Looking for speaking partner? (TOEFL preparation)

Hi! I’m from Mongolia.
I really need someone who can talk with me english online. If you like information technology, computer programming, also want to improve mongolian speaking, I’m the right person for you.


TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from an Art History class

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I come from Vietnam
I also need a speaking partner .I am preparing for Toefl ,but I am only a begginer.Could you tell me what I need for an on-line course(Esp. a speaking course )?Thanks

hello! I m Thanh, I from Vietnam!
I also wish to practice speaking partner.
I prepare for Toefl IBT!
The different time between ur country and my country is not much!
Which time can u practice?
Looking forward to u!
pls, send me a private mess. My email add: octorpus88@y.c

HI! Guys,I have a problem;today i realized that my speaking is not good enough. could anybody help me with this problem? I’m preparing for TOEFL ibt. By the way i’m from Kazakhstan. Looking forward to everybody! :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to be your speaking partner
please add my yahoo to your list lvanthao


HI guys!
I’m rebecca from Vietnam.
I would very like to be your speaking partner. The main reason is that I want to improve my speaking as well as become more confident.
Contact me as soon as possible.
My yahoo ID is ‘rebecca_sungmin’ and my skype address is rebecca_0101.
Hope to hear from you all soon!

My name is Musli, I come from Kosova, I am interested to learn more about TOEFL, my exam will be on 20 of september 2008,
I’ll approciate your help thank you

Anyone interested can contact me at sothap@gmail.com. Looking forward to your reply

hi everyone, i’m looking for a speaking partner to improve my fluency in English before i took the toefl exam
zxbase7 skype

I’m preparating for the TOEFL iBT and I’m also looking for a speaking partner.
skype: coreysevier
messenger: matheuscorey@hotmail.com

I am looking for a company to speak English. My skype username is gray10i.
I love literature, music and humour :slight_smile:

Hi every one. I passed toefl with 95 but still I had to improve it, especially the speaking section. So lets talk on the skype or anything available. By the way, I can help about GRE(my cumulative score:1330), too; but first we should to talk english .
My skype: mesutyz
My GMT: +2,00

Hi this is Joao Fonseca, did ake the GmCt online?

Hi just need a speaking partner for my toefl test soon… i am from germany (Deutschland) with the GMT +1:00.
my skype is: heliumkern … contact me when you like, you are pretty invited.

i need a speaking partner i am from TUNISIA : GMT +1
my skype: el_3ou

i cant find you on skype… is you name right: el_3ou, otherwise you can try to add me… :smiley:

yop i had already added you , just accepte my full name is omar khlif and skype name : el_3ou

Hi Joao, I didn’t get what you said.

i have read your message and im very interested in your suggestion.Any attempt of learning english is suitable step to progress english.I do believe that spoken english is very crucial, and the best way to improve our speaking is to speak.In addition,the more courage we are to express the more proficiency we will get.As result to my beliefe, i add myself to your voice in order to speak with each other.


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i am sandip here from germany. i need speaking partner.i have got exam on 20 th december which knocking at the door. can any body is there who can help me in this regard.

my skype id; sandip.rooj