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Liu Yang: China’s first female astronaut sent into space

China sent Liu Yang - its first woman astronaut - into orbit on Saturday, along with two others, to achieve the country’s first manual space docking. Shenzhou-9 is China’s fourth manned space mission and blasted off on schedule at 6:37 p.m. local time from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center the Gobi desert in the northwest of the country, according to Agence France-Presse. Chang Wanquan, commander-in-chief of China’s manned space program, said the rocket had entered orbit and declared the launch a “complete success.”

Liu, a 33-year-old air force pilot, Jing Haipeng and Liu Wang will dock with a prototype space lab created last year in a major step toward building a larger, more permanent space station by 2020, reported the Guardian. The astronauts will be there for about a week, with two living and working inside the module to testlife-support systems and one remaining in the capsule to deal with any emergencies.

“I believe that we can achieve this goal of a permanent space station by 2020, because we already have the basic technological capability,” Zhou Jianping, the chief designer of China’s manned space engineering project, told reporters before the launch, according to Reuters. The launch was seen on state television and showed the three astronauts waving from the cabin until moments before the blast-off, reported Reuters. A red sign with the Chinese symbol forgood fortune hung behind them.

source: Global Post

astronaut[| ˈæstrənɔːt]
orbit [ˈɔːbɪt]
to achieve [tə əˈtʃiːv]
space docking [speɪs ˈdɒkɪŋ]
manned space mission [mænd speɪs ˈmɪʃn̩]
to blast off [tə blɑːst ɒf]
commander-in-chief [kəˈmɑːndə ɪn tʃiːf]
rocket [ˈrɒkɪt]
to declare [tə dɪˈkleə]
launch [lɔːntʃ]
air force pilot [eə fɔːs ˈpaɪlət]
to dock [tə ˈdɒk]
major step toward [ˈmeɪdʒə step təˈwɔːd]
life-support system [laɪf səˈpɔːt ˈsɪstəm]
capsule [ˈkæpsjuːl]
to deal with something [tə diːl wɪð ˈsʌmθɪŋ]
permanent space station [ˈpɜːmənənt speɪs ˈsteɪʃn̩]
basic technological capability [ˈbeɪsɪk ˌteknəˈlɒdʒɪkl̩ ˌkeɪpəˈbɪlɪti]
to wave [tə weɪv]
good fortune [ɡʊd ˈfɔːtʃuːn]

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Can I ask e why had been deleted my record voice message about the scrabble board competition?
I generally don’t receive answer to my question but exceptionally I would like to know. Please, reveal me its cause.

Kati Svaby


Verbs and their simple paste tense

  1. watch-watched.
  2. clean-cleaned.
  3. stop-stopped.
  4. arrive-arrived
  5. return-returned.
  6. cook-cooked
  7. walk-walked.
  8. visit-visited
  9. work-worked
  10. look-looked
  11. like-liked
    12 wash-washed
  12. play-played
  13. study-studied
  14. love[u]-loved
  15. open-opened
  16. star-started

After unvoiced sounds such as p, k, f, s, sh , ch and the final -ed is pronounced like t as in the word cat. Note that the -e remains silent.


1.“Many times in life I have felt all alone even in the company of others. It just is the way life is. We come into the world alone and we leave the world alone and in between we live our life trying our best to fit in and find our way. Sometimes we feel all alone no matter how many people surround us. We have to feel good about ourselves and find acceptance, friendship, worthwhile interests and a self confidence that will help guide us in everything we do. In life it is hard to find perfection and no matter how hard we try we will make mistakes.”


Hi Alan,

Learning to use the computer was not easy for me. I have to be courageous to try out this new technology. There were times I was stuck in doing a piece of work, I have to ask my fourteen year son to assist me. I must have the courage to seek help in order to improve my skill in using computer.

Thank you.

Catherine Tan[/s]


Hi Catherine Tan,

Congratulations on your voice records with a remarkable accent! I’m encouraged from your intensive learning endeavors; it’s my ardent appeal to you to take part in the forum as more and as regular possible!

I assure you that there is lot of other friends around to interact with you for brushing up English language skills to a remarkable extent and to promote friendship. We’re complementary to each other, indeed!

With warm regards and thanks,



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Wine is an alcoholic drink. People have been making wine for about 5000 years. The word wine usually used describes drinks made from the juice of grapes, although people sometimes call alcoholic drinks made from the juice of other fruits – such as apples, cherries, plums or blackberries - wine.

Wine is a popular drink in many countries. The countries that drink the most wine are: France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Argentina, United Kingdom, China, Russia and Romania. However, if you make a list of countries where the average person drinks the most wine, the list is different: Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Slovenia. Wine is made in many countries. The countries that make the most wine are: France, Italy, Spain, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Portugal and Chile.

alcoholic [ˌælkəˈhɒlɪk] - alkoholos
to describe [tu dɪˈskraɪb] - leír
although [ɔːlˈðəʊ] – bár, habár
average person [ˈævərɪdʒ ˈpɜːsn̩] – áltag ember


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What is wine?
Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.
How is wine made?
Wine is made by crushing the grapes, and then the juice that comes from them has yeast added to it. That yeast kick-starts a fermentation process where the sugars within the juice is turned into alcohol, producing wine.
How is white wine made?
White wine is made using the pressed juice of both red and white grapes. It picks up no colour at all from the skins because it has no contact with them.
How is red wine made?
Red wine is made using the pressed juice of red grapes, and that juice is then left in contact with the skins of the grape, which leaks the colour into the final product - red wine.
How is rosé made?
Rosé wine is made in two different ways. One is that the pressed juice is left in contact with the red skins for a small amount of time just to give a light tint. The other is to have a small amount of still red wine added to the white wine to give it a small amount of colour and create Rosé.
Where is wine made?
Wine is made all over the world, from very traditional countries such as France, Germany and Spain; to New World countries such as America and Australia, and even places such as Great Britain and China.
Where was wine first made?
That’s very debatable, but there’re a number of sources that pin point countries such as Armenia and Georgia as the first countries that produced wine.
When was wine first made?
There is a lot of debate as to when wine was first made, but there are a lot of historical sources that pinpoint wine being made as far back as 1750 B.C.

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Irregular verbs - record

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Hello Katy


Hello Mauricio,

I was very happy with your voice message and I wanted to answer you immediately when it occurred to me that the iPad isn’t able to record.Of course I 've forgotten this.I became very sad that I can’t send you a voice message but I will answer you on Sunday when we go back to Budapest, and I can use my laptop.( my laptop’s battery went flat and I can’t recharge it because I left the ‘recharger’ in Budapest.)

I am really sorry.
See you on Sunday.



  • Excuse me! Do you happen to know what Time it is?
    – Hi! What are you drinking? It has a nice colour.
    – Can you recommend me some good white / red wine?
    – Which wine have you liked the most so far at the Wine Festival?
    – Where do you come from?
    – Do you also have fine wines in your country?
    – What do you think of this wine?
    – Your eyes shine just like the wine in my glass.
    – I think red / white wine would suit you better.
    – Would you like to taste what I have in my glass?
    – Can I taste your wine?
    – This wine has a character like you.
    – Cheers! Let’s drink to our first wine tasting!
    – Shall we have something to eat?
    – Wow! You know how to drink.
    – Oh! I am sorry, someone’s pushed me. Wait, I’ll wipe it off!
    – Red wine leaves stains. I do not live far. Come on, we’ll throw your pants in my washing machine.
  • Would you like to talk some more and have some more wine?
    – I think I am a bit dizzy. Would you take me home?
    – I am happy that we’ve met.
    – Will you give me your e-mail address?


Dániel Berzsenyi: The approching winter

Our withering forest is losing its ornaments.
Yellow leaves rattle among its bare shrubs.
There’s no rosy labyrinth, Zephyr does not swing
Through the balsamic scents.
There’s no more symphony, the turtle-dove does not coo
Between the green bowers and the stream’s violet valley
Is not fragrant under the willow’s leaves,
Its surface is overgrown with rough coppice.
Silent twilight lours on the mountain peak.
Not a cluster smiles on the deep red vine-shots.
Delight’s joyful harmonies have been here once:
Where all is upsetting and dying now.
Oh fluttering time flies by so rapidly,
And all of its creatures hover around his passing wing!
All is just a phenomenon, all things under the sky,
Such like the tiny forget-me-not, fade.
Little by little buds on my wreath perish,
Beautiful spring leaves me behind, yet my lips have never tasted
Its nectar, yet I have just touched
Some of its first blossoms.
My splendid youth leaves me behind and returns nevermore.
Another spring could not revive it!
Any more than Lolli’s brown eyebrows
Could wink my ever-closed eyes!
(Garai, Dora Roberta)


Hello everyone, just a quick reminder: This thread is called speaking English for 20 seconds a day. I’m sure you know the definition of ‘speaking’ ;-)?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: You work for Peabody and Sons, don’t you?[YSaerTTEW443543]


Hi everybody,

What a good idea for this project. In order to improve my English speaking, I am actually in England for a work placement. I try to speak English everyday. Anyway I don’t have choice. My roommates are kind and they learn me some words that I didn’t know. Today we are going to do a party for the birthday of one of ours.
The weather here is so bad. It is very windy here and just a little of sun. Tomorrow, I have nothing special to do, just go to the work and then go back home, eat and sleep.


Hello Torsten,

Lately I 've read out this article without writing. My record had been deleted. I asked why? But I didn’t receive any answer. I imagined that my reading out was incomprehensible so I wrote the text and I will record later if I have a little time.

I choose this article because we like to play scrabble with our grandchildren because this is a game what adults and children enjoy in the same way.

Scrabble player thrown out of tournament for hiding blank letter tiles.

A scrabble player has been thrown out of the US national championship tournament after being caught hiding blank letter tiles. The cheat was spotted by a player at a nearby table, who noticed the youth conceal a pair of blank tiles, which can be used as wild card letters. When confronted he admitted to do it.

John Williams, executive director of National Scrabble Association, said the cheat was ejected from the 350-player event in Round 24 of the v28n Round event. Mr. Williams, who has served as executive director for 25 years and co-authored a book on the board-game, said this was the first incident of cheating at a national tournament. However, he said it has been known to occur at smaller, regional events.

“ It does happen no matter what. People will try to do this,“ – he said. “ It is the first time it’s in a venue this big though. It’s unfortunate. The Scrabble world is abuzz. The internet is abuzz.”
Williams would not identify the player by name or age because he is a youth. There are four divisions and he was competing in Division 3. He said Division 3 is equal to “any great living-room player out there.”

In Scrabble matches, players accumulate points during one-on-one matches by pulling random letter tiles from a bag of 100 and trying to create words. A total of 98 tiles have letters on them and two are blank. Blank tiles can be used as wild card letters to complete words. The ejected player had concluded a previous game and never reinserted the blank tiles into his bag in an attempt to use them at his discretion in the next game, organisers said.

Players in the national tournament format play multiple matches over the five-day event. The winner is determined by a combination of their overall record against other players and the commutative point spread over the entire tournament. The ejected player forfeited all of his wins.

Mr. Williams said there is usually ”good self-policing in the Scrabble world” as players try to protect the integrity of statistics on the competitive circuit. The winner receives 10,000 dollars (Ł6,400)

Source: Mirror

From: Hungarian 5 perc Angol/ monthly



I 've written: commutative point spread correctly: cumulative point spread

cumulative = including all the points that had been added previously

(commutative (math.)= /of a calculation/ giving the same result whatever the order in which the quantities are shown. for exp: 2+3 = 5 or 3+2 =5


In Scrabble matches, players accumulate points during one-on-one matches by pulling random letter tiles from a bag of 100 and trying to create words.

What does it mean the players accumulate points during one-on-one matches?

Oxford dictionary: one-on-one = one-to-one
between two people only
-a one-to-one meeting
-Teachers don’t have much time for one-to-one contact with their students.
matching sth else in an exact way
There is no one-to-one correspondence between sounds and letters.

One-on-one (communication)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One-to-one in communication is the act of an individual communicating with another. In Internet terms, this can be done by e-mail but the most typical one-to-one communication in the Internet is instant messaging as it does not consider many-to-many communication such as a chat room as an essential part of its scope (however, this may be disputed as instant messaging includes announcing presence information, which may be considered a part of a many-to-many communication system).


tile= can be a square piece covering the wall chiefly in the kitchen or bathroom.
tile in a board game. = any of small flat pieces that are used in several board games.


To day is a very good day. I woke up very early because i wanted to go to church. After church i took bath and then breakfast. Usually i drive to work. so i took my car and drove to work. The weather was clear and i could see mount kilimanjaro very clearly with its snow. my office is just on the foot of the mountain in a town called moshi. Have a nice day all of my pals.


Hello Maurice,


Hello Fibert,

Nice to meet you. I am Kati and it seems to me that now there isn’t lot of people here on this thread that’s why till now nobody answered you. But be patient and take it easy; slowly the others will reply to you.

As you see I have the opportunity to write and record my topics and I don’t care about that I have no answer. The most important to practice the language and this thread is very good for it.

Go ahead!

Bye: Kati