Putin is Damn Right!

I’m no good at nothing.

But in this crisis Putin is Damn right.

You’ll see I’m right saying he is damn right in 10 years’ time.

Too slow to learn, hmm…

Hint - What will it be??? after Obama and Madam Angler/Lady Fisher.

And what about EU? Ahem.

Gotcha! You didn’t see that?

( hayhayhayhay hayhayhayhay hahahahahaha… )

Oh, it is nice to be low IQ Junglie with no PHD, eh?

Be wise! don’t jump on the wrong wagon. Consequential loss is huge.

EU is such a name’s sake none of the countries is strong enough.

Some are really shaky internally. So What???

In a decisive war we need Real Soldiers. Not toy soldiers.

They seem to be there for at least 5 decades. So you should start learning Russian now, for your own family’s interest. Obama is now in Washington and Lady Fisher is in Bonn?

They can’t come feed you and Heat you ??? Alas.

Yes, I’m learning Russian now , before everything is too late.

привет девушка
privet devushka

Вы хорошо
Vy khorosho

See I mean it. Cunning enough?

Crusaders can’t come in this century, God says.

They are too busy with their fluffy fluffy mistresses. I envy them.

Human Beings?

Вы хорошо пахнуть
Vy khorosho pakhnut’

That what I usually say to the girls at night clubs.

And they say Sankjooo… Jua such a cute Romeo…

See Macro, don’t forget.

Don’t dwell on old school’s books.

What’s happening now is not a simple local issue, but global.

Oh, by the way where did you get your Degree?

Is it an expensive paper with a huge ribbon on it? Swell.

Could you advise me where can I get Kalakshnikov Vodka franchise in two weeks?

I want to invest some millions on it. No Joke.

And for those about to Rock.

English Русский (Russian)

Welcome Добро пожаловать! (Dobro požalovat’!)
Hello Здравствуйте! (Zdravstvujte!) - frm
Привет! (Privet!) - inf
Алло? (Allo?) - on phone
How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. And you? Как дела? (Kak dela?) - inf
Как ваши дела? (Kak vaši dela?) - frm
Как поживаешь? (Kak požyivaješ?) - inf
Как поживаете? (Kak požyvajete?) - frm
Спасибо, хорошо. А у вас?
(Spasibo, horošo. A u vas?) -frm
Спасибо, хорошо. А вы?
(Spasibo, horošo. A vy?) - frm
Спасибо, хорошо. А ты?
(Spasibo, horošo. A ty?) - inf
Long time no see Сколько лет, сколько зим! (Skol’ko let, skol’ko zim!)
How many years/summers, how many winters!
Давно не виделись (Davno ne videlis’)
What’s your name?

My name is … Как тебя зовут? (Kak teb’a zovut?) - inf
Как вас зовут? (Kak vas zovut?) - frm
Меня зовут… (Men’a zovut …)
Where are you from?

I’m from … Oткуда вы? (Otkuda vy?) - frm
Oткуда ты? (Otkuda ty?) - inf
Я из … (Ja iz …)
Pleased to meet you Очень приятно (Očen’ prijatno)
Приятно познакомиться (Prijatno poznakomit’sa)
Good morning Доброе утро! (Dobroe utro!)
Good afternoon Добрый день! (Dobryj den’!)
Good evening Добрый вечер! (Dobryj večer!)
Good night Спокойной ночи! (Spokojnoj noči!)
Доброй ночи! (Dobroj noči!)
Goodbye До свидания! (Do svidanija!) - frm
Пока! (Poka!) - inf
Good luck Удачи! (Udači!)
Cheers/Good health! За здоровье! (Za zdarov’e!)
Будем здоровы! (Budem zdorovy) - Let’s stay healthy
Have a nice day Хорошего дня! (Xaroševo dnja!)
Bon appetit Приятного аппетита! (Prijatnovo appetita!)
Bon voyage Счастливого пути! (Sčastlivovo puti!)
I understand Я понимаю (Ya ponimaju)
I don’t understand Я не понимаю (Ya ne ponimaju)
Please speak more slowly Вы не могли бы говорить помедленнее?
(Vy ne mogli by govorit’ pomedlennee?) - frm
Помедленнее, пожалуйста!
(Pomedlennee, požalujsta!) - inf
Please write it down Запишите, пожалуйста (Zapišite, požalujsta)
Do you speak Russian?

Yes, a little Вы говорите по-русски?
(Vy govorite po-russki) - frm
Ты говоришь по-русски?
(Ty govoriš’ po-russki) - inf
Да, немного (Da, nemnogo)
How do you say …
in Russian? Как сказать … по-русски?
(Kak skazat’ … po-russki?)
Excuse me Извините! (Izvinite!) - frm
Извини! (Izvini!) - inf
How much is this? Сколько это стоит? (Skol’ko eto stoit?)
Sorry Простите! (Prastite!) - frm, Прости! (Prasti!) - inf
Thank you

Response Спасибо! (Spasibo!)
Огpомное спасибо! (Ogromnoe spasibo!)
Большое спасибо! (Bol’šoe spasibo!)
Благодарю вас! (Blagodarju vas!) - frm
Не за что! (Ne za čto!) Пожалуйста! (Požalujsta!)
Where’s the toilet? Где находится туалет? (Gde naхoditsa tualet?)
This gentleman/lady
will pay for everything Этот мужчина платит за всё (Etot mužčina platit za vsë)
Эта дама платит за всё (Eta dama platit za vsë)
Would you like to
dance with me? Хотите потанцевать? (Xotite potancevat?)
I love you Я тебя люблю! (Ja teb’a l’ubl’u!) - inf
Я вас люблю! (Ja vas l’ubl’u!) - frm
Get well soon Выздоравливай (Vyzdoravlivaj) - inf
Выздоравливайте (Vyzdoravlivajte) - frm
Поправляйся (Popravljajsja) - inf
Поправляйтесь (Popravljajtes) - frm
Выздоравливайте скорее (Vyzdoravlivajte skoree) - frm
Leave me alone! Оставьте меня в покое! (Ostav’te menja v pokoe!) - frm
Оставь меня в покое! (Ostav’ menja v pokoe!) - inf
Stop! Помогите! (Pomogite!) Спасите! (Spasite!)
Пожар! (Požar!)
Стой! (Stoj!)
Call the police! Позвоните в полицию! (Pozvonite v politsiju!)
Позовите полицию! (Pozovite politsiju!)
Merry Christmas*
Happy New Year С Рождеством Христовым! (S Roždestvom Khristovym!)
С Рождеством! (S Roždestvom!) – inf
С Новым Годом! (S Novym Godom!)
Поздравляю вас с Новым Годом!
(Pozdravljaju vas s Novym Godom!) - frm
Поздравляю с Новым Годом!
(Pozdravljaju s Novym Godom!)
Happy Easter Христос воскрес (Xristos voskres) Christ resurrected
Воистину воскрес (Voistinu voskres) - reply - truly resurrected
Happy Birthday С днём рождения!
(S dniom roždenija!)
Поздравляю с днём рождения!
(Pozdravljaju s dniom roždenija!) - inf
Поздравляю вас с днём рождения!
(Pozdravljaju vas s dniom roždenija!) - frm
Best wishes Всего наилучшего! (Vsevo nailučševo!)
Всего хорошего! (Vsego xoroševo!)
One language
is never enough Одного языка никогда недостаточно
(Odnovo jazyka nikogda nedostatočno)
Знать один язык никогда недостаточно
(Znatʼ odin jazyk nikogda nedostatočno)
Знать один язык - это недостаточно
(Znatʼ odin jazyk - eto nedostatočno)

Have Fun.

Learn Russian and Chinese and Live on.

No joke, my young junglies are now speaking very strange Junglese to me.


Oh, excuse me I must go to the Russian Embassy here to hunt for an odd job.

Human Beings?

Maybe a Widow Cleaner, huh?

You know why Japan is in G-7 from the start ?


The G7’s precursor was the ‘Group of Six’, founded in 1975 consisting of France, West Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States to monitor developments in the world economy and assess economic policies. In 1976 Canada became the seventh member, after which the name ‘Group 7’ or G7 was used. wiki

Now you can see they are not true in that issue. But the naive believe.

They are salmonfishing, their head is Mackerel Angler.

Are the salmon in season now?


WWII ended in 1945, G7 born in 1975.

Now about 2015, we have had at least 5 decades of Rest.

Right time to Raid and get Rich?

I’d do that.

If I win, you can’t say nothing???

You know who win in this century win the world.

You can be anybody’s slave in very near future.

Prepare well for it.

Do the have language classes for neo slaves then?

Have fun.

The Romans wouldn’t expect their Empire disappeared ?

What about America?

Is it permanent?

Very Professional then. lol.

Obama Secret Service agent ‘found drunk’. BBC.

Human beings?

Three US Secret Service agents tasked with protecting President Barack Obama in the Netherlands have been sent home for “disciplinary reasons”.

You see, don’t believe everything they say. Even the God.

Everyone is making money.

Uh, no no not me, I’m just a Politicians Fker only.

And I love it. It’s gooey.


The Russians are lucky, they have Putin.

I’m very unlucky we don’t have Putin here.

So sad.

America, China, Russia, N Korea and Japan. Eu is nothing, but thuds.

Really interesting.

There’s a saying: might is right.
The Americans are forced to take a backseat on this one. And their imposed sanctions make them look even weaker. It’s like America is a petulant child throwing a tantrum: “But we are better and stronger, dammit (stamping their feet)! Why isn’t he respecting our authoritahh?!?”

The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were strong too. I wonder why they collapsed. Maybe it was because they confused strength with aggression. Yes, the Russians think that if they can punch somebody in the face, they are strong and their aim is to ‘fight the enemy’ till the end. North Korea is a ‘strong’ country too but for some reason it’s not very attractive. “Might is right”? But what if the Ukrainians do want to join NATO and the EU like Poland and every single country of the former Warsaw Pact did? Will Putin send in his tanks then? After all, he is a tough guy, isn’t he? If Russia is so strong, why did not one single country of the Warsaw Pact stay with them but joined NATO instead? Putin is nothing but an angry ex KGB colonel who is fletching his teeth as the Warsaw Pact used to before it vanished into thin air.

By the way, it’s not just the Americans who don’t agree with Putin: Condemning Russia’s annexation of Crimea a violation of international law, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday stressed the ongoing issue in Ukraine is not only a problem within Europe, but also a global issue that could affect Asia.

I know Putin doesn’t care what the world thinks. He is acting like a little petulant child who wouldn’t listen to anyone else until the Russian Federation ends up like the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. It is ridiculous to compare Russia on the one hand to the US, the EU and Japan on the other.

TOEIC listening, photographs: Plunging into the swimming pool

Excuse me my poor French, but Putin acts according to “Apres moi le deluge” principle. His humiliated ego, hurt at the split of the USSR which he’s still considering a fatal mistake, seeks for revenge in taking more and more lands where you could find merely a single person speaking Russian as the pretext for invasion. He’s been barking at the Baltic states for “oppressing the Russian-speaking population” (still he’s so far been hesitant to try and ‘liberate’ those oppressed seeing the Nato factor.) Following their Sochi tryst with Yanukovych, he decided it was just the right time to bite off a slice from the struggling neighbour. The West, having learned the history lessons of 1938, were again too busy contemplating their navels which gave Putin enough time to organize a blitz-referendum at a 10-day notice relying on the hand-written list of voters as fresh as 2010 (they were denied access to the all-Ukrainian data base) and win it 97-3. (They say in Sevastopol they scored even 120-0, but who would doubt the results—the sight of the gunmen around polling stations proved everything was fare. By the way, those several scores who didn’t believe it was fare disappeared in a natural way and still to be found.)
Well, “might is right”, who could argue?.. Now that the Ukrainian military have left Crimea for the mainland, they are awaiting for the army of ‘liberators’ to attack. Ukrainian population doesn’t seem to welcome Russian army on its territory though, and with Russians looking increasingly hooked to get “ груз 200” from Ukraine, it won’t be long till they get it.

I fully agree with this view of the situation: The problem is that if Putin stops now – after sparking the biggest crisis in international affairs since the Cold War – then Ukraine might just defeat his shadowy campaign in the east, stabilize its economy with Western help and step gradually out of Russia’s orbit. The loss of Crimea will only add to the natural majority in Ukraine who want to be part of the European mainstream. If Putin stops now, he risks a long term strategic defeat. If he presses on and invades, he risks a dangerous (and endless) military campaign. If his western foes have difficult decisions to make, Putin has landed himself with the most agonizing dilemma of all.


TOEIC listening, photographs: Playing water ball[YSaerTTEW443543]

I admire you perseverance on this beautiful obsolete cliche nobody cares now.

We only go to a court only after a fight?

Do you go to a court first before a fight?

Have fun.

Did international law exit when US bombed Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Libra and etc., etc.?

Law is so strange to me then.