Learning how to use the words priority and prioritized in sentences

  1. We need to set a priority list for who we should meet.

  2. We make a priority list to prioratized who we should meet.

  3. We need to prioratized who the doctor should meet first.

  4. We have been prioratized to meet the doctor.

Did I construct the above sentences correctly? I am learning how to use the words priority and prioritized. Please advise.


You need to distinguish between the noun ‘priority’ and the verb ‘to prioritize’.

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Thanks for replying. I apolgize that I am afraid I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you please explain to me teacher?
Thank you so much .

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This sentence is correct and ‘prioritority’ is a noun here and it’s part of the compound noun ‘priority list’.

Here you need the infinitive ‘to prioritize’ instead of the participle ‘prioritized’. Also, please pay attention to the correct spelling.

Here you need the infintitive ‘to prioritize’.

This might work if you correct the spelling errors.

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