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Just trying a voice mail…


Hi Mujibur,
Thank you for interesting information about Bangladesh. I looked up in the map, your country is about the same size of Thailand, but the population is about double of Thailand(Thailand’s population is about 65 million people). I wish I could visit your country one day.


How could you imagined that I began discuss with you on a Skype -session. I am not a fish wife. I didn’t offended you. I began to write to you as I write to a nice person. Here is my first letter to you. So not me, but you should check your answers what you had written to me. Is your problem that I couldn’t swallow your offenses. My ‘mistake’ is that somebody attacks me I can’t stand it.

Here is my first letter. It is true that I started to write to you. Please look for what you answered.

“Are you alright?” -I don’t qualify this question this qualifies you.


Hi Unchan,

Thank you for taking interest in visiting Bangladesh. The camp time (October - March) is very enjoyable for the tourists to spend time here. People are very friendly and hospitable and the panoramic green of the nature is very alluring! Tourism infrastructure is coming up reasonably to avail and explore the vast reserves of the nature here.




Hi everyone,

I am Alicious or you can also call me Alice. I am so glad i found this forum for ESL learners like me to practise speaking English with people all around the world. It really makes learning more interesting and fun this way!

Well, talking about my day. It has been a great day so far and i am looking forward to attending a Malay friend’s wedding tonight. By the way, I am from Malaysia, a Malaysian born Chinese. There are three main races here, Malays, Chinese and Indians, not to mention some indigenous ethnic groups, all come with colourful cultures that you will definitely be fascinated, at least I hope so. :slight_smile:

Ok. I am going to take a nap before getting ready for my dinner party later. So bye for now.


Hi Alicious,
It’s nice to meet you. Just like you I like it very much to have a forum like this where we can practise our English and go on learning with the help of nice friends we make here.
If you stick around I’m sure you’ll not regret and you’ll see how nice people are around here.
I’m sure you’ll have nice things to tell us about the many different cultures that compose your country. It sure is a fascinating topic.
Don’t forget to tell us later, how the wedding party was.
Best wishes,


Hi Mauricio and everyone,
A very good morning to you all. It’s a sunny Monday morning here in Malaysia. How about your country? Mauricio, you are right. The more I explore this website, the more I find it interesting. I believe I’m going to have fun learning here and meeting nice people.

Oh yes, the wedding dinner went well. Did I mention that it was my first time attending a Malay wedding and to tell you the truth, I had culture shock in my own country! My friend, who is actually my ex-classmate, is an Indian Muslim. (Intercultural marriages are common here in Malaysia) and there were many Malays and Indians attending the dinner with only three Chinese and I was one of them! The dinner started late that night so when the food was finally served, I just couldnt wait to dig in, only to find out that I was not given cutlery - a fork and a spoon while all the other guests were already happily helping themselves with the food, with their hand (It’s a common practice for them). At that moment, I did think of eating with my hand, which my Indian friend once taught me and I think “Since I am in Rome, do as Romans do”. It’s just that I was not too sure I wanted to do that cos I felt embarrassed and it would be a mess eating using my hand as I’m not used to it. Thank god, some waiter came and handed me my spoon and fork, which saved my day!
Anyway, the dinner went well. Good food and good company and we took loads of pictures after that.

By the way, my friend looked like a Princess of Egypt that night!

Wish you a happy day ahead!



Its Archana. After a long technical hurdles of registation, finally; I am so glad to be here on this forum. Its fun to learn english this way. thanks a lot, Mr. torsten for such an initiative taken up.
I want to improve my speaking & writing skills.My basic need is to communicate my thoughts clearly when I am writing on the paper & speak fluently.Many times, when I make a start, its good but as I progress, suddenly at point of time I become blank & lost. I don’t understand, why this happens? Please help me what should I do?
I am very happy to find a lots of learners here, like me & I believe strongly in the days to come, I will certainly excel my skills & learn so many new ways of expressions.



Its Archana here. Its a bright summer morning here in India. How about your country?Today I was out of bed at 6 O’ clock in the morning. I went for a morning walk & the town was already astir.Newspaper vendors with lots of newspapers on their motorcycles, bicycles were making their rounds.Tea stalls were opened for the business, a crowd of people were huddled under the tea stall for having their tea & breakfast.
People were on the way to office, some are in their cars, while others waiting for the city bus to arrive at the bus stop. I also saw few school children too waiting near their yet unopened gate of the schools. They were so early.
I retraced my steps to go home & get ready for the office.I generally start 10 minutes
earlier for office;but today I started 20 minutes earlier from home. I reached 5 minutes early in the office & it was a pleasant surprise for my colleagues. I am enjoying my tea & getting back to work…have a nice day.




Just fix time 15 minute each day for English. All you have to do in that 15 minute is to just think in English, speak English … no matter what. Just assume that you don’t know any languages but English. After realising that you’ve got some particular level… You can increase your time


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Sorry … torsen… It will not happen again


Dear Torsten,
I deeply apologize for not recording the voice message. I respect the rules & regulations of this thread. But due to some technical problems, I’m unable to record the voice messages. I’m working on it. It won’t happen further.



helo there, how are you ?


Hello Poppycock and the rest of the learners,

It is 11 in the morning here in Manila. I just arrived from work. Event if it is All Saints Day here in the Philippines, I still have to go to work. However, most of the companies here do not require their workers to go to work today.

How about you? How was your day?



( please do check my grammar and pronunciation )


Hello Julius,

I am one of the rest of the learners. Perhaps you remember me. It makes my heart bleed when I read that you have to work on All Saints Day. Don’t you think that you should change this company for a better one?

I am in bed, and I will be lying in my bed in the next three weeks. I broke my ankle, and I am in plaster. So which is better? To work on All Saints Day and after go somewhere and drink something or watch a good movie or to be in bed for altogether 4 weeks.( Thanks God, one week went away, but today on check-up it was a disappointment to hear that I have to be in bed not three weeks-as they told a week ago- but four.)

Where will you pass the Easter? Manila or at you parents?

Have a happy Easter.



Hello Kati,

I really feel sorry to hear that you are not okay.


Hello, Kati

I really hope your recovery.
Thanks for a nice photo of coloured eggs. I think the hens laid these eggs drank too much colour. Anyway, I read all your helpful comments on the forum. They are great.

Best regards,


Hello Julius,

You find the promised reproduction here:
english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#514865

See you tomorrow: