Recording voice messages on the forum?

Hi everyone,

In a couple of weeks you will be able to record and listen to voice messages here on the forum. We are teaming up with Phil Burk, the creator of JavaSonics which is an online voice recording system. If you like, you can read the our interview with Phil Burks.

What do you think of this project? What additional features would be useful?

Many thanks,

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Hi Torsten and everyone,

I like some features which are more interactive. For interaction, I think both audio and video are great, and video is much better than audio because video is more attractive and impressive for most of people definitely. However, video will take people more bandwith as well. So it might be a trade off question.

Moreover, I try to play the audio, “[color=red]Listen to this voice message” on the left corner of the first post of this page. But it doesn’t work. I have no idea if it can work or not. Could you please tell me what’s the problem or I misread it only? Thanks in advance.

Speak to you soon.

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Hi Maggie,

Please read How to hear and record voice messages? and let me know which part you don’t understand.

Many thanks,

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I am intreasted in your new development, speaking and hearing others, it is an improvement to what we are doing. pls keep carring us along. On the other hand, I am supporting Maggie on her video idea but adding that the video thing should be an addition. What do you think, my dear Torsten?
I have a Laptop Notebook Computer that I dont know how use its web camera to link to the members of the forum so that I can see their faces as well as see my own face. How about that?
Daniel Nwabuagha
West Africa.

Dear Torsten,
I can’t find where to click on the ‘Record’ button as I was told on my computer
to enable me record my voice on the form site. I have down loaded the Java software and have
acquired the headset with mic.
What do I do?

Hi Daniel,

Please take a look at your forum posts again. You will see the ‘record’ button between ‘quote’ and ‘edit’ buttons. The thing is that you first need to create and post a text message. Only after that you can record a voice message. Hope this makes sense. Just let me know.


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Hello everyone,
Wow,it’s really good news,i am very happy from it. As I guess I must post and then record,must not I?
Ok,now,that I am going to record…
“This is Tea speaking. How are you today? I heard that we can now also record voice messages. That’s very interesting. I have already listened to some of your messages and I would like to introduce myself, too. As I said, my name is Tea and I’m from Georgia. I am a student. Please tell me how I can improve my English. OK, that’s it for now. I look forward to hearing your voice replies. Many thanks,

Hello Mr Torsten what a great a great news to be able to be recorded and to be corrected in my case especially because here where a live there are not many people for one to practice English.

Mr. Torsten let me to tell you that tha a nice who lives in Canada the year before gave mi a book english grammar through stories and the true I have learned more easy.

Thanks a lot for your aid with us.


This is me Mallinathan speaking. How are you all today?

I am from kerala, a small state in south most part of India. My native language is Malayalam. I am a learner of English language. I have been a member of this forum since July 2008. Many thanks are due to this forum creator and all the active members. So my heart felt thanks to all of you. I am looking forward to this wonderful opportunity of interacting with people of different nationalities, cultures and languages. Once again thank you all

With regards

thank you.

It’s tough for me, without a microphone :frowning:

Hi Hank,

A new headphone costs about $9 – maybe Santa Claus is going to solve your problem ;-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

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hi Teacher torsten. I have several recordings ready to send everyone in the Forum. I’ like that you tell me how to integrate a recording on the forum- Thanks.

Hello everyone:
Ill send you a message- I hope that itll be interesting for you.
José Luis Salinas

Dear José Luis Salinas,

Many thanks for your message. You can record your voice messages here on the forum online. No need to send any recordings. Simply click on the red ‘record’ button, record your message and then click on ‘send’. For more, please read How to record voice messages on the forum?


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teacher Torsten:
it´s wonderful the idea of recording messages and I am very i nterested on it.

I am grateful to you! Wonderful enhacement.

Thanks & Regards

hello teacher Torsten how are you my name is ayham from jordan im very glad to hear that from you its a spectacular idea which u have made thank you so now i will try to record my voice and please give me honest evaluation, by the the way i took the LINGUAPHONE INSTITUTES CERTIFICATE im sure that you now it very well

hello teacher trosten i dont know so far how can i record my voice the problem when i want to post i will click on the red button but nothing happen plzz help me to overcome my fear in speaking english

How can I record voice messages?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten