Mistake in the progress report


This evening I wanted to catch the person before me on the top 100. Her name . Ameris from Chile. Her correct answers are 27,729 /done on 04.04. 2012.

I calculated if I have 25 tests /250 points I can step on the place 37.
I didn’t notice anything only I was doing the tests. When I finished the 250 tests I saw the top 100 and I was stupefied our difference was 150. The counter didn’t count my tests.

After I was listening to it and I saw that it isn’t count my numbers on the Top only if I click several times it takes up my points.

I became very sad, it was after midnight but I decided that I do still 15 test /150 points. I began to write my every pints. The last bit one was English Test Net (40) It was 27,655 after I did the Expressing emotion test (with 10/10 points) but my points remained 27,655. I try to click everywhere but I couldn’t alter this number.

I idled away my time, now it is 2:30 a.m. but I don’T make any attempts.

My question would be if you could control on your server this mistake, please give me back the 150 points for what I worked. Now it is 2 ’ clock a.m. And I have to finish because the result once appears and but several times not I hope you can control what I wrote.

I am looking forward that tomorrow somebody will answer this letter.

I am looking forward an explication how this could happen.

Kati Svaby


Hello my Teachers,

If somebody reads my previous letter please to reply. I am looking forward an interpretation for that I could go ahead with my test.

To sum it up:

My counter doesn’t work at the top 100 but maybe at the progress report either. Yesterday evening I decided that I would like to catch up the person in front of me. I calculated that I had to do 25 tests /250 points and I passed her with some points. I did the 250 points and I saw the top 100. I didn’t believe to my eyes I didn’t pass her but the difference was 150 points. I knew there is a problem that’s why when I did a test I looked at the top 100. I was right because I found the same number what it was before I had done the test. I clicked there and back and very difficultly the new 10 points appeared. But in the next I clicked again but my new 10 points hadn’t been added. So I finished my job without carrying out my aim. I left there everything hoping that you could control what happened.

I don’t know how is possible that the others can go on, only me I meet these obstacles.

Please tell me that what to do? Do have I to finish forever doing tests and this game to compete with the others ?

Kati svaby

P.s: I am sorry for the mistakes in my previous letter but I was not only tired but desperate also and it was written:#1 (permalink) Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:40 am

Hello my Teachers and Webmaster,

I believed that I could turn to you whenever I need help. Now I would need your help. I don’t know how long I have to wait to get to know whether my counter of the progress report had been conrtolled or not.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby

My dear lady,

  1. Do the test only after signing in.
  2. Do the test for 'full 10 tests per page/sheet.
  3. Check whether your score comes up or not 'by pressing check your progress.
  4. If you follow my guide, your position will surely come up.

My kindest regards.

Doing test can relax your mind as well. Apart from the progress of your rank.

Dear Mr. Kyaw,

I am very grateful for your reply. I was very lost that they ignored my letters.
I don’t understand how I have to signing in. It was your first suggestion.
2-3-4 points I did in this way.
I am always waiting that my photo should appear; this means that my test had been accepted. (where there are photo, here they were) But I think you don’t check your top 100 whether its counter works or not. Yesterday evening - in my case - it didn’t work, and it doesn’t counted 15 test/150 points. (I never thought that I have to control this counter. It is am impossibility )I had a suspicion that the counter doesn’t work. So after every test I checked the top 100 also and really I always found the previous number. I clicked again and again and the top 100 showed my number very difficultly.
But when I finished the test it was reluctant to show my number. It stopped counting once and for all.

I wrote this letter to the competent persons who could control whether what its reason and I didn’t continue to do tests that they could see the situation of yesterday.

Excuse me that I disturbed you but I thought that you could help me.

Many, many thanks.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby

Hi Kati,
I’m not ignoring your posts, but I cannot answer this question.
Torsten reported a long time ago that the test algorithm (the background method which works out the progress report) wasn’t working properly.
As far as I know that is still the case, but only an administrator with access to the technical side of the site would be able to tell you about this.

Hello Bez,

Many thanks. If the case is still this I don’t do newer tests. Please notify me if the technicians could repair this mistake because I would like to continue to doing tests.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby

Hello Mr. Kyaw,

Many thanks that your attendance helped me to get to know that the algorithm isn’t working properly. I hope that they won’t forget to tell us if this mistake will be repaired.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards:
Kati Svaby

I won’t know whether or not it is repaired, Kati. That’s why I didn’t answer your earlier posts. I have no information about that aspect of the site. I don’t know any more than you do.

Hello Bez,

If you don’t know that it is good or not, can you tell me where I could ask it. Is there an official responsible for this kind of problems. If you tell me whom I have to ask I would be very grateful.


Hi Kati, we are aware of this problem but working on other more important tasks now… I’m sorry for the inconvenience and at some point next year we’ll have a brand new system including a new progress report algorithm.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten,

First many thanks for your answer. Secondly I ask you that I can do tests only the next year (if I will be still alive) or I should be open-handed and I shouldn’t care about if I do tests and I can lost 150 points; as it happened yesterday. I think I choose the latter one.

I don’t care about the progress report.

Kati Svaby

Hello Bez,

I put the record of the ungrammatical test. It wasn’t ungrammatical it was a typo because on the record you can’t hear ‘a’ indefinite article.

I am thinking of your quick answer. By the time I put my second letter-it was only few minutes later- I saw your answer.

What set me about thinking of you that yesterday when I supplicated for anybody for an answer everybody turned a deaf ear to my request now when there wasn’t need to write - you wrote me immediately.

I am convinced that if I hadn’t ask help from Mr. Kyaw my letters could have remained without answer.

It hurts me very much.

Kati Svaby

As I explained yesterday, Kati, I wasn’t able to answer your question about the progress report. If I’d responded all I’d have been able to say was ‘I don’t know’. There didn’t seem much point in that.

I think there are much more important things than that progress report, wouldn’t you agree, Kati?

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Is it not [color=red]more important than or [color=red]much more important than, rather than ‘much important than’ ?

I think that was a typo. You are correct.

Hello Torsten,

I would like to answer for your sentence: unfortunately later because I didn’t receive any notifications from this thread whereas I see several letters arrived.

Yes you are right. But when we decide that try to improve our progress report and I decided -I didn’t spare myself, and in the end it turned out that I had been working in vain.

I couldn’t get over it.

I write to one of my friend this letter today, I send to you, being hopeful that you understand this wasn’t so simple for me as you summed up.

"Many thanks for your letter.

I am not brave only I can very difficultly tolerate if I couldn’t believe something. I am convinced that when I were doing my tests during night, and I thought that by midnight if I did 25 tests/250 points I could overtake who is before me.

Of course I counted on paper how many tests I had to do. The result was 25 tests. It was 10 o’clock and I thought by midnight I will be ready. And really I was ready but the surprise came only after. I didn’t overtake the person before me but I was missing with 15 tests/150 points. What to do? I thought at midnight.

If I want to carry out my object I have to do even 15 tests. Though I was very tired but I began.

But I had a suspicion that something isn’t okay with the progress report so I did a test and I went back to control the progress report. And I was right it showed me the number that it was at the previous test. I try to click here and there and it very difficultly wrote in the correct number. But after third test this method wasn’t any more successful; at the fourth it wasn’t willing to write my new 10 points I clicked here and there in vain. It took me lot of time altogether almost 1 hours and I was pressed to stop doing the tests as I was unable to change the number.

After I had to write a letter to the Forum that there is a problem with the progress report.

And now 2 days later I can’t get over it. I see the progress report that it is working at other persons only my progress report’s counter was stuck in.

I hope you don’t think that I am paranoiac, but the question arise: the counter of progress report can be stopped by an other person. Why there isn’t algorithm-problem at the others’ progress report ? "

I wrote this to my friend.

Dear Torsten, my question would be that tell me why my counter stopped. Algorithm mistake-you said - but if we look across my letters when I had problems with the progress report you answered two years ago also: "algorithm problem, be patient because we repair it in two months… three months …and I really don’t remember how many months were mentioned.

I know Slava sometimes reads these letters and I would like to ask him if he would read this letter, please to answer my question: How is possible that the progress report works at other persons. What can be the reason that it doesn’t work for me?

Best regard:
Kati Svaby

Hello Torsten,

I can’t forget your question? It could be a joke, couldn’t be?

You can see that I have written 3928 letters. The most of them is pretty long.
Besides I listened every day the News on an English medium. (TV or Radio)

So sometimes I forget about the progress report.

But why did you produce it if your opinion is: there is much important things than this? Slowly I feel ashamed if I care about my progress report.

Lot of people likes it and I don’t think there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Kati Svaby


My progress report is okay again.

557). Two forklifts
The forklifts are exactly the same.
The blue boxes are stacked to the ceiling.
The front of the forklifts are facing the camera.
You can see letters posted on the wall. – CORRECT

I can’t see any letters on the wall. Perhaps the mistake is in my eyes.