Rosalisa from Cambodia

Hello everybody,

I feel very amazed by the power of this website. I was told by my friend about this website. It is so useful for my English improvement. I would like to take the TOEFL test as possible I can.

I hope I will benefit a lot from this website by regularly asking questions. :lol:


Welcome, Rosalisa!
You have a best opportunity to take TOEFL tests on the :smiley: Go ahead :smiley:

Hi Rosalisa

Nice to see you here with us and you can exchange here informations and experiences and more and more of that …
anyway,what’s cambodia like ?..

and what about the nature and the people …
could you tell us ? please…

keep posting …


Hi Pamela & Hercules,

Nice to know both of you today. Thanks, Pamela, for telling me about that. I’m really new here. :smiley:

Hercules, Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, specifically near Thailand and Vietnam. It’s a small developing country, where English is quite important and required for both academic and career purposes and the economics is working slowly. Most of the people here are friendly and hard-working. They naturally look brown, of course, look like people in our neighbouring countries. 90% of the people are buddhists and agriculture is the most basic work for the family. :smiley: And I hope you may have heard about " Angkor Wat", have you?

Thanks, Pamela and Hercules.
I’m looking foward to sharing the information and more and more. :lol:

Hi Pamela & Hercules,

Where are you both from? Could you tell me about that, please? :smiley:

Hi Rosalisa, I’m located far from Cambodia :smiley: I think Cambodia looks very nice. Are you a student?

Salaam Rosalisa :smiley:

you are right… this web is very useful for improve your skills if you knew how use it.

I am not good in English but really I like this web very much.

may, we can be friends and we help together in English .

I wish to you Nice day.


Hi Pamela,

Of course, I’m a student. :lol: I finished high school last year and now I’m still studying English. How about you? :smiley: Oh, anyway, you haven’t told me where you are from yet! It’s located far from my country? Well, there are so many countries which are located really far from my country :lol: . I’m curious to know, Pamela.

Have a nice day!

Salaam Dark Magician,

I hope so! I will try to post questions every day if I do not understand anything. Good for you, that you like it and we are sure we will benefit a lot from this.

Sure, we can be friends and help each other improve our English.

P.S. You are in the middle east. Your language is Persian?

Thank you.
Have fun.

Salaam My friend Rosalisa :smiley:

I am from Syria and I speak Arabic

I don’t know anything about Persian…

P.S:But we love Iranian people very much…


Hi Mba,

Oh, Syria? It is a nice country. I have heard about your country. Is Arabic hard to learn, Mba? I also like Iranian people. I have one best friend, who is Iranian and living in Tabriz :smiley: .

Hi, dear Rosalisa,
Of course, I’ll tell you, where I’m from. But not earlier than tomorrow. I have to go now :smiley:
See you!

Hi, Rosalisa:
Welcome from FangFang!
Well, I think China and Cambodia are brother countries. Though it is i have to keep jumping over borders to get there, how about things going there? :wink:

Hi Rosalisa! :o

This is the first sharing between us, because I have friend in Iran too.
his name Sarmad esfahany from esfahan and he work in Qatar now.

thx about nice your talk about my country I think your country beautiful like my country.

may,you can tell us a long about yourself?


Hi Pamela :smiley: ,

Please be right back soon. Hope to hear from you. :lol:

Hi FangFang,

Nice to know you. Yes, our countries are brothers. Things are going good! :smiley: You know, your country is quite big. I really appreciate that and the people are very nice. Are you a student, FangFang? What do you learn?

Hi Mba, :smiley:

First, let me tell you a bit about my best friend. His name is Sina and he is a university student. And he is 18 years old. I am very sure you know Tabriz, which is the northern part of Iran. (Perhaps, it is, as i remember).

Let me tell you more about myself. I’m 18 years old this year. I finished high school last year and right now I’m thinking about applying for a scholarship to learn to be a journalist. The program requires English knowledge. So I have to be prepared for it. Anyway, I also wish to take the TOEFL test too.

How about you, Mba? Could you tell me more about yourself? Pamela? FangFang? :frowning: :slight_smile: :o :smiley: :lol:

Hi [color=red]Rosalisa! :o

this is the introduction about me:

I an architect and I work at interior design. I’m 27 old years .
and I graduated from college since 3 years .

Now, I must learn English, because I want to work outside my country… like Dubai.

I like your ambition (you are to be good journalist ) that great and I think FangFang Like it too.

P.S Please, you write the truth always…
My friend…


Hi Mba,

Thank you for telling me more about yourself.:smiley: To be a good journalist is my true wish. Though I can’t be a best one, I can also be a good one! :smiley:

Anyway, I think being an architect is quite interesting, isn’t it? Maybe, you can tell me more about that. :smiley:


P.S. I will always write the truth. :lol:

Hi, Rosalisa:
You are promising!!!
About me , i am doing researches in university now. As what Mba said , i like reading and writing , to be a journalist is one of my dreams, but in China you must get a degree or a certificate so that you could do that job, and i think it isn’t an easy job( be a good journalist), anyway, May you good luck!! :wink:

Hi FangFang,

Hah, FangFang, you wish to be a journalist too? That’s fantastic. I need to learn for four years to be a journalist or more years to be a good one. Now, I’m preparing for the class. But really I like reading but not writing…I’m worried about this. :? :smiley: But I’ll try my best.

Wish you good luck too, FangFang!!! :smiley: