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Doctor: Good morning, Mr Morgan!
Man: Good morning!
Doctor: How do you feel, Mr Morgan?
Man: Not very well.
Doctor: What’s your problem? What can I do for you?
Man: I have a terrible headache. I’m coughing and my nose is running.
Doctor: Do you have a fever?
Man: No, fortunately I don’t have a fever but sometimes I feel a bit dizzy.
Doctor: I see. Get undressed, please. I have to examine you.
Man: All right.
Doctor: Well, I don’t see anything serious, but I think you should stay at home for a few days. You shouldn’t go to work. You should drink a lot of hot tea, but you shouldn’t drink any cold drinks. If you feel worse, come back.
Man: Thank you. Do I have to take any medicine?
Doctor: Yes, you have to take these pills three times a day always before your meals.
Man: All right. Thank you very much. Bye!
Doctor: Bye!


How do you feel?–
Not very well. –
I feel ill./I feel sick. –
What’s your problem? –
What can I do for you? –
I’m coughing./My nose is running. –
Get undressed! I have to examine you! –
All right. –
I don’t see anything serious. – Nem látok semmi komolyat.
Do I have to take any medicine? – Kell valamilyen gyógyszert szednem?
Take these pills … times a day before/after your meals. – Vegye be ezeket a tablettákat … alkalommal naponta étkezések előtt/után.


to have a … ache–
headache/stomach ache/earache/toothache –
to have a sore throat –
to have nausea/to have diarrhoea –
to be constipated –
to be/feel sick –
to have a temperature/a fever –
to feel dizzy –
to examine –
serious –
to feel worse/better –
to take medicine –
pill/tablet/painkiller –



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Receptionist: Good afternoon, Apollo Hotel. Can I help you?
Man: Good afternoon! I’d like to book a room.
Receptionist: Certainly. When for?
Man: April the 23rd.
Receptionist: For how many nights?
Man: Just for three nights.
Receptionist: What kind of room would you like, Sir?
Man: A double room with an ensuite bathroom. I’d also like the room with a view of the sea.
Receptionist: Certainly, Sir. Let me check what is available. Yes, we have a room on the 3rd floor with an excellent view.
Man: How much is it per night?
Receptionist: It’s 83 euros per night, including breakfast.
Man: Is wi-fi available in the room?
Receptionist: Yes, wi-fi is available in the entire hotel, and costs 5 pounds per hour.
Man: All right. I’ll take it.
Receptionist: Can I have your name, please?
Man: Yes, my name is Jonathan Brians. Can you confirm my booking via e-mail.
Receptionist: Of course. What is your e-mail address?
Man: jonathan.brians@yahoo.com
Receptionist: Thank you for choosing our hotel Mr Brians. Goodbye.
Man: Goodbye.


Can I help you? –
I’d like to book a room. –
When for? –
For how many nights? –
What kind of room would you like? –
I’d appreciate if I could … -
Let me check what is available. –
How much is it per night? –
Is wi-fi available in the room? –
Wi-fi is available in the entire hotel. –
It costs 5 ponds per hour. –
Can I have your name, please? –
Can you confirm my booking via e-mail? –


to book
single/double/twin/triple room
ensuite bathroom
to appreciate
room with a view (over)
including breakfast
to confirm

From Hungarian 5 perc Angol -monthly


Practice: Test for exercising the future tenses

For beginning the test click to FUTURE TENSES title

Future tenses -quiz

Hungarian words translated into English:

at left corner a Hungarian word: MEGJELÖLÖM = I mark it
at right corner a Hungarian word BEFEJEZEM= I finish it.

From: 5 perc Angol-Hungarian monthly


Hello Bez,

Can I ask you a favour that I wrote this letter to somebody and I would be curious of how many mistakes I made. Many thanks in advance.

So this would be my letter to my friend. I am sure that there are mistakes in it but I am unable to find them.

Many thanks.


My dear friend, our summer houses are different. We live in a village and you live AMONG the beauties of nature.

I can imagine what a wonderful FEELING IT can be to hear NOTHING BUT THE SOUNDS OF nature, TO LISTEN TO THE twittering of the birds, to breath the good air AND THE fragrance of the woods, far away from the people. When we went for an excursion INTO THE COUNTRYSIDE I HAD THE FEELING THAT it would be great to remain there till the end of my life. We used to gather mushrooms in the mountains and I WAS EQUALLY HAPPY to be alone with my husband and admire nature."

Our little village is very little. As we HAVE LIVED there since 1st May 1968 (44 years) the people LOVE us. It’s no trifling matter because the villagers HAVE GREAT DIFFICULTY IN receivING STRANGERS into their community. I’LL never forgot what somebody told me when we arrived : "HAVE YOU COME home? " “yes” -and I was very happy that she said this sentence TO ME.

Sorry Kati, I don’t have time to review the rest right now.


Hello Bez,

I am very grateful for your help. I am sorry that I didn’t see on 22th September when You sent me the correction. It is very interesting for me. I have to study it.

I’ve just found it. I thought that I would take a quick look at the Speaking English for 20 seconds a day. Really I didn’t hope that you would comply with my request because I thought this was a too big request. As our relationship changed lot but I must acknowledge you are the last teacher in ETN who still answers my letter.

Unfortunately I hardly receive notifications from the Forum. I don’t wish even to my enemy this feeling to see every day there isn’t any notification from the Forum.I am like the Flying Dutchman here.

I feel that something deteriorated, I blame myself of course.

It isn’t a good state for me, I am concerned about leaving the whole course and find somewhere a peaceful course.

If I took steps to log out once and for all anybody wouldn’t miss me. But unfortunately I am a very faithful type and I looked for the other courses where there isn’t personal relationship that’s why we can remain anonymous, so there is peace, nobody hurt the others and there are not misunderstandings.

As my life isn’t a piece of cake I should do lot of things because our situation is an unending struggle with the illness. As my husband never cared about his health this is a very humiliating feeling for him that he says: " I am condemned that I should care about with my persistent vegetative state. " I am prepared that a day he will say: enough, I won’t do any more, happen what it have to happen.

This English learning is a recreation for me. I do when he is sleeping. I’ve got used to the ETN and I am attached with thousand threads to this course and I am unable to leave it. But I am incessantly thinking about it.

I know that the question is "to be or not to be " and everything similar the difference is in my situation the beginning question, STAY OR NOT TO STAY.

Many thanks.

P.S:Today I am over 70. I couldn’t observe my birthday party for my nuclear family because one of my best friends died so I had to go a funeral. Tomorrow they can come to my birthday party.


Hi Kati,

I don’t know why your notifications aren’t working, but you can always log on direct to the forum and choose ‘view your own posts’ on the home page to see if there are any replies. Sorry I can’t give you better advice than that.

A very belated happy birthday. I’m sorry to hear you had to put the celebrations off for a day.


Dear Bez,

Many thanks for you best wishes for my birthday!

Yesterday on the birthday party my daughter-in law told me: “Kati, you were 70 last year too.” You can imagine what I felt. I was thinking how is possible, and I found out that I was really 70 in the last year but I’ve forgotten with my husband together. So I am over 71 and perhaps I began to become forgetful.

I don’t know what happened with my notifications - I am sure that you helped me - because the notifications arrived to-day.

Many thanks for it. What you advised to me it would be difficult because I should know the title of threads where I ever wrote because the letters arrive only to those persons who wrote ever on this thread. If anybody takes account of the persons who had participated in that thread they will receive notifications. This worked in this way in the past.

Why is wrong if we don’t receive notifications? ? Because if somebody makes a comment nowadays to an old thread, and I receive a notifications about it, I can read again everything, it is a repetition and an encounter with my old letter. ( What perhaps I would write now with less mistakes.) So I think that it was a very useful and a methodical study for every one.

Many thanks.



Hello everybody,
I think today is not too late for taking part of this intereting subject. This morning our GM introduced us a new collegue his name is Jerome he is from Australia he speaks English fluently but just know few word in French though we (all staff) are fluent with it as it is our second languange and after i.e third language is English.


Hello Almas,

This is a great surprise. I was looking for a letter and I saw that you are alive and you are here again because you have changed your photo. It’s true that you didn’t write any new letter but you’ve changed your photo.

I have admit that I thought of you several times and your country also. Where are you now? What do you do? Did you finished your study in the University.

Dear Almas I am very happy, that you survived this terrible war.

I am looking forward to your new letter.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby


Hello everyone,


Hello Katy


Hello Maurice,


Hello Katy


Dear Maurice,

Many thanks for your voice message. I thought that I would write how I am now and how was yesterday. As I said Hungarian names perhaps it was more difficult to understand my text to you.

It is very bad feeling that people can abuse of your name and write letters in your name. Now I got to know about two ones but maybe there can be more compromising letters of me on the Facebook.

Who could put this letter on the page of my best friend’s daughter??? After this catastrophe who dared aggravate their awkward situation with a villainous letter???

Her husband died, she remained here with her four children alone, without their house which burnt down. Today my friend called me and told that I couldn’t imagine that in the village every craftsman, carpenters, bricklayers, joiners, plumbers, decorators, electricians etc offered their free help to Vera . Everybody brings to them every kind of articles of clothing.

Who dared involve me in this tragedy??? My friend consoled me that they had no time to read Facebook and if they would have read they didn’t believe it.

What Happened?

Yesterday morning when I turned on my laptop it was a letter from an unknown girl.

She wrote to me a very roughly letter:
( but you have to know that on the Facebook there is a page with the title: “My death age” Somebody about 3 months ago sent me this test. I opened and I immediately saw that it doesn’t interest in me. So I didn’t put down my name, but it was enough that I opened they took my name and they began to send their icon and text. I threw them in the spam. I told you this story because it belongs to my story.)

So the girl very roughly wrote to me: "Say to me, you are normal ? How were you possible to put on Vera’s page “My death age” If you put on whoever’s page it would be very tasteless. But right on the Vera’s page. This is scandalous heartlessness. And she was taken a photo of the page and really it was my photo and this icon.

I answered I didn’t put on anything, anywhere. And I don’t know who is this Vera.

She wrote her name , Vera Borsi, She wrote that their house burned down last weekend and they could very difficultly escape with 4 children and her husband and their dog died.

When I saw the name my blood froze, I began to tremble and I burst into sobbing. Vera Borsi isn’t an unknown person for me, but my best friend’s daughter who I have known since her birth and I like almost as my own children. I read again the letter because I wasn’t sure whether I read her husband died or I imagined only. At the second reading I calmed down, that only the dog died.

I wrote the girl that Vera Borsi is my best friend’s daughter. And I immediately called my friend to ask what happened. I couldn’t stop my sobbing , from the helplessness somebody dishonoured my beloved Vera’s page with my letter.

I called my friend and she told me that Arpi, his son-in-law died. This news than bolt from the blue hit me and my sobbing turned into a terrible scream. How? How is possible? She told me as escaping from the blazing house he fell down spiral steps and his spine had broken and he died in few minutes.

You can’t imagine my pain I loved them all, her 4 children, Arpi who was a teacher also and Vera, I loved them as they would have been my own children. I coudn’t stop crying and if I stopped for a few time I began to cry again.

This is the second letter which went to the Facebook in my name.
In the first I declared about myself that I have two X chromosomes this means in Hungary that I am homosexual. Of course I am not homosexual but I have homosexual friends because I think it is their private matter and I don’t care about it.

Then I wrote a letter that how possible that somebody can write in my own name and with my photo. I didn’t receive any answer.

Now I wrote again two letters in English and in Hungarian and I said to them if in three days won’t delete my name on the Facebook list ,I will write in the Centre of Facebook in America.

This my story what ruined my day.

Today my friend called me again because she composed herself and she told me everything to the smallest detail. She told me that the firemen told that it is incredible that from this house everybody could came out and the husband also could remain in life if he didn’t fall down from the steps.

Vera whose smile is the most best in the world I don’t know she can smile again. They loved each other very much.

I am very sorry that you couldn’t participate in the Skype session. The atmosphere was very familiar.

By: Kati


Good morning Torsten!
Thank you for creating this new topic speaking English for twenty seconds a day.That is
the truth that most of us foreign not opportunity to practise English every day.I have the problem to emphasize the right syllable of the word.
By the way the weather is mild this morning and it seems to me that some sunny spells are expected today.Have a nice day!


Thank you so much


Hello Kati, hello Mauricio
Such sad and terrible things can happen over the Internet - it is really to hope that this doesn’t spread!

I for myself, I still stay away from every social platform. So far, English Test Net is the only one and I am glad about it! I wouldn’t know how to protect myself propperly from such horrible things! I’m not a freak at all when it comes down to all the technical questions, and I think the people who run the social networks should care much more about it!

I hope things will turn out better again, for you and your friends alike, and I wish you all the best.
Please, don’t let yourself be discouraged - like Mauricio said, even if it is such a sad thing that happened!

Cheers Urs


part two to Kati
Cheers Urs


Hello Urs and every one there,

I’m very encouraged from the message of Urs! I agree with Urs that we’re having our skills developed a lot because of the continuous and adherent practices. Our speaking skills are getting improved especially because of the voice recording facility here and of course, for the Skype Sessions.:slight_smile: