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Hello Unchan,

I waited for your letter on this thread. I believed that you forgot this thread and that’s why you didn’t answer.

Many many thanks for your New year wishes for 2013. I hope that we will be happy and my husband’s health will better. This is my only wish .

When I was young and my grandmother always said that the most important thing the health. What do you think what we answered? Nothing. Only we giggled in ourselves that why she always say this.

Now I know that she experienced life, there were deaths, illnesses and sadness because of this. Today me also say the same. The health is the most important.
It makes us happy, content. It is most important than money because you can’t buy health if the medicine isn’t discovered yet. And you read on the Internet:

So don’t wonder that I say with conviction the most important thing is the health.

I wish you and your family very good health for 2013.

Best wishes:


Hello, dear Maurice,

So yesterday you were at the dentist. How are you? Do you have ache? I hope no. Nowadays there are so many good devices, very good anaesthetics and they give you a pain-killer spray for that the injection don’t cause pain. I hope that everything happened in this way. The root canal treating can cause swelling in your face but if you change the cooler blocks on your face, it is good.

You said that the genetics can cause for our teeth decay. I have a brother and sister and they never went to the dentist, and me several times. I remember that I could be 10-year-old when the school took us to the dentist. This dentist drew off every teeth where he had seen some decay. He gave us anaesthetics and when we came home I told my friend:" Look I can bite my tongue." - And I bit it. Of course when I didn’t feel the effects of anaesthetics my tongue began to pain. I was ashamed of this that perhaps expect my family I never told anybody.

It surprises me that you would be a dentist when you have one of the most beautiful profession, what would be my dream to became a maths teacher.

I am looking for your detailed letter what happened with you at the dentist.




Hello B.
Nice to meet you here. Is Marrice your last name? How are you today? Hope you’re not in pain. I have my teeth checked regularly, once a year. I don’t feel nervous when I see the dentist, because my mom took mt to the dentist at a very young age, so I’m used to it. I think my teeth are not very good because of osteoporosis, also they’re very sensitive to hot and cold. Seeing a dentist here in Australia is very expensive. Luckily my brother is a dentist in Thailand, so whenever I go to Thailand I always get my teeth done there. What about you? Is it expensive in Your country?
What country are you living in?

Take care!


Hi Kati,
Today is very hot as it’s the worst month of summer. I get very sick with allergy for this time, last night didn’t sleep well. No I don’t forget this thread, I enjoy chatting here. I agree with you that health is the most important for our lives. My grandma always says " 3 things we can’t buy are time, health and love" It’s so true. What do you think? You’re so lucky as you are doing very well. It’s good that you’re still keeping your brain busy on this forum which can protect you from alzheimer…Oh just joking!
Take care!


Hello Unchan


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.


Hello Maurice,


Hello Maurice,

periodontal:related to or affecting the parts of the mouth that surround and support the teeth

periodontal disease/periodontitis = condition in which the area around the teeth becomes sore and swollen, which may make the teeth fall out

gingivae = gum around the tooth

gingivitis =a condition in which the gums around the teeth become painful, red and swollen

So my problem was that my gingivae didn’t keep my teeth. So the doctor implanted new teeth. I have been having these new teeth for about five years or more, but I don’t have any problems with them.

I feared that these implanted teeth will begin to move again but the dentist told me: NEVER. I didn’t believe but now I believe that he told me the truth.

Take Care:


Hello Maurice,

In Hungarian we say the same word inherit sth (in medical and daily using- I believed that I told you wrongly, but I calmed down it was good.) The English say also in this way. But there are other expressions for it:
come into the inherit sth -inherit sth from sb (I told you this one) - be heir to sth.

Now it is early morning and it occurred to me that I told wrongly. I believed that to inherit is a medical verb and means when I inherit a virtue ( for example patience or susceptibility to an illness) from my parents. Now I looked up the dictionary because I wanted to see clearly. I see that I can say I inherited some money from my mother.So inherit is used similarly in English and in Hungarian.


I would like to revise these words with you .

1 [transitive, intransitive] inherit (something) (from somebody)
to receive money, property, etc. from somebody when they die
-She inherited a fortune from her father.
-He will inherit the title on the death of his uncle.

2 [transitive] inherit something (from somebody)
to have qualities, physical features, etc. that are similar to those of your parents, grandparents, etc
-He has inherited his mother’s patience.
-You inherited a passion for music from your mother.
-an inherited disease

3 [transitive] inherit something (from somebody)
if you inherit a particular situation from somebody, you are now responsible for dealing with it, especially because you have replaced that person in their job
-policies inherited from the previous administration
-I inherited a number of problems from my predecessor.


He came into his inheritance(received) at eighteen.
The title passes by inheritance to the eldest son.(legal expressions)

But not legal if I say:

She spent all her inheritance in a year.


be heir to sth

heir (to something)| heir (of somebody)
BrE:/ eə(r)/ AmE/ er/
a person who has the legal right to receive somebody’s property, money or title when that person dies
-to be heir to a large fortune
the heir to the throne (= the person who will be the next king or queen)
(We can say : Who succeeded King Henry VIII? Edward IV his son and heir succeeded him. or Edward IV became king of England in succession to Henry VIII.)

a person who is thought to continue the work or a tradition started by somebody else
the president’s political heirs

HELP :Use an, not a, before heir. as the ‘h’ is mute.

OTHER EXPRESSION WHICH CAUSED ME PROBLEM : GUM when we speak about the flesh in the mouth usually we say it plural: GUMS, but in the other expression gum is U nouns.
bleeding of the gums
dent: cancer of the gums
dent: inflammation of the gums
dent: recession of the gums
dent: shrinking of the gums
dent: swelling of the gums

“Healthy gums, healthy life.” -I saw in a dentist’s ad. We can say we have gum problems./products for gum problems (here not the gum is in plural but problems/products)

[b] gum /b = a sticky substance produced by some types of tree for exp: resin = secretion of coniferous trees as pine(trees)
3 [uncountable] = a type of glue used for sticking light things together, such as paper
4 [uncountable]= chewing gum

I’ve cleared them up. It is interesting that when we begin to speak we became uncertain because the words what we use every day don’t come into our mind or we realize that we never met this word for exp: gums (pl) in this meaning. I think I knew the gum since we can buy chewing gum in Hungary, but I never thought that this part of our mouth is gum or gums. Did you know?

I hope I wasn’t boring.

Take care:


Hello Katy,


Hello Mujibur,


Hello, Unchan!

Good see you!


Hello Hensiq,
Pleased to meet you. I’m very glad to hear that you decided to have holidays at South East Asia including Thailand. How long would you like to stay in Thailand? If you like to see beaches, I would recommend you to visit Pattaya beach, Chaum beach and Hau-hin beach which is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. Things you must see in Bangkok are the King’s palace , the emerald Buddha and cruising in the Chao-Phraya river which they will provide you lunch or diner on the boat. If you need dentist, I would like to recommend you to see my brother at ADVANCE DENTAL CLINIC Tel. 66 02 9656503-4 dental treatments in Thailand are so cheap when compared to Australia, but I’m not sure if compared to Brazil.
Visiting Thailand is a great idea, China is also an interesting country, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

I’ve been to China in 2009. It was enjoyable, I did lots of shopping in Beijing, as you know everything is so cheap there. The great wall is amazing, you will need lots of energy to explore it as well s the King’s summer palace, because it’s so big.

I’ve been to Japan , Korea and Malaysia. Soul, Tokay, and Kuala Lumpur are very modern cities, but Tokay’s cost of living is a bit higher than others , I couldn’t buy anything in Japan. People in Tokay are as busy as bees.
Have a nice weekend, talk to you soon.


Hello Uncahn,

Many thanks for your informative post on your travels around South-East Asia! I’m very impressed like you as I visited Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and India. I haven’t visited Bangkok yet; of course, if I could make it, I would use the information of your post to make my trip more fruitful! I’d like to take a trip to Beijing and Shanghai as well to take a look on the must-see sights and to enjoy shopping cheaply!:slight_smile:




Hello Mujibur,
You’re welcome! I’m very delighted that you like my information about Thailand. I would like to tell you more that in the South of Thailand. There are some islands that have white beautiful clean beaches, such as Phuket island, Samuel island and Phi Phi island where many movies were made. If you go by car, it will take about 9 hours from Bangkok, or by plane 2 hours.

In Pattaya you can see a crocodile show and a Gay show. In Chang Mai you must see the elephant show. Thailand is the most diverse and fabulous country on earth. I’m sure, you won’t disappointed.
Take care!


Hello Unchan,

Many thanks for providing with more information on tourist interests of Thailand! I wish I would be able to visit some of the spots in the near future! Well, instead of visiting by air, I prefer traveling by car to take a closer look on the landscape!

By the by, are you familiar with Cox’ Bazar sea beach of Bangladesh? It’s the sea beach of the Bay of Bengal; may be, the largest sea beach in the world!




Hi Mujibur,
I’ve never heard about Cox Bazar sea beach and I’ve never been to Bangladesh. I really don’t know much about your country. Could you please tell me more about Bangladesh? What is the main religion in your country? Are you Buddhist?


Hi Torsten,
Today is supposed to be my first day to record my voice in this forum. I do really need to improve my speaking skill since it is always becomes an obstacle for me to continue my study overseas. I only got 19 for iBT speaking section because of the accent, while I need 22. However, I have tried to follow all the instructions to record my voice, but I guess the Java still can not working. I need your guidance. Thank you.



Thanks a lot.
For me, as a Muslim I awake up early to pray, then I switch on the TV, or my electronic device (pc or tablette) to read the head lines of events that taking a place in the world until I get tired, after that most of the time I go back to sleep until 11pm, or I take my breakfast and going to the town to do my business, to buy what you need, or meeting some friends to spend good moments with them sharing ideas,smiles jokes and memories.
After that, I go back home to stay with the family, and so on,
Unfortunately, my IPad doesn’t,t help me to record what I have written.


Hi Unchan,

Many thanks for taking interest on knowing more about Bangladesh! It’s a South Asian country, neighboring India and Myanmar. By religion most of the Bangladeshi’s are Muslims; Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and many other religious people are residing too in Bangladesh. I’m a Muslim with a good conscience of honoring other religious people.

Bangladesh got independence in I971 after being separated from Pakistan; it was East Pakistan before 1971. Geographically it’s a small country with a huge population of 160 million people. Most of the people are engaged in agricultural farming; readymade garments is a promising sector Bangladesh is coming forward.