Please give me some advice on my oral English

Hello everyone,
From now on I’ll constantly upload some voice messages here in the forum.
Please give me some advice on my oral English. Thanks in advance.

  1. You pronounce “favorite” with three syllables, when it really has only two [feivrɪt], not [fevorɪt].

  2. You are pronouncing [h] as it is pronounced in Chinese. You need to open your throat and let the air pass with no resistance.

  3. You don’t pronounce the diphthongs in words like “I” and “they”. You say [a] and [ðɛ] instead of [ai] and [ðei].

  4. You need to practice linking between words. For example, when you say “I often”, you say [aʔofɛn] with a glottal stop, but it should be [ayofən].

̪5. At the end of a word or syllable, you pronounce [n] as [ŋ]. For example, for “unlucky” you say [ʌŋləki], when it should be [ʌnləki]. This is a very common, stubborn mistake among Chinese. They say “gong” instead of “gone”, and “sing” instead of “sin”. So you can see that this mistake often causes them to say completely the wrong word.

Hello Jamie,
Thank you very much for you advice. Could you please read these words(favorite, having, gong,gone)for me?
I will appreciate it very much if you can give me a reply.
Sincerely yours,

Hello Jamie,
Many thanks for your prompt answer. I am pleased to receive your valuable reply and I hope that you will continue to correct my pronunciation, intonation,voice and accent.
Best regards,

Hello, i think think this is an interesting topic to practice oral English
Please give me some advices about my record

Hi, I am recording the mesage for an evaluation.
Best regards

Hello Torsten ,
Well I all the time trying to post a message record on the forum and as always I follow the steps but when it comes to hiting the red record button it doesn’t exciste on my page I don’t if the problem is with my computer or sht else . please I need your help.
many thanks.

For Shairlyn 2612: Pay more attention to the intonation of the whole sentence, I think you concentrate on the pronunciation of each word too much, make your sentence sound connected

Please make comments on my pronunciation.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

dear torsten,i listenedto the voice records.but i can’t catch all the words.please help me.

It’s hardly audible! Buy a microphone =)

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Hi Loveyuxin,

I liked your story. You read that very well.


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