Nice to meet you !

Hello guys!

I’m newcomers. I’m very glad and eager to join this forum because i see it to interesting and helpful for my English. In fact, I have a desire to improve my English as soon as possible. Hope all you guys welcome me and we together practice English for a better E in the future. Better english, better opportunity!!!

Hello Chau Dao,

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Megan. I hope you will enjoy it here on the forum. It’s a friendly place and there are a lot of helpful people here to assist you with your English questions. Would you mind telling us all a little bit more about yourself?

Take care!

Hi Megan,

Nice to be friend with you. I’m from Viet Nam, a country from South Eart Asia. I have a job as Senior PR Account Executive. I love English and i wan to be able to communicate English naturally , that’s why I join this forum. I hope it will work for me in improving my English.

Thank you for welcoming me. Wish you happy all the time. From now on, we are friends.

Best wishes.

hello, Friends !!

I am new student on this site. i m learning English to elementary level. I need your help…

Hello Chau Dao,

How is the weather in Vietnam at this time of year? It’s getting very cold here in the Netherlands. At night it gets down to about 2C. What do you like to do in your free time?

Welcome Magicravi, I hope you will enjoy the forum and I hope we will see you around more!

Take care!

Hello every new member and welcome to here,
I hope you gain any things which you wish have here.

everything is too good.

i enjoy and like this forum
thank you megan for your efforts and all the team of English for bringing time in helping us

Hello Chau Dao. how are you doing today?
It’s good to see you on this forum. keep posting messages every as and when you get time. you said, you work as Senior PR Account Executive, could you please tell me what exactly do you do in that? if you don’t mind.I think when you share about yourself and your ideas will definitely help us to know more about each other.

let me do that first. My name is Bharati, I’m from India, I’ve finished my post graduation in Economics, I stay with my husband and my mother. my interests are commonly, reading books, watching movies, listening music, and I love to learn English language.

I wasn’t so conscious about learning this before but now I find myself being so obsessed of learning English. And this forum has huge part in the process of my learning.

It’s been great to be friend of you dear:)
take care

Hi Noorulain,
Good to see you here:)
how are you doing today.
I felt happy to talk to you on Skype session the other day.
I haven’t gone through any of your previous posts, can you please share something about yourself, like about you education, hobbies, interests etc,:slight_smile: I think it would help us to know better each other. isn’t it?

take care

hello bharati

it’s great to hear from you , why don’t we do voice chat at Skype so that we can know each other better and improve English.suggest me time so i shall tell if i am available.


Hy Noorulain,
I have been looking at the forum for 2 days and you are quite an active person here =) so what do u do and where actually you live? How did the skype session go and how is it carried out and for how long this session goes on?
Please let me know and share your experience about it! It will be nice hearing from you! =)
Take care

hi Noor,is it ok if I call you Noor,? Meanig light right? I think I’m 30 minute ahead of your time, tell me whenever you are free so that I can set a time for you to talk with., Rest all fine take care,


Hello to all!
I’m Petr from Ukraine and I’m here to improve my English.
It is so bad yet. And I think to chat with other students can help to do it :slight_smile:
What do you think about? :slight_smile:

Hi Chau Dao,
I agree with you about opportunity :slight_smile:
English language is number one in the world.
Tell me please, how long do you study English?

Excuse me, Megan,
I can’t understand…Are you from Netherlands?
I have been a few time in Holland. It is a such nice country :slight_smile:

It’s certainly fine you may call me NOOR i usually come online in night what time 's suitable to you like 10 pm or something ?

Hello aiman!

Hi Noorulain,
Your voice is so nice :slight_smile:

Hi aiman! Is that have i pronounced correct well how are you ?there is a recorded message for you on the thread ,do check when you come online

take care