My teacher says it's impolite to say.

My teacher says it’s impolite to say-

  1. Will you please…
    Say Would you mind… or Could you…

  2. Toilet
    Say Lavatory

  3. Mama
    Say Mother.

But I don’t know , he must me kidding.

kind regards.

I would like to know some words and phrases that native British won’t use in public.

I don’t mean the swears words. I don’t need them. I need normal words or phrases you think not polite to use in public.

For example , my British teacher asked her friend how much was the bill, what’s the damage? before they paid for me. ( But I knew what they said as I had read the phrase in Hornby’s. )

And her friend said Wishy woshy after tasting the soup.

I’d like this kind of diplomatic usage of English.

Just curious,

kind regards.

Perhaps he is being a little too stringent about the rules of society. Like so many things, this is all context dependent.

In the finest company, I would use ‘ladies’ (room) or, if there were unisex toilets, ‘bathroom’ (even if it didn’t include a bath) rather than ‘toilet’ or ‘lavatory’. In everyday usage, I would have no problem with using ‘toilet’. I would not consider it impolite in any standard situation.

Use of 'mama, mother, mum, etc. is very dependent on region. Again, I see nothing impolite about any of them, though ‘mama’ tends to be used only by very young children.

As for ‘will you please…’ it really depends on how it is said. It can be used politely or impolitely. It tends to have a more brusque air about it than ‘would you mind’ though.

I can’t think of any, but perhaps I’m unclear about what you are asking, because this seems to be a contradiction:
won’t use in public
diplomatic usage of English

As I’ve mentioned above, this is all context dependent. Someone using the phrase, ‘wishy-washy’ (note the spelling) is not necessarily being impolite. It depends on who they are speaking to and what the entire situation is. If I were visiting someone who had worked hard preparing a meal for me, I would consider it impolite to complain that the soup was ‘wishy-washy’. However, if I were in a restaurant and had paid for the meal. I would expect a certain standard of food and service, and if I were asked for my opinion about the soup, then I would have no problem describing it as ‘wishy washy’… so here is a situation which seems to be the opposite of your question. In this scenario ‘wishy-washy’ is more acceptable in public than in private.

Thank you very much Beees, even from your above explanations I can learn a lot of British English. For which I believe you gave a lot of your precious time,

And my teacher says it is posh to use 'one instead of 'I, in some context. Is he right?

kind regards.

Your teacher is correct about that… though one would not use it in everyday conversation unless one were someone very aristocratic. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Beees,

I have to be aristocratic sometimes, even I’m not the one, to beat the newly born ari store cats.

kind regards.

Hi Beeesneees,
I didn’t get the meaning of wishy-washy. Could you please explain it for me.

oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries … wishywashy

When speaking about soup, it means watery.

Dear Ms. Beees,
Thank you for your quick answer.

And my teacher says it is posh to say- Elevator rather than Lift?

But I don’t know?

It would be funny enough to ask someone in the Elevator of A Hilton 'you wouldn’t know where the lavatory is, would you? Cool/ Swell/ Awesome/Splendid/Super/Fantastic/Marvelous/Great/Superb!

kind regards.

Mr. Kyaw!

I think you have forgotten that in your Oxford dictionary, you would find out your questions some answers, like would/could expression with some extra pages much precisely than you expect.


In the UK they say “lift”.
In the US they say “elevator”.

I take it your teacher is British.

Dear Ewe,

Thank you, I know some British and American words . Like mobile and cell.

I mean she says it is more posh to say elevator. Don’t you think so?

I’m a bit curious cos I have my students at my end. I don’t want to misinform or mislead them.

So you native British experts are my sole saviors. I don’t use American English which I think wishy washy. ( My reckless opinion only. )

kind regards.

Oh, my teachers? They come from Oxford and Cambridge. Does it sound British to you now?

Oh I just recall I fought with you from the start when I first got into the ETN. Do you remember that?

Here I’m still aggressive? Fighting is fun.

kind regards.

You are doing wrong, this guy is not a native one, rather(“Tort” is a Latin word it means wrong by Law subject) he is a flatterer and abettor for ETN sometimes!

I have decided to retire from this site within this year as they sometime make slandering
intentionally as you can remember earlier of your debating with them,and I suggested you not to make debate for the ground of admin, etc.

But, situation is not that, they have been doing wrong continuously with evil intention.
By law it is crime. I have right to differ with someone about that seems wrong English,
which doesn’t mean I am against the ETN, you people should take it easily as I gave you my valuable suggestion for improvement.

As a Marketer and Lawyer these services I have been giving others with fee! I am not a novice in Marketing or law ground nor in grammar! I have already written a grammar book with the light of famous grammarians in the world that is about to publish soon!

My dear friend

** Quazi,(47) an educationist, writer, thinker,& humanist since 30 years.

I hate to do this. But it should be For 30 years Since 1978.

E.g- I’ve been leaning English for 30 years since 1978.

my kindest regards.

Ewe’s English is very British to me and far better than me. So I can make use of it. Cute.

Sorry, for specific, you can use since 30 years.
PLease see in TOEFL suggestion book by BARRON’S.

And I did not use two simultaneously, 30 years and direct year in the same place!

I use only one that is since 30 years that was 1982 when my first writing published in a famous mag, name, weekly The “Chettra Bangla”, in August month.

Look, I am “Mens rea”(guilty mind) free from my boyhood. After acquiring Law degree,
I realize how much important it is in the world.

Because all crimes starts from here that is guilty mind. It is the mother of all crimes.
Second step, gathering, and initiation, finishing is done.

These definitions are by British Common Law that is following by whole over the world including the USA(basic law came from Greek and Latino and modified more by England).
I am a reader, learner, thinker and researcher in law and grammar, and I have been trying to make some change here as well in the long run.


May be a misprint? Or I must read more.

This is the very reason I’m writing this topic.

I’m an avid reader, and I find even Queen’s English by BBC has changed a lot over the years.

kind regards.

For human relations , just leave it to me.

They say once a diplomat always be a diplomat. PR things is just cool for me.

kind regards.

A true diplomat never says No,.