Let's play...

Ok. The game is very simple. I write one word (it should be a noun!). The next player writes his oun word (association) and explains why he chose this word.
1 (first player): A CAKE

2 (second player): A PARTY
Because people often eat cakes at a party.

  1. A MUSIC
    People dance at a party. Especially if they like the music there.
    My first word: A MOUNTAIN
  1. GOAT

Some of them live on mountains - and they are very sure-footed creatures indeed.


Where I come from, you can see people herd cattles (including goats) in villages / countrysides. I think, in my country, the effort are of these herders are pretty much taken for granted. Herders work daily, tending cattles, from morning to afternoon for a meager US$ 2 a day. And yet, their dairy products provides our people with nutritious food.

Great game Olga! Do you mind if I use it in my class sometimes?

P.S : Call me a party-crasher, but I believe that the word [music] is an uncountable noun. Thus, the article “a/an” can’t be added to the word. And I believe that the correct spelling is [own] instead of [oun].

  1. DOG

Dogs are good helpers for a herber. They can send a herd in the right direction. And I think they can scare away wolves.

P.S: Thank you, Youscream Icecream, for your correction. Now I really see that I was wrong )

  1. CATS

Dog’s archenemy (LOL). Myth has it that when a person gives a dog food and shelter, the dog considers that person his master. But when a person gives a cat food and shelter, the cat thinks that it is the person’s master!

I prefer cats to dogs because I had a bad chilhood experience with dogs.

P.S : It is my pleasure. Really, you weren’t wrong. You just didn’t know. But now you know. You’d be wrong if you had not made the post and thus had not learn anything!

…and thus had not learned (or learnt) anything!

    TS Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.” - a quirky name for a book of poetry.
  1. TREE

Possums are arboreal marsupials. Arboreal animals spend most of their life up in trees and in the canopy of forests.

Trees are the “lung” of the universe. Life on earth depends on trees for oxygen and various produces. What’s more to say?

P.S : Thank you for your prompt correction, BeeesNeees. I’ll try to be more careful and proofread my messages more thoroughly next time.

P.P.S: You gave me a hard time with this one, BeeesNeees. I live in a region where possums do not exist. You are too good!

  1. Lumber-jack

(Lumber = rough cut timber waiting to be taken to the saw mill)

Well all tree’s have to come down “eventually” and some ones got to do it :frowning:

Well all trees (no apostrophe for a plural) have to come down “eventually” and someone’s (someone is one word. Apostrophe for a contraction - someone has) got to do it :frowning:

  1. SAW
    Not the past tense of ‘to see’, but one of the tools used to cut wood.

It is the first word that came to my mind when I read the word “Saw”. Builders use a saw for a building of a wooden bridge. But I think they use an electric one…not a handsaw.
P.S: I’ll be glad you correct my mistakes.

It is the first word that came to my mind when I read the word “Saw”. Builders use a saw for a building of to build a wooden bridge. But I think they use an electric one…not a handsaw.
P.S: I’ll be glad if you correct my mistakes.

Hope the corrections help!

  1. GAP
    'Bridge the gap’ is an idiom that means to make a connection (bridge) where there is a great difference (gap).
  1. Teeth

The gap between your teeth helps you whistle better.

It may help you whistle better AL, but I suspect I’d be as tuneless with one as I am without! :smiley:

    I guess there’s no real need to explain that one.
  1. :slight_smile: Yeh, indeed - dantist.

  2. Filling
    The usaul thing you get when vist dantist.

The usual thing you get when you visit the dentist.
(I hope you don’t mind me correcting errors. I’m just trying to turn the game into a greater learning experience.)

  1. FRUIT
    You put a fruit filling into pies, tarts and other sweet pastries (then after you eat too much you have to visit the dentist for a filling, I suppose!)

The usual thing when you visit the dentist.

Erm?.. Dentist ugh?.. hmmm

  1. FEAR :slight_smile:

Slang for psychiatrist / pyschologists. These professionals often help us to face our fears. And at other times, these guys amplifies them!

I have a friend whom I find very pleasant to talk to. She is a soon-to-be pyschologits. This one is for her!

p.s : A.L, you should be punished for not playing by the rules. You should’ve continued BeeesNeees’ post (i.e : FRUIT) instead of Bzzz’s. Why would you fear fruits anyway? They are colorful, nice and tasty. Now, as a punishment…up on all fours (LOL)…just kidding A.L! I’ll leave the spanking to the lady in charge, though.

Sorry! Screamer - I think I must be going…

  1. NUTS - we pay money to the Shrink to tell us we’re nuts!(when everyone else knows already :slight_smile: (not to be confused with walnuts or pea nuts)
  1. BOLT

A bolt is a long metal object which screws into a nut and is used to fasten things together.

Hey, lol its a tough game O_o.

Nail: it a samll piece of metal which holds pictures on the wall : P .