Speaking Partner?

I’m looking for a partner to improve my speaking skills via skype. Please contact me If you feel an interest :slight_smile: my skype is petar77779053

hi, everybody

i am really in need to talk to a native speaker so, please find a solution for me.

Sara, what do you want to talk about? There is an option here on the forum to record your voice. You can use this to communicate with native English speakers.

Hi, I am not native speaker but i am highly interest to talk with you. my mail id is
rokon_ds@yahoo.com and skypy is rokon_ds.
if you are interest please call me
mobile +8800 01671 660 113

Hi, I am also looking to find a partner for my IELTS speaking test. I need to have a band 7 for speaking and I got only a 6. Please help me too. My skype ID: ordinary.guy01. Thanks in advance.

Hi everybody here…

You can join us in the game (Ask the following member a question), through it we can improve our Speaking. I’m also preparing for the IELTS exam and I should get band 6 and above.

Best Wishes


what do you mean by the game? I don’t get it. Any links maybe?

english-test.net/forum/ftopi … ion_a_game

You can visit this page…