put the AC on full speed

“Its too hot, please put the AC on full speed.”
Is this sentence grammatically OK?
Can I write as below:
“Its too hot, please put on the AC at full speed.”?

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Please note that an apostrophe is necessary in the first word, and ‘switch/turn on’ will be better.(It’s too hot; please switch/turn on the AC at full speed.)


Air conditioning does not work on ‘speed’ so none of the examples appear to be particularly appropriate.

if it is already on, which is likely in the original example, “please turn/switch the air conditioning to full strength/maximum” is possible.

Alternatively you could just say

Please turn the air conditioning up full.

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Or, if it’s already on, you can say “please turn the air conditioning up”, or “please turn the air conditioning up to full”.

Yes, the variations are discernible even among the native users. It, therefore, becomes very difficult for the foreign users to draw the line, I think.

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It’s not that they are ‘discernible’ - it’s simply that there are many ways to say the same thing.

Is there any difference between the words - ‘discernable’ and ‘discernible’?

The usual spelling is “discernible”. Some dictionaries list “discernable” (Collins says it is “rare”), but to me it tends to just look like a mistake – a wrong guess about the spelling.

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