Let's be friends! My name is Nova. Just looking around to find some friends...

Hi there! my name is nova.

just looking around to find some friends and to extend help to those who love to explore and establish global friendship through exchange of language.

i welcome everyone who’s willing to share time for valuable lessons of language and culture!

hop in and lets be friends! send me a message!

i am very new at this site and trying to get my goal of learning english. so do you want to chat with me or talk as you like? please let me know. i am looking for a very good friend.
here are my e-mail addresses.

hope to see you soon.

Hey, Nova. Wish a happy friendship day. My name is Renny. I come from Indonesia. I am glad to make friendship from other country. Would you share time and add me as your friends. My email is inez_gs@yahoo.com.


I’m looking 4 a friend whcih from i could discuss over thing which happan in everyday so if there is any one who really looking 4 a friend so kindly contact with me. hope you will see best company to me. ar_fann@yahoo.com hope to see you very soon. Have very good time at english-test

:smiley: Hi Nova, My name is Joao Fonseca from Brazil, i did like your name, I don´t know e where you are from but in Portuguese Nova means New. So keep always Nova, you have a beuatiful name. and as you are new, welcome aboard. Also if you would like to share some English tips, I´ve go some just let me know and send your email address. my own is joaof2@yahoo.com.br I have been sending to some friends from this site. drop some lines, I look forward to you news.

Hi, Nova
I am ADDI from Pristina and I hope to find new friends from All the world and to improve my ( really ) very low english. It’s the main reason my being here.
I greet you,ant I hope to encourage you for chat-ing about yourself, your contry, and other interesting subjects you wants to tallk

:smiley: to all of you who contacted me and conveyed their desire to be my friend i welcome you :lol: rest assured that ill contact you all through the email addresses that you gave me. cant wait to have an excitement chat with you! see yah! :wink:

hi there ADDI! My name is nova and i am from the Philippines. Thanks for accepting my offer for us to become friends. Maybe you’d like for us to chat sometime? Send me your email add and ill contact you right away! :stuck_out_tongue:

hi joao! im glad to meet you and add you on my friends’ list. Well, you also have a pretty name there. what does it mean? you’re right when you said that my name means “new”, however in some texts, nova means a variable star. :wink:

anyway, hope to hear from you!

hi Renny! I’m pleased to meet you! how have you been? I’m glad that you accepted my offer for us to be friends. I’m looking forward to chatting with you. If you have any concerns about your English, just let me know, I’d be willing to help you!

hi there ar fann! my name is nova and I am from the Philippines. How do you do? I’m glad that you accepted my invitation for us to chat and become friends. Tell me something about yourself, where your from, or soemthing interesting about your country!

Id love to hear from you soon!

my name is mohammed

i am working as a M.R.I. TECH IN THE U.S.A/ CHICAGO. i am from india. i came here 2 years ago.

i am trying to post 5 replies before i can send you a message… :frowning:

hi there fanny! nice name you got there! :slight_smile: well, i didn’t exactly experience that kind of problem but i suggest you update your profile first before sending messages or posting topics in the forum section… i am not really sure if what i told you is the solution but i guess it’s worth a try :wink:


Hi Nova, nice to meet you. i am from Hong Kong and is new to this site. will try posting more messages to get to know interesting people like you :slight_smile:


that would be a good start! :lol:

well i have some relatives in hongkong. actually, last summer i was set to visit your country but because of work it was cancelled. are you a native there or you’re actually from somewhere?