Private and public: moderators' roles.

Should forum moderators get involved in thread discussions only in an independent way or should they still keep on their moderator hat when doing so?

By “only in an independent way”, do you mean “only as non-moderating parties”?

You got it.

I’m schizzy enough as it is, thank you!

But are you impartial enough?

Not enough for you.

Enough for yourself?

We should respect MM for his discreet and judicious contributions.

I have no problem with MM’s moderating, on this forum.

Should a moderator be entitled to an opinion?

Just curious!

Should moderators be openly discriminated against?

Not on the forums where they are moderators, they should not :slight_smile:
…or else what?
Exactly !

Should openly discussing moderators’ roles be taboo?

Which qualities should a person show if he wants to be “picked”, or put himself up as, a moderator?

And, Jamie, do you think I’d make a good forum moderator?

Interesting questions, Molly.

  1. No, it’d be very inspiring indeed. Any stimuli (other than questions)?

  2. Moderators tend to be chosen. But if you’d write an application, what priorities would you name as doing so?

  3. Why not? On which website?

I don’t mind, really. Whatever they’re most comfortable with.


Even flocks?

It would be good if a moderator were someone who does not look at all of the people of a certain nationality as being “all the same”, and who has an ability to recognize and accept that people are individuals.

I suppose one very basic desirable quality might also be the ability to identify who had and who had not participated in a given thread.

Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking to me. :?

If the ten commandments were to be written again, I’d include this post as number 11 :!:

So…uh…who’s here? Could we have a show of hands?

Really? What has the first part of your sentence got to do with moderating on a language forum?

And what use would that “skill” be?

Did you feel left out? Well, I can ask the same question to you.