In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details

According to this topic, I don’t really agree that teenagers have jobs while they are students is a good idea. From my experience, I am not really clever person compare with other students. I need to use more time to revise my homework and I need more time to prepare for my exam. So, a student who has a job might not have enough time to meet his course requirement, some times It may be result in a failure and that would be waste of time. As a adolescent ,I don’t really agree you have to spend more time in your job ,I think we need to spend more time with friend, or having a good time with your family, enjoy your study journey, put more attention in your studying.
Then, students who has a job, might be become more realism person and finally choose job not study. Because when students get a job, in the course of his work, he will have deeper contact with society and they will realize some the ‘other side’ of this world , they will realize this world is not perfect as it seem . Some adolescents will start to think money is everything, and the more terrible thing is they think pursuing dream is a waste of time. I have to admit, money is important thing in our life, we use money to buy daily necessities, clothes , food, water even educate still need money to buy but if you put pursue more and more money as your life goals , I think its always not enough. Because always have a biggest house somewhere, always have a car better than the one you got, always have some clothes that fresher the one you rock but finally you will never happy until you love yours.Some teenager will start to think study at school seem not better than having the job to get money. They will start to give up studying and go to having job to get the money and buy the things they want to. Its is very sad to see this situation happen , because in this world there are still have many things to let us to pursue not just money.
In the conclusion, I think student who have a jobs might be affect his studying journey and then sometimes they will think having job is better than studying and finally they will give up to study

please me know,If any wrong grammar or word in this article


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