Progress report (Top 100)?


We’ve started adding a number of new features that will help our users keep track of the tests they have taken and the kind of progress they have been making. It would be great if you could take a look at this progress report page.

How much information do you think we need to add so our users will understand those stats?

Many thanks,

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I don’t get what “progress” stands for. What do we compare them with? In other words, what is being compared here? They appeared to me to be just a percentage of correct answers.

But I do think it’s a nice feature.

Hi Torsten

I think the general idea is good. I’m not sure whether all test-takers will want to have their scores posted in such a way, though. So maybe you should make participation on this list “optional”. In other words, test-takers would have to opt in before they might appear on such a list.

In addition, you also might want to consider that native speaker ESL teachers and forum moderators and coaches might look at the tests for different reasons than ESL students do. So, if you want to post such information, you might want to make at least a small attempt to differentiate between types of users. Otherwise, people might think you are intentionally trying to mislead and misinform.

For example, I took a look one test this morning since a learner had posted a new question in the existing “dumb vs. stupid” thread. Out of the 10 questions in the test, the only question I looked at and answered was the incorrectly written “dumb vs stupid” test sentence. I clicked on the word “dumb”, then checked the answers in order to see whether you have bothered to fix that test yet or not. I see that is still getting that one wrong. Don’t you think it’s high time that test sentence was corrected? has made no progress whatsoever on getting that test sentence repaired. :wink:

How about also starting a “Progress Report” for the correction of errors in the tests? :slight_smile:
A good location for discussions of “Errors in the Tests” as well as for a progress report on test editing might be a behind-the scenes forum – which is something I have suggested several times in the past.

I second this.

And this.

Hi Nina,

Yes the ‘progress’ shows how many of your test questions you have answered correctly. We call it ‘progress’ because it always shows your latest score. This means, the more often you take the tests, the better you become.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I agree with Amy saying that participating should be optional.

What also catches my eyes is that the site provides three degrees of tests (Elementary…Intermediate…Advanced). As I see it this different degrees aren´t considered, are they? Might be this should be visible too?

Hi Michael,

Every user can decide whether or not they want to progress report to be shown. Data protection and privacy are important issues of course, especially in Germany.

As for the different levels, you can see them on your individual progress page.

Thanks a lot for your encouraging and constructive feedback.
Best regards,

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Hi Torsten,

I think this is a very good implementation that you have introduced; however, there is one major flaw. All the certificate tests don’t get recorded.


Hi Dimitar,

Thanks a lot your feedback. Yes, we are going to include the exam prep tests in the progress report too so please watch this space ;-)!


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Hi Torsten,

as one can see and is used to: You and your team are doing a good job.

Keep on doing so.


Hi Dimitar,

Just a quick note to let you know Slava has upgraded the system so that now all your vocabulary test results are recorded by your progress report profile too. For example, if you answer the questions in this TOEFL vocab quiz, your results will show up on your progress report page.

Let me know what you think.

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Great! Thanks for your efforts.



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Hi, Torsten,
For the first time I could open to this Forum work space for asking quastions.
I have been trying, maybe because of the place I opperate from which is Nigeria,West Africa. I do have this server signal problems at all time. Sometimes it would take hours to open, since I dont have too much money to endure with it’s delays, I would sign out for another day. in any case, let me use it now that is open to me to thank the organizers of this FORUM for their kindness in accepting to help humanity.
Most of us who where not priviladge to have formal education now can not only speak English but write, type, and discuss in English with your forum help of-course. God Bless you all, Torsten Daerr, Alan Townend, and the rest of our Forum Teachers and please give my best regards to my fellow students, tell them I love them very much. I am trying to follow your direction to send my picture, but it has not been able to acess through, pls. bear with me. Please answer my 1st quastion. What is a PHRASE? How can one use phrases instead of grammar? How can I get use to phrases only? Thanks, Best Regards Daniel Nwabuagha Pastor.

Hi, Torsten,
I have ventured into the Phd Certificate Personality Test.
I was on that Test and our Electricity light went off, when it came back, I continued from the beggining. I hope it will not have adverse effect on my result?
Would they mark both the 1st attempt and the last completed text?
Please I still could not coupe with the possibility of following your style to send my picture to the forum. How about giving me another idea on how to send it again, I will be much oblige.


God Bless You all.

Daniel Nwabuagha Pastor,
Nigeria, West Africa

Dear Torsten,

Firstly I would like to say sorry because I am not able to respond timely as I am very busy with my job. But whenever I get time I read your letters and believe me they are quite interesting and I find myself spellbound. I really appreciate your way of teaching. Just keep on sending this kind of interesting text this really makes me learn the nitty- gritties of English.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Singh

Hi, dear Torsten,
Thank you for every thing you are doing for us, personally, you helped me a lot. Today I also need you to stand by me . Next week, I’ll have an exam to pass, and I think the knowledge I have about the topic is not sufficient. The topic is “Education and Language Planning”. Please if you could send me an article about this theme I would be very grateful to you.



Hi, Torsten
Thank you for your message .there are very much information in your message ,it help me improving English .

I have just read the top 100 list and, I must say, I am not impressed. I am not saying that this is not the top 100 list but if it is then the names don’t appear in the correct order. Take for example: Sannem comes in at no. 85. This person answered 390 questions. 194 of them were answered correctly for a final mark of 50%. Those persons who are positioned at no. 86 to 100 all have an average of over 50%. Each of them answered fewer questions and all but one answered more than 200 questions correctly. From my calculations, they all should be positioned ahead of Sannem. This list needs to be reviewed and the names place in their correct order. Do you agree with me?

Dear Makki,

Many thanks for sharing your opinion regarding the progress report system. We absolutely agree with your suggestions and that’s why we have changed the algorithm. As you can see, now the ranking is based on how many questions a learners has answered correctly rather than on just the total number of answered questions. In addition, any learner can now improve their overall score by repeating those tests in which they answered one or more questions incorrectly. In other words, from now on any learner can a 100% overall learning progress score.

Please let me know what you think.
Best regards,

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