Personal Profile II (Unit 5)

Unit 5 - Personal Profile II

Now that you know the [color=blue]Personal Pronouns, the [color=blue]Be-Verb and the [color=red]Possessive Adjectives you can create a more interesting Personal Profile:

Hi, [color=blue]I’m Mike. [color=red]My surname [color=blue]is McKillian. [color=blue]I’m from Iceland. [color=red]Its capital [color=blue]is Reykjavik. [color=red]My mother tongue [color=blue]is Icelandic and [color=red]my second language [color=blue]is English. [color=blue]I’m a computer programmer and [color=red]my hobbies [color=blue]are talking to people on the Internet and inline skating. [color=blue]I’m married. [color=blue]My wife’s name [color=blue]is Asdis. [color=blue]She is a psychologist. [color=red]Her favourite expression [color=blue]is “[color=blue]You can do what [color=blue]you believe [color=blue]you can do and [color=blue]you cannot do what [color=blue]you believe [color=blue]you cannot do.”

OK, what’s next? Stay tuned to find out in Unit 6.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Archaeological site[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi, I’m Hank.My last name is Chang.I’m from Taiwan.It’s a island.Its captial is Taipei.Lots of people confuse Taiwan with Tailand.
My mother tongue is chinese and Mandarin and my second language is English.
I’m a IT engineer and keen on photograph and travel.
I’m single.
My favorite expression is『You must do the thing you think you cannot do.』by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Good!! :smiley:

Hi, I’m Marwa. My surname is al-Ibraheem. I’m from Iraq. Its capital is Baghdad. My mother tongue is Arabic and my two second languages is English and French. I’m a journalist and my hobbies are talking to people in English or French, Painting.
I’m engaged. My fiance’s name is Laith. He is a business man. He is really a good man.

Hi, I’m Galia. My surname is Dimitrova. I’m from Bulgaria. Its capital is Sofia. My mother tongue is Bulgarian. I’m married. I have a son. He is six and a half years old. I’m a manager and an engineer. My hobbies are reading books and traveling.

I’m Julieta (Nangueve), my surname is Messele, I’m from Angola-Luanda, my mother tangue is Umbundo and second language is Portuguese. I’m merried and a mother of 3 children 1 boy and 2 girls. I’m a Secretary. My hobbies are watching movies and reading.

Julieta :slight_smile:

I’m Vesna. I’m from Serbia. I live in Novi Sad, town on the river Danube. I’m a professional assistant in preschool.
I understand English very well, but I forgot Grammar and Writing.
Best regards…

My name is K.R K. I’m from Korea.
I’m 25 years old.
I’m English majoring student and also English teacher.
I’m going to going Graduate school next year.
I want to be Engish Professor in Future.

Hey everyone. I’m Manh Dung. My last name is Nguyen. I’m from Vietnam. Its capital is Hanoi. I’m a student at High School for Mathematics Gifted Students. My hobbies are talking with my friends on the phone and studying mathematics. I’m single, of course! My favourite expression is " Keep it simple, as simple as possible, but no simpler!"

Hi! my name is filomeno, I’m from Manila, Philippines. I’m working at Saudi Electricity Company as a Draftsman. I’m married and my wife’s name is Adela a native from the town of Concepcion, Tarlac City Philippines.She’s interior decorator and a business woman and we have a son his name is Jonathan and he’s now 13 years old. My hobbies are playing tennis, basketball and swimming.I’m honest, simple and reliable person do I need to say more?..

Hi, I’m Hasan, my sure name Hasan Basri, Family name Siregar, my complete name Hasan Basri Siregar, I’m Indonesian, I’m from Bogor, Bogor is small town near Jakarta about 60 kms, Jakarta is a capital city of indonesia, I’m chemist, I work at a factory as R&D

Hello everyone :
Dear Torston:

Thank you very much for your email .

Here are a few personal profile for my self:

I am Moayad . My surname is Almudhafer . I’m from Iraq . Its capital is Baghdad . My second language is English . I’m an electronic engineer . I’m working with Albanna -group company for medical equipment . I’m married . I’ve got four children . Two of them are twins “nonsymmetrical, boy & girl”. She’s started speaking at the age of eighteen months but he’s started speaking at the age of two years . They are begin learn English at the school . She is a clever student but he’s very clever.

Best Regards

Hi everyone! My name is Veronica, my surname is Martinez. I live in South America, in a little country called Uruguay. I don’t live in the capital city but 25 km away in a resort named Solymar. It’s beautiful, we are near the beach, our beaches are outstanding. Unfortunately we are in winter now but they are great to go for a walk anyway.

I’m an English translator, I’ve just received my degree so I need a lot of practice. I work as an editor for an American company. I love my job. Next December I’m planning to sit for the CPE, it’s a very demanding exam, but I’m doing my best to improve my skills. Next year I’m planning to take a two-year teaching course. I’m really willing to doing so.

English has always been important in my life, that’s why I’m always trying to improve it.


Hey, by the way… my mother tongue is Spanish.

I’m Chakrya. My surename is Ros. I’m from Cambodia. Its capital is Phnom Penh. I’m a student at University. Its name is Pannasatra University of Cambodia. My hobbies is go swimming and listen to English music.

Hi, I’m Pooja. I’m from INDIA. My mother tongue is hindi and my second language is english. I have done graduation now preparing for gre.My hobbies are reading books and listening music.I’m unmarried.



Hi! to everyone, I’m from Philippines. My birth place is in region 2 north of Luzon. I’m now married and I’m living with my wife in her hometown with one child. I’m working in Kingdom Saudi Arabia as a librarian. I love to read the Bible everyday. My hobbies are playing tennis, basketball and swimming.

thank you

Hi to everyone!
My name is Bora, and my last name Hoxha.
Im from Albania, my birth place is Tirana, capital city in Albania. Im living in Michigan.
I`m married and my husband is from USA.We have two kids.
My kids speak both languages, English and Albanian.
I think this is good, because when I have to go in my country my kids can meet with other people and speak Albanian.

Hello Everybody, I’m fil from Philippines and my hometown is from the province of Tarlac, around 220 kilometers away from Manila, my hobbies are playing basketball and swimming.

Thank you on the lesson!

Hello, My name is Elena. I am from Moldova. Its capital is Chisinau. I live in Chisinau. My mother’s tongue is Romanian, I also speak Russian. In school i studied French as a second language. At the moment i want to learn english. I do speak it, but my grammar is very poor, i want to improve it. I am working as a marketing assistant. I love my job. Thank you for this wonderful classes, it’s easier to learn it this way.

Hello everybody!
I’m Sandra from Brasil. Its capital is Brasília. I’m living in São Paulo, a big city.
I’m housewife and a Portuguese teacher. I would like to work using English, a language that I have been learnt.
My country is very beautiful ,regardless its social problems. Everybody is invited to come here!