Should I feel guilty to be an Arabic Muslim person?

I’m proud of my nationality and my religion, like all people in the world. I can say with all my voice I’m Arabic Muslim female. If anybody see that Islam is injustice or Arabic countries are arbitrary, may be I see Christianity is injustice and English countries are random. Everyone all over the world has freedom to live wherever he want and to follow any religion, those are personal decisions. If they are satisfied with their Nationality and religion, So, I’m satisfied and proud. I’m saying that because I faced difficulties to deal with some American organizations. As they hear me saying I’m from the middle east or if they distinguished my accent, they are trying to escape or to answer without any consideration or asking me to call again and no one answer. Why?

I admit, I have to learn their language for some reasons but I’m sure no one is better than others, everyone has a unique thing distinguishes him from others. On the other hand, the world became a village. We can be in contact whatever our culture. So, why this is happening?

You have already answered your question:

And I agree, you can be just as proud of your heritage like anyone else.

Because people are preoccupied. It’s for the same reason that people from the western hemisphere are considered ‘immoral’ or ‘infidel’ by a lot of people in some Arab countries. Are they right?

I see many people treating foreigners disrespectfully in the country where I live. But not everybody is narrow-minded and judgmental, so there is hope.

Hi Ms. L. Dreem!

Develop yourself by only learning.

Read,read and read.

I feel bad when some Arabians don’t like to be educated rather depend on only money!
These mentality made them few lag behind, otherwise Arabians are most laudable race.

Prophet Mohammad(S.M.) got first order from the great Allah -Ecra Bishmah—in
English–Read by your name of the Allah(God). Islam started learning, but today’s
reflection is not showing this. As a Muslim I feel sad sometimes, though I feel proud as I know the rich history of it!!!

What are the Arabians doing? Do you know Roman law and Muslim laws are almost

World law is based on Roman and partially Muslim where Muslim had contribution on
Math, Medical, Geo metrics and on many things, people in other part are just don’t know
because of lacking publicity. This is your duty to let it know other part. Pls. also see me at Arabian news on feature part.

Einstein said, science without religion is a lam, but religion without science is just blind. Without learning you can’t be a good scientist, can you?

Dear Lmn,

Very good question.

Since you have a definite race and a definite religion, you are definitely a quality human being who should care for no complexes.

And I hope - if it wasn’t you or it must be your mother, ways of scapegoating or victimizing are all over now. Most educated and liberal citizens of world know that. We are no fools.

We know what is fanatic and what is religious.

Personally, I admire Muslim People for their complete devotion to their god. Matchless. Though I’m a learned Buddhist.

I worked in Malaysia for five years. I found Malay Muslim are really kind and courteous race of human. Super!

kind regards.

Firstable sorry for my humble English, and I would like to say… all the sky religions including Islam are just a system to live in peace and to be interactive and active to make good life for your society and yourself, and the worship is just a training to reach to the soul clarity, but when exaggerating and greeds interfere in every thing, that would leave the evil on the face of every beautiful thing.You don’t need to change your look when you believe in god , you don’t need a long beard , or short dress , but you need to be clean and your look is good.
I believe that a few people have an enough madness to make a bad idea on what hey believe… religion is a map of road to discover the treasure in our souls. but people didn’t learn how to read the maps, that because they didn’t allow their prophets to complete their thoughts.
Lmn_Dreem I don’t think you need to say what you said, you are not in charge of what some stupids,or fanatic guys have done. and the period of Bin laden who met the punishment of his bad deeds,is as bad as period of Bush. the both of them were murderer… but Bush is not america as well as Ben Laden is not Islam… and the amplifying media has played a big role to make a dupe like Ben Laden a dangerous more than he was, for a various political gains.
sorry to say: I didn’t like your subject which was full of unjustified guiltiness… but the title forced me to press on the “postreply”.

Subject is ok, but the title is unjustified.

Subject is religion. We mass people are very much ignorance including me. I have a personal fervor about comparative religions. In future, I could work here.

No religions are worst.

Hi Ralf,
I agree with you in this point

But I think when it comes to religions, some people think they have to disrespect people from other religions. I’m talking here about two considerations fanaticism and vanity. Besides, in all countries there are kind and harsh people and there are acceptible percentage and unaccepteble in all fields.

Thank you Minhajquazi for your explaination. Could you please illustrate your idea when you said

About the title, I didn’t mean just religion. I like to meet people from different religion to learn more about them. I’m convinced that everyone has right to choose his religion and will face what he worths after death. There is no religion by force. I’m talking about the respectful which must be exchanged between human beings whatever their religions or heritages.

I agree. Any type of fanatism is harmful, and the history of religious fanatism (not necessarily fundamentalism) has done more harm than any religion is worth.

Dear Jamilion, you don’t have to say sorry. This is your opinion. The same situation for the title, it’s my feeling. When someone treats me badly I feel bad but you should be sure that I’ll never change myself due to some ridiculous issues like this.

Let me explain to you. If you show anyone that you hate something in his personality, the impression he’ll get that you want him to change. So, I chose this virtual title to tell everyone hate my nationality or my religion that I’ll never budge.

In short, do you have an idea how the Korea, China and some other countries have
raised their heads just within past 20-25 years?

Behind, petrodollar. Korean per capita income is now almost 5/6 times more than KSA.
These industrious people came to your region with brain and they went back with earning legally… Unfortunately, your people are just sleeping-----.

How they make behave on these industrious people may you havn’t any idea? Instead they don’t even know how to expend money in positive ways.

Sorry, I can write 500 pages a book about these mismanagement most Arabian used to do! A simple example is Israel–how do they live beside you with all massacre doing day by day?
Because, an educated Isreal means either he will be a scientist or a moneyed businessman. Mind it Israel has no oil (direct money), but they have education.

Sorry, I like intelligent foe rather foolish friend.

PS. A few days ago, I tried to contact with an influential country’s govt. level through their web site, it is even from their Washington D.C. office as I miserably failed to connect by their usual site, I failed! I abandoned my business idea as somebody hired me to contact with them. Better do business with Greenland as they follow the systems and norms etc.!!!

Thank you Minhajquazi. This is still your own opinion.

And I think I have no need to discuss these political issues. It’s not my cup of tea. I was talking about some issues related to respect which must be exchanged between people. As you said, its morals. I can be from the richest country and have the highest degree in education but I treat people like mosquito, and vice versa.

Sorry, I couldn’t yet have gotten any light by your last two lines-it is ambiguous for everybody!

Would you please explain few?

Minhajquazi, your English makes it difficult to follow your line of thinking. You make so many strange mistakes that it is almost impossible to understand what you actually want to say. I skip most of what you write for this very reason.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A computer class[YSaerTTEW443543]

I like your claiming. This is also called rudimentary or abstract thinking . These types of writings are not match for everybody-behind it has genuine cause. Otherwise, it is related with grammar----,

If so, Please show me right now specifically, welcome, later I will show yours(freedom of speech, you claimed at feedback!), ok?

Conclusion, I have already observed here at, no one is flawless. As I know one day I have to show the evidence if I claim, that is why I am almost conscious!

And, yes, to what extend that is the question.

You can examine in ESL test participation of mine, it is an honest test performed by me. I know almost all on tests if I participate in -the score will be not less than averagely 80% as a first timer. I am very much honest for any self examination test, that is why I am too much confident about this type of discussion!

I offer you, just participate in Oxford style writing or UK grammar test at,
Please be honest if you can just cross over 3.80 as a first timer, I must confess to you that you are at the level which you can claim, so let us try Man!

You have thrown a stone in the wrong direction as Grammar is my favorite subject not my profession.Yes, I am not also flawless as it is simple.

I took it up easily, man. I like grammar, and I like to discuss this whatever you like about grammar, come on!!!

(Everybody tests yourself by CEF system also!)

What you do is use English words and put them in combinations that don’t exist. So, you have created your own language which is based on English words but I wouldn’t call it ‘English’. I’m sure half the time even you yourself don’t understand the drivel you produce.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Waste disposal[YSaerTTEW443543]

Yes, the same, you usually do!

Come out from the guilty mind and all delusion. It will be helpful you. I judged your English level almost one year ago, neither you nor I am at the level of English language that we can boast of this.

Again I am saying you, I am familiar with at, Helli um or New York times paid writers English level, which tells me nobody here is who is better than them yet, or at least I didn’t notice.

I am writing here as other do for convenience only. Check yourself at huffington post,Fox news etc. several native commentators are far more good grammarians with style than who we used to feel proud here! I feel Shame!

Check yourself by the test as I said at previous post. Now I am dam sure you can’t achieve that score, I myself is trying to achieve very soon that is why I implied you. Sorry, your intention is like–Beating about the bush!

Thanks and you are most welcome.

I’m not talking about any scores or tests. I’m referring to the fact that you don’t use English but your own language. Here is an example: “Come out from the guilty mind and delusion.” This sentence consists of English words each of which has a meaning. However, the sentence doesn’t make any sense whatsoever because nobody would ever use it except for you. Here is another example of Minhajquazi language: “I myself is trying to achieve very soon that is why I implied you.” Nobody will understand this rubbish.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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As nobody will understand this rubbish, it doesn’t make any sense, is not it? Why do you avoid score? Is this that you have no authenticated certificate or achievement in life?

Have you ever heard ‘run on’ sentence?

None of what you have just written is either correct or idiomatic English. You use English words but you don’t use English and I don’t think you will ever be able to get rid of this habit.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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