She does that with "everybody"


I can’t believe she has been talking bad about me.
I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. She does that with everybody.

I have watched the above dialogue. I am wondering what “everyone” refers to.

(1) everyone is people who she talks badly with about someone, whenever she meet new ones. I mean they are listeners ?


(2) everyone is people who she talks badly about. I mean they are the targets she want to speak ill of?


It’s option number 2 and it means that the person in question usually talks behind other people’s backs. Where exactly did you watch or hear that dialogue?

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To begin with, that dialogue mentioned is everything. It is just short one in my speaking class.

I have two further questions.
Q1. What is meaning of “with” in this dialogue?
Is it the following meaning from Collins?


Q2. Would it be better to use preposition “about”?

She does that “about” everybody.


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Hi again, when you learn a language you need to learn entire phrases such as collocations, idioms and sentences instead of isolated words. It’s impossible to learn all the meanings of a preposition by just reading the definition of that preposition.

Instead, you should try to make sense of the entire phrase:

to do something with somebody

Or even better, look the entire phrase up in the National Corpus and/or on Google and see in what contexts it is used.

Please let me know if this makes sense.

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Hmm Yeap I know English’s specific characteristics. Collocations are a good case.
For example)
• I am satisfied with the way you make my hair style.
• I am good at swimming.
• I am swamped with a lot of work.
• I regard her as a good teacher

Before I asked it, I already looked up “to do something with someone else”.

→ However none of phrasal verbs would apply to this dialogue.


Also I have tried to figure out this “with” through my favorite websites like,
(The above websites are things I usually use to refer to native speaker’s good ceases.)
→ But I was not able to do find any good sentence using this kind of “with”

Anyway, based on the following definitions. Actually both are similar.
1-Collins’s 7th definition
You use with to indicate what a state, quality, or action relates to, involves, or affects.

2-Macmillan’s 14th definition
used for saying what a particular action or problem is related to

I have understood as below.
She did talking bad with everyone
→ Everyone is people related to her talking bad(AN ACTION), and they are targets who she speaks ill of

Do I understand right?

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Where did you find this phrase?

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