It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts

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The topic is: It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts.


For students, the importance of understanding ideas and concepts or learning facts is controversial. Many of them believes that theories are more important to study. However, I do not share the same opinion. In fact, I believe that learning facts is more important for their carreer and for their understanding of the learned subjects. In the following, I will develop my ideas through several reasons.

To begin with, learning facts is important because it can illuminate the intuition behind the studied concepts. In fact, disscussing the purpose of the fact can enhance the understanding of it. For instance, I remember that in my physics class in the last year, the professor was talking about the relativity theory. In the beginning, he was just writting mathematical formulations and I was always thinking what is the idea behind this because I was not able to understand them adequately. However, one day I come across an evidence of the power of the black holes. I started to search about them and eventually I understood what is the purpose of them and what is their relationship with the black holes. Therefore, seeing the impact of the theories on the real life is importante for better explanations of pure ideas.

Furthermore, it is important for the students to understand what is the intuition behind ideas in order to develop their own in the furture. Actually, we all know that these students are the future researchers and developers of a country. Thus, understanding the concept only is not sufficient because they will not be able to develop their own ones in the future. Instead, they need to know how these ideas are built through thinking what is the purpose of it and what are their impacts on the real life. For example, I have a mechanical engineer friend who starts his first job in the last year. When he starts, he was not able to fulfill his tasks adequately because he is not aquainted with the experiences. Even if he managed to do so for several times, he did not know how to interpret the results that he got. Consequentely, he goes through a more technical training in order to understand better the facts of the results which he got. On top of the technical knowledge that he learned in this training, he was able to build his own intuition on how to improve the given results and develop more efficient ways to do so.

Finally, students need to get better understanding of the facts because this is too important for their career. Actually, business owners usually accept candidates which a great ability to criticize and analyze the results. For instance, in my first job, I elaborated conspicuous reports and good critics of the results. My bosses was always giving me promotions and I evolved my career rapidely. In fact, I learned these good skills in the university while my professors was always explaining to me how to criticize the facts that we get. As a result, it was too beniefecial for my career.

To sum up, it is more important to understand facts than ideas and concepts because it can enhances the students’ careers and ideas.


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Well, it’s obvious that you are just trying to achieve a certain score instead of engaging in meaninful discussions.


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