Should it be 'talk about' instead?

I would like to speak about this month’s Gosho passage, which is a section of the Gosho entitled "Reply to Myoichi ama " ( "Myoichi ama gozen-goshosoku" ).

  1. Should it be ‘talk about’ instead?

  2. Should the bold part be enclosed by quotation marks, just as “Reply to Myoichi ama” is?



I think both ‘speak about’ as well as ‘talk about’ work here. Speak about might be more specific than ‘talk about’ and ‘talk about’ implies that there might be two parties involved. Maybe this is interesting too: I'll talk to my boss and let you know vs. I'll speak to my boss and let you know

As for your second question, yes I would put the part in quotation marks.


Personally I believe to say ‘speak about’ is more formal than ‘talk about’.

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I agree with you, @RyanBell.

The use of ‘speak about’ suggests that you are actually going to say the words, that you are going to make a live speech. In writing something you would use ‘talk about’ because that indicates that you are going to discuss something on paper.