Mad Meter!

To my bros and siss Normans and Simons.

My pop is ex-head of mad hospital. So mad specialists used to come see talk to him.

I wonder then what gadget or meter they use to examine our madity .

And do they use the same meter to examine themselves. Oops.

Have fun!

We have a known mad diplomat in our Foreign Affairs. I once help him to check him mad test for his foreign assignment.

I was worried he would fail the test. I didn’t say anything about his madity to my father then.

I came home, I asked my pop, how was he?

My pop said he is a very intelligent young man, very polite and highly educated. I like him, he said. Um.

This mad diplomad is still in the ministry happily pursuing his mad missions. Cool.

Mad meter can be wrong?

[quote=“Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin”]

Mad meter can be wrong?

Any meter can be wrong! Why wouldn’t this one be?

I’ve changed my mind - that meter was working properly!

I looked up your weard word : “madity” and as I didn’t find it, I looked up the one I knew: “madness” . I used Oxford Advanced American Dictionary for learners of English and I found an idiom which is a good answer to your question:

“there’s (a) method in someone’s madness” which means :
“there is a reason for someone’s behavior and it is not as strange or as stupid as it seems”

In case you like the answer, know that you’re welcome. I’m glad I could do something (even if only a little) for “someone who is 100 times better than me. I’m going to celebrate with a glass of red wine :slight_smile:

I like the patient with an arrow in his head!

Lol, you’re really something. Nobody seemed dare to touch this topic.

You know why, nobody wants them call or think they are in their madity.

The mad doctors say if you can ask yourself 'Am I mad? that you’re very sane.

So I happily use this rule or thumb and keep asking myself 'Hey are you mad, are you mad or am I mad , am I mad?

But sometimes the bloke in the mirror scoffs '100% you are. lol.


Have fun!

Madity is my newly invented word from madness and stupidity as you can imagine. I love torturing the words and phrases, just to hide my Bad English. Smart enough, eh?

You are a true smartatic!


What is wrong with you, guys?
Everybody’s torturing words!
Everybody’s inventing words here!
It’s becoming contagious!
Where’s the meter?

Sorry Monica,

I reckon you’ve got the wrong company. But it’s A fun, isn’t it?

Contagious ? we are naturally?

Meters? Dunno.

Have fun!

Learn the fun way.

Smartatic, Hmm, does that mean nuttish?

Have fun!

Smartatic can be written as a formula:

smart ≈ intelligent
atic < lunatic, which can also be divided into:
luna = moon
tic ≮ man

When smart is approximately equal to intelligent and atic is 57.143% of lunatic (which normally consists of 57.143% moon and 42.857% man but in the case of atic, 14.286% moon while 42.857% are lun but were subtracted), it means that a smartatic is 55.556% intelligent and 44.444% atic (which consists of 11.111% moon and 33.333% man).

These figures can be shown more clearly:

57,143% moon
42,857% man

100% lunatic

55.556% intelligence
11.111% moon
33.333% man

100% smartatic

So, what do we learn from this?
0% of 100% nonsense (which can be divided into 37.5% non and 62.5% sense).


What a brilliantly exact explanation, Claudia!
I envy you for such superior Maths!
Our friend will be jealous too (-:

I don’t like Claudia’s calculation at all. Coz it makes my IQ higher. And I don’t want to make her nuttish as well with my smartatic questions.

Still, knowing she’s goodish at numbers I have a question for her.

0+0+0+0 should be four zeros, ( Now you can see four 0 on the screen? ). 4 times 0 should be four 0s. Not 0. Don’t say 0 has no value.

Would you lend me 1,000,000 bucks then.

Have fun!

Sometimes we don’t have to follow all those earlier blokes invented and manipulated. Ain’t we?

We have ten fingers all of them have equal rights. We have 10 digits all of them have equal rights. Ain’t they?

Why do we have to discriminate the poor zero coz it is round. Eh?

Don’t give me a PHD answer. Give me an answer to my IQ.

And I just can’t understand why do they ( big big universities ) have to give BSC, MSC, PHD degrees and Nobel Prize to those blokes who can’t raise and solve this poor zero problems.

I feel as if everyone is cheating low IQ blokes like me. lol.

If so, don’t take taxes from us then. We should be exempted from high IQ facilities. Fair enough?

Have fun!

And I don’t believe what NASA says that we’ve been to the Moon. I believe it’s only an advertising stunt.

When people have higher IQ they cheat to Eat.

Who is jealousening who.

IQ 40s can only jealousen IQ40s . They have such strict codes of ethics.

Have fun!

Bye for now, I have a kangaroo to catch.

Hi Monica,

thank you so much!


Hi Kyaw,

without doing any figures, as a matter of fact, without having to use my head at all, I will give you a no-PhD answer and make you a nonMSc offer that deserves no Nobel Prize:

I will be so generous and lend you 0 bucks. How 'bout that?

The 0 is important, after all. There is no such thing as no-thing.


P.S. The man in the moon is Ronald McDonald! Ewwwhoow!

You’re right!
… this n0-thing is important, in fact it’s so much, when it turns 100.000 USD into 1.000.000 USD !

Dear Lovely Claudia,

Thank you very much indeed, Would you kindly transfer that 0 x 0 bucks to my Swiss account KML007007007KML. It would make my account stand at 100.100 billions. Cool.

Bye the way can you invent any figure to substitute 0. Something like squares or triangle. I’m fed up all round figures connected to the planet earth.

We should look smarter with square heads. We can have 8 eyes each to make us Wiser wiser. We won’t need the third eye anymore then. And we don’t have to worship the blokes and figures with third eyes then? Cute.

Do you think so? Oooui!


Have fun!

Now you can see those day blokes are 'not so Pated like us.

Dear Monica,

Seeing this figure $ 1,000,000 makes my IQ so soar up.

I always divide it with 10 bucks per girl. So how many girls can I have. 100,000.

Ooui, ooui,ooui.

Have fun!

Care to know if you are Sane enough?

Here is a list of questions Dr. Alftred Adler suggested be asked. (He was the first to formalize the psychiatric interview.)

To make sure all important areas are covered, Adler would sometimes work from a list of questions.

  1. What are your complaints?
  2. What was your situation when you first noticed your symptoms?
  3. What is your situation now?
  4. What is your occupation?
  5. Describe your parents as to their character and their health. If not alive, what illness caused their death? What was their relation to yourself?
  6. How many brothers and sisters do you have? What is your position in the birth order? What is their attitude toward you? How do they get along in life? do they also have any illness?
  7. Who was your father’s or mother’s favorite (among the children)? What kind of upbringing did you have?
  8. Inquire for signs of pampering in childhood (timidity, shyness, difficulties forming friendships, disorderli-ness).
  9. What illnesses did you have in childhood, and what was your attitude to them?
  10. What are your earliest childhood recollections?
  11. What do you fear, or what do you fear the most?
  12. What is your attitude toward the opposite sex? What was it in childhood and later years?
  13. What occupation would have interested you the most, and if you did not adopt it, why not?
  14. Is the patient ambitious, sensitive, inclined to outbursts of temper, pedantic, domineering, shy, or impatient?
  15. What sort of persons are around you at present? Are they impatient, bad-tempered, or affectionate?
  16. How do you sleep?
  17. What dreams do you have? (Falling, flying, recurrent dreams, prophetic, about examinations, missing a train).
  18. What illnesses are there in your family background? (Ansbachers, 1956, pp. 408-409):
    More recently, various Adlerians have created ways to gather information, such as a “Life Style Questionnaire” or “Life Style Analysis.” They go directly to Adlerian concerns with sibling positions, psychosocial sibling relations, family atmosphere, childhood “invisible friend,” friendships and playmates, favorite games, the first year of formal schooling, experiences in adolescence, and the like.

[i]My only question to the Mad Doctors 'how do you keep yourselves sane by keeping asking your mad unmad clients all the times. If I were you I’d use ‘in one ear out other method’ for each every client, and scratch something funny on prescriptions, and ask them to get another follow ups until I give them Sane Certificate.


Oh, my permanent dreams? my ex mistresses and loan sharks are always chasing me wielding choppers in their hands. I promised my mistresses I would make them rich, I borrowed some hundreds thousands from the loan sharks to feed and clothe those Biatches. Smart me?


After answering all those questions you can know you are very sane. So why pay the mad doctors?

you can keep some mistresses instead, like me too.

Have fun!