Not to participate in {more} {dangerous schemes}. vs. not to participate in {more dangerous} {schemes}

Which reading of the bold part is correct?
1-not to participate in {more} {dangerous schemes}.
2-not to participate in {more dangerous} {schemes}.

I washed up on these shores after finally escaping from prison, where I had disguised myself as a young man for years! I’ve stayed here for my own safety, not to participate in more dangerous schemes!


That’s an interesting question and I don’t think there is a definite answer without further context.


It depends on the intent of the writer.

My first reaction was that more was comparative.
participate in schemes that are more dangerous than others

It could also mean additional.
participate in additional schemes that are dangerous

If the writer intended it to be comparative, inserting the word the would make it clear.
participate in the more dangerous schemes

The article the would never be used if the writer intended it to mean additional.