Shouldn't it be "lives in" instead of "lives at"?

A real estate agent surnamed Feng, who lives at Block 56 Geylang Bahru, told Shin Min Daily News that a durian salesman knocked on his door at about 2pm last Saturday (May 25).

Shouldn’t it be “lives in” instead of “lives at”?


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In the US, we do not use the word “block” that way, so there is no convention for which preposition to use. We use the following conventions:

Lives at [street address]
Lives in [city/country/province/state]
Lives in [apartment/house]

I called a friend in Europe where they use the word “block” for addresses. She said a “block” refers to a block of apartments or flats. So the convention is “Lives in block XYZ”, the same as we use it for apartments.

This is not really a grammar question. Use of prepositions is not the same everywhere, and there is no absolute right or wrong. The convention where you live is what you should use.

Maybe @ Masme could give more insight since I think this use of the word “block” is common throughout Europe.