days. :lol:

Dear Nguyen,

Thank you for sharing your latest news with us. I know exactly what you mean by saying you are lazy: sometimes it is hard to start an activity and it takes a great effort to do so. That’s why we are here to share our ideas. We all face the same difficulties once in a while.
May I ask you where you are from? Judging by your name I would say you are Vietnamese. Is that correct?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

You are right. I am from Vietnam. Are there many Vietnamese in this forum?

I want to know what is the next topic. Why do members in this forum exchange ideas with each other? I see that only you answers all posts in this forum. I think that it seems to be boring because there is no quarrel, no debate v.v… Why do we think another topic that interests everybody and makes them argue. So English may be improved.

That is my own ideas. If they annoys you, pls tell me.

I am open person and really want to improve my English and make friends with everbody.


Dear Nguyen,

So now you have an open conversation — I’m glad you brought up a number of interesting questions about the forum. Looking at our members list I guess there are a few people from Asia, some of them from Vietnam like you. I also have a very good friend — his nickname in the forum is «Walter», he is organizing business exhibitions in Vietnam. The idea is to bring Vietnamese and German companies together. As you know the Vietnamese economy is growing at a tremendous rate whearas in Germany we are facing a recession. That’s why there is huge potential in re-activing the business contacts that have been in excistence between East-Germany and Vietnam for decades.
So, another topic in our forum could be international business contacts. By the way: What company are you working for?
Yes, at this point only a few forum members are active — this will change over the next few months.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Mr Torsten

It seems to me that the topic about international busness contacts is too wide. I don’t know how to start. Coud you recommend some ideas?

By the way, I work for a joint - venture, which manufactures wire harness for automobiles and motorbike. Do you know it? After I worked 3 months, I just knew what is wire harness. So maybe you don’t know about it.

Your friend is in Hanoi or in Hochiminh? I am living in Hanoi. Do you know it? It is very nice though it is noisy, crowded and polluted like other cities in the world.

Hello Nguyen,

You have already started to talk about possible business contacts. You work for a joint-venture, could you please tell me its name? What country is the partner company based in? Do you export your products or do you sell them on the domestic market only?
As for my friend - he is German and has been working with his Vietnamese partner for a couple of years. You probably know that East Germany has had a very strong economic relationship with Vietnam. Now, my friend is organizing meetings for German companies that want to find partners in Vietnam. In November they travel together to Hanoi. If you like I can give you more details.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I am from Vietnam too. I didnt pay any attention to this forum, sorry because I was so busy in this time. I have to prepare to take the TOEFL test and SAT examination in the forthcoming time.
Oh, but from now, I will often visit this forum because I think it is very helpful for my English.

I intended to go to the seaside with my family at the end of next week. But now, I have to change my intention because I have many things to learn now. Oh, this summer is so boring… The only thing I should do now is studying English. I am getting more and more tired of English.
Hihi, I should introduce something about myself to you. My name is Giang, in English, it means River.
Gladly to say hi to all!
Be happy :slight_smile:

Hi Giang,

So you are preparing for the TOEFL and the SAT. When are you taking these exams? I suppose you want to study at university? Where in Vietnam do you live? It’s good to have you here on board. Talk to you soon. Torsten[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello friends :slight_smile: , I’m spending my summer vacation very well.I didn’t go abroad but I go on the mountain with my parents afterwards I go to sea:). In the summer holiday I drive bicycle, go for a walk with friends ,read a fantastic book and I interested in magics.

Hi yOLINa,

I often work with adults who start learning English and for them it is very difficult to learn even the basics. You know the Present Continuous and how to make a negative sentence in the Simple Past — you have learned these grammar issues at school and here in the forum you can apply your knowledge.
Could you please tell when you are going to the mountains with your parents? Do you drive your bike or ride it? You can drive a motorbike and you ride a bicycle. Do you also read books in English?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

I am working for a jont venture with Japan. Its parent company is Sumitomo. Our company exports mostly. Domestic revenue accounts for a small rattio. However, we import materials. Therefore, our income almost comes from the processing fees.

What organization does your friend work for? What fields are he and Germany business interested?